5 Good Reasons To Date Multiple People At Once in 2018

After a few failed relationships or years of being single, it is not unusual to seek for a change. Being in a long-term relationship can indeed be exhausting when you are constantly having fights or doubts. Although, being single and ready to mingle can get old very fast. An action has to be taken. Even if you feel like you are not ready to settle down just yet. You probably still would want to spend your free time in a good company over a drink or two.

Usually, when we think of “dating, we imagine going on various dates with one person, seeing if you are compatible with each other, and leading to either a relationship or a break-up. Although, it doesn’t have to be with just one person.

Why not to give chance to multiple potential partners at the same time and see where it leads?

Dating more than one person at a time might seem strange to you at first. You might think, “What is the point of a nonexclusive relationship?”Well, speaking from personal experience, dating two women at the same time helped to learn what qualities I am looking for in a partner, what kind of a relationship I want at the end and it certainly helped me to learn more about women in general. The girls I dated were complete opposites.

Dating more than one person - nonexclusive relationship

We start our relationship at this dating site. One was a social butterfly who attended different events every weekend without being afraid to get a little tipsy, while the other one was a shy high-school teacher. I thought both of them were equally great people in their own way. Both of the women knew that this was just a casual relationship and I’m pretty sure they were dating other men as well. And you know what, this was completely fine by me. As long as everyone is having fun and staying safe, I don’t see anything wrong with dating multiple people at the same time and can even be beneficial. Here are my rules on how to date casually without getting attached.”

Rules on dating multiple women

1. Be honest

Be honest

My first and most important dating more than one person rule is, to be honest with yourself and the people you are seeing. Don’t tell one of the women you are dating that she is “The Only One” when in reality you have another date coming up in 30 minutes. My point is, while you don’t necessarily have to tell the people you are seeing about one another, make sure to let them know that this is a nonexclusive relationship. Otherwise, you will end up looking like an asshole. Who leads women on and possibly get involved in women drama including angry phone calls and texts at all hours of the day. So, save yourself some trouble and  don’t be that guy.

2. Get to know your dates

Get to know your dates

Even if your main goal of dating more than one person at a time is rather the physical pleasure or out of boredom, try to get to know these individuals. Ask them about their interests, goals in life, visit their Instagram (Best tips how to make your Instagram works for your dating live), have interesting fun discussions together. You never know what you might learn and get out of such interactions. Attend events that your partners enjoy, visit new places, museums, and maybe even ask them to teach you a hobby they do. Learning about your dates will help you to figure out what kind of people you are interested in and you might learn a thing or two about yourself as well. Dating multiple people is called “having fun”, so make it be.

3. Balance it out

Dating more than one person at the same time can quickly become stressful and exhausting is you don’t set the boundaries. If you have a full-time job, an online course to complete, and a lazy sibling to take care of, then perhaps a coffee with Kate or a dinner with Mary can wait until another evening. In order to stay sane and happy, you have to make some time for yourself, your friends, and family as well. Schedule your dates according to your daily routine so you don’t get overwhelmed and stressed out. Remember, dating is supposed to be fun and not feel like an obligation or a job.”

4. Keep it casual when dating multiple women

Keep it casual when dating multiple women

“Just because you are seeing each other, doesn’t mean that you should also see each other on Instagram or Facebook.  Keep that part of your life private. Seriously, women love to stalk. In a matter of 15 minutes, she will be creeping your best friends sister’s birthday party photos where you look like you have had one too many tequila shots and asking why they were posted on the same day you told her you were sick.”

5. Give out enough information

Don’t sit around and listen while she tells you about her interests and hobbies, tell her about yours too. It is only fair when both parties open up to one another.  Although be careful, there is a thin line between getting to know each other and letting a person into your life. You don’t want to tell her about your deepest secrets and past experiences, this is way too personal for a casual relationship and might give out the wrong idea.”

Dating multiple people is not as complicated and stressful as it seems. By following these simple rules, you are guaranteed to have a good time while casual dating a few women at once. Remember, there is nothing wrong with multi-dating as long as you are being honest with yourself and your partners. As I mentioned at the beginning the best place to start such relations is the dating site. I personally recommend you start with this one. ”     

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