Winning Mix of 11 Old-New Dating Rules in 2018

Everyone of us knows the bunch of good oldie dating rules telling who’s gonna make the first step, pay the bill, play hard to get the match and so on. But let me remind you that it’s 2017 now and there is a thing that totally mixed up the way we used to date. I am talking about online dating. And nevertheless some traditional mindset to building relationship still apply, there are some brand-new rules to dating as well. Read on to discover them.

#1 It all begins from the first step

I bet most of us are pulling ourselves hard to make that scary first step. Some guys have a really rough side with that. The others come easy to striking up an acquaintance with new girls. Whatever it takes, you believe that it’s you who goes there and gets that girl. All I can say is nope. So the very first and true rule of modern dating states that you gotta be ready to be hooked up by the girl. I mean it!

#2 Check out that hottie!

This is about you, my friend. It’s not merely one of many dating rules, but rather a myth buster statement. Women do check men out. Not only men fall in love through their eyes. If you are a handsome man with an athletic body, you’ll be the perfect target for women wandering eyes. Still, you need to be careful! Don’t take a false assumption that you have a green light to start doing the same thing with women. Just make the most of yourself and let women admire you.

#3 Online dating and mobile people

Okay, you’ve got accustomed to all that range of online dating sites offering a wide dating choice. The main trouble is, you may end up with just scrolling too many potential matches and never hang out with them in offline. The help comes with mobile apps. You can see who’s online and just immediately get in contact with a woman you liked. So that is a sound advice to be always ready. I mean fresh clothes, mouthwash, deodorants.

#4 Turn off your modesty

If you start your profile with a phrase like “I am not good at this and that”, you’ll fail. Putting yourself down has never worked for hooking up women. You will sound insecure and needy. Absolutely not the guy that win women’s hearts. Confidence is all you need. Still, feel the difference between high self-esteem and arrogance. The first one is sexy, the second one is not.

#5 Start hooking up the girls with your profile

There are three date rules that matter online: frankness, swiftness, interestingness. I wouldn’t recommend you to break any of them. Instead, make the most of them. Spark her interest at the very first step of your probable relationship. Let her notice your vivid, smart, and witty profile in the crowd of similar profiles. Imagine that you advertize yourself. Would you buy something that is vague, uncertain, and just too common to be desired? The answer is evident.

#6 Say cheese!

I’ve already told that but let me repeat myself – women fall in love through their eyes too. At least, their choice depends on the photo you’ve posted in your profile. Hope there’s no need to tell that no photo means no chances, isn’t there? The only thing that hits my mind when I discover a profile without a photo is that the person is so ugly and insecure that he decided even not to risk a single photo. By the way, the single photo is also a bad idea. Add several pics of you just to show people that you are a real person and didn’t stole that single fancy photo from the photobank.

#7 Sexting, texting, chatting

Writing short flirty messages to a new girl is exciting, listening to her silken voice heats your imagination, sexting pushes your sexual energy to the limit. All these things are great indeed! However, they are good for nothing if they end up online without a single meeting in a real life. The genuine reason for meeting people online is building relationship. If somebody asks me to name the dating rules from my future self, I will answer that in case of having a crush on someone online you need to bring it to the real life without any delay. Classic communication is always better.

#8 That weird online monogamy

The thing I’m going to tell you may sound quite puzzling. Being monogamic online is a nonsence. The point is that the new rule to dating states that the more women you meet, the better. It doesn’t mean that you should count your online affairs just for numbers. It means that you’d should be open-minded and ready for new acquaintances. No one knows where is your perfect match, So the only way to reveal it is communication, more info here.

#9 Listen to your heart

When you’re dating someone, you need to be sure that your relationship moves forward with the speed that is OK for you. You don’t need to feel obliged to progress faster than you want to. If you feel that it’s not the time for serious commitment, just move on. The honesty is always appraised.

#10 Sit tight

Any worth thing in this world takes time. Stop dreaming find a perfect match overnight. Keep going at your own pace and just meet people. Rushing the process comes to nought. After all, you can set your own rules and look for the person who will totally suit all your criteria.

#11 Let the past be the past

Most grown-ups have a long list of exes, lovers, divorces, broken hearts, or nervous breakdowns. Still, your new partner doesn’t necessarily need to know all the details. Moreover, try not to admit them unless you are a multi-child father and this fact couldn’t be masqued.

To sum up, these are not just the new rules for love, sex and dating they are rather tips on how to be a self-sufficient person and find or build a lasting relationship with good women online. No matter where you start – online or offline. The simple truth is that there are no dating rules except your own. So, forget about any dating age rules, go for any online dating site you want, meet new women, and call whenever you want to. If this is your match, play at your own dating rules and be happy!

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