3 Questions to Ask Before You Get Into a Relationship | Christian Advice

Are you ready for a relationship?
ask yourself these 3 questions and it’ll help you began to figure it out! If you are in need of some help to know if you’re ready for a relationship, watch this video!

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hey guys welcome to today’s video my name’s Isaac and today we’re gonna be talking about three questions to ask to know if you’re ready for a relationship let’s get into it now the first question is are you ready for marriage and you might be thinking well Isaac why did you just throw that question at me I’m asking if I’m ready to be in a relationship not marriage calm down and I mean I would just respond to that okay I understand what you’re talking about it’s a kind of a different question to ask if you’re ready for marriage versus if you’re ready for a relationship but I asked that question because I the answer I think is gonna be helpful for us going forward to see if you’re ready for a relationship they mean put it to you this way if you say no I’m not ready for marriage at all no I would ask okay why why is that maybe you’re like maybe it’s financially I’m not quite set career-wise maybe I’m still in school you know it’s gonna be a while till I’m actually ready for marriage and I would just say to that as we’re trying to be wise and trying to be discerning and to see okay is it about time that it’s okay you know appropriate and wise for you to get in a relationship let’s see why aren’t you ready to be married are those good reasons or if you get into a relationship are you going to be postponing marriage quite significantly and in that case you know why are you even getting in a relationship this soon because if you’re just like no marriage is like ten years off for me why are you getting into a relationship because for Christians for people that want to live according to God’s standard and live honoring to God the idea of getting into a relationship for you know maybe even five plus years without getting married that can leave the door open to a lot of temptation and I just don’t think that’s super wise obviously it does happen to some people just life circumstances it just works out that way but I’m just thinking for us now as we’re being discerning and saying are we ready for a relationship I think that’s something important to consider are you ready to get married and if not why not and dig into that answer a little bit more because I think there might be a little bit more that you need dig through as you’re thinking about should I get into a relationship okay on to number two number two is a big one and a little bit more serious do you have an addiction to something doesn’t have to be drugs or alcohol what about pornography that’s a big big big issue for guys nowadays and even some girls and I would just say if that is an issue for you if you’re struggling with that if you’re losing a lot of those battles if you feel like you’re addicted it is not time to get into a relationship maybe you think somehow in your mind oh maybe I should just replace this with if I get in a relationship then I’ll be happy then I won’t be as lonely then I won’t watch porn or I won’t turn to these different addictions that’s not the way it works unfortunately a lot of people bring in these addictions into relationships and it ends up being really destructive and really it hurts the other person so I would just encourage you really seriously that if you have these addictions get them sorted out first it’s not time to get in a relationship that’s not going to fill that hole that you feel like you’re filling up with those those addictions and you’ll be able to although you know what I’ll have somebody that I like and somebody that I can hang out with and that’ll just fill that part of me that’s not the way it works it’s not the way work so get that sorted out if you have one of those kind of addictions or just things like that it’s just not a good time to get into a relationship now counter to that if you don’t have any of those kind of addictions that might be a good sign hey look I’m properly learning how to live apart from those things that can leave the door open – yeah having a relationship that might be a sign that maybe it’s okay to have a relationship at this time if you’re not struggling with any of those things right but that’s why we use discernment I can’t speak directly into your life saying oh you’re ready for this you’re ready for that you’re not ready for this you’re not ready for that because I don’t know you but what I can do is give you different things that you can look at your own life with if you have these addictions no stay away if you don’t okay let’s keep moving forward and let’s keep being discerning and wise in this onto number three this is a big question are you committed to God even if he doesn’t bring you a relation I’ve seen a lot of times where people will come to GaN and just be really committed to him and just love yeah god I love you it’s awesome they put on the show and then when a boyfriend or girlfriend comes around they jump all over it and kind of leave God behind now my question to you is even if God didn’t bring you that person that you would want to spend time with that person that boyfriend that girlfriend right now even though you really desire that if God was like no it’s not the right time would you be okay with that would you be okay with just God and I know there’s this idea I’m dating Jesus or like for me that’s pretty I it’s might be okay with some people have kind of done for me I’m not gonna ever say that because I just think it’s stupid but but you know the principle is there it’s the the isit this idea that yeah we’re committed to God over our relationship and that’s always a case even when you’re married it’s always God number one because he’s the greatest thing in the universe you see it’s so important that we become grounded in our own faith before we start looking out for other relationships because at the end of the day if your faith is not solid if you have not committed yourself to Jesus if you have not given your life to him and you’re trying to enter a relationship that’s gonna be really difficult because it’s either the other person that’s gonna try to you know help you through that and it’s gonna become a real burden on them or maybe you’re not gonna be able to help your your partner in the way that you want to help them in their faith because you’re weak in that area and I think it’s a really important question to ask is are we committed to God regardless of what he does regardless of whether he brings us somebody like a girlfriend a boyfriend right now or if he doesn’t are we still committed to him are we still committed to growing and learning and seeking Him because that should be number one party in our lives and if it is if it’s your number one priority that might be a good sign that yeah maybe you’re beginning to God’s moving you towards marriage if this is something that he’s placed on your heart now I’d like to hear from you guys what is another question or another couple questions that you should ask to see if you’re ready for a relationship or maybe to ask and then it’ll show you that you’re definitely not ready for a relationship there’s a there’s some important questions to ask is we’re seeking to get into relationships because it’s a big thing in our lives that we’re kind of pushing ourselves towards and like can this happen to me can I you know this is a big step and yet we should be wise about not jumping into relationships when ourselves we’re not ready for them okay so this is a big question and I’d like to hear from you guys down below leave it in the comments down below give this video a like if you enjoyed it and subscribe to see more videos like this coming out all the time share this video with your friends if you feel like they may need it no judgment of course and I’ll see you next time bye guys you


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