5 Online Dating Advice for My Younger Self- 2019 Dating App Tips ( Prep for Dating Success!)

Hello guys! Today I want to share 5 advice for my younger self about online dating. I’ve collected 5 most important tips that I’ve learned and you should know to prep yourself for success. If you’ve been struggling about dating, and want to improve your dating experience, make sure you watch this video and don’t make the same dating mistakes that I did.

❐ My 5 Tips for Online Dating ❐
⇢ Invest in yourself
⇢ Prep for the worst
⇢ Don’t ghost people
⇢ He’s just not that into you if he leaves
⇢ Feeling natural is the key

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❐ Online dating app that I used ❐
⇢ Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

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I see you you got your hair down low I know you’ve been crying on my love but I come to tell you you don’t have to cry no more let me tell you why you don’t have to cry no more somebody loves you oh I love you as much as can tell this is a little shrink on the front though the speech I’m getting ready to say but somebody knows all about your trouble somebody cares about what you’re going through somebody sees what you’re going through you’re not alone you’re not alone you got to be careful where you let your mind take you because the mind plays a core part of what you don’t see and the person that you are being destroyed by here’s the same many abuse so what you do is you go straight to trigger a tit get you something to drink to get your day started instead of getting a cup of coffee it’s like you used to every day you’re gonna and getting the bottle something just gotta calm my nerves I’m going through a lot no you’re adding was sure to fire you have to be careful when you talk to him about your problems and sometime the very person you talk to her it’s going to disappoint spread it but God wants me to tell you this he says I understand what you’re going through and I care about you what you’re going through you’re not alone you got to tell yourself even if I feel like I’m wrong and you got to remember as I told you before it’s good to know some scriptures and you if you don’t subscription you think maybe you’re saying god I asked you to give me peace and I received my piece right now it’s not your well for me to be tormented I want you Lord to strengthen me because I’m about to do something crazy to this man so you sit around and worry over problems you got you think you need to worry about problem drinking what’s weight should i do what should i do should I believe him and you’ve done it a cute little face and he suggests baby he’s coming off the night why do you ask me that and then go child said to you I just wanted to know if daddy was gonna come home tonight because I don’t like to because mommy the day comes when we cry and you look at that child and you say baby don’t worry mama and guys don’t a success so you make excuses but but I love my husband I don’t want to leave him now we’re nothing to separate me from my husband but in this case it’s not just your husband is your children too so then you start thinking well he makes good money and I got me a nice place and I got a nice car and house stomach and all kind of kisses on how you why you should stay in the relationship but it’s not God’s will that you live like that because now it’s just like affecting those that are not even responsible for the bad choice that you made you saw this man and you saw him as a very sweet person and a good man a man it would take care of you he said all the things she needed him to say but he he father let you marry him he’s a dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde allows you had a known you would have looked at him well you didn’t know you were looking at him and you would see that’s someone right this is this is not a good place with a doctor it’s marriage and have children by this man so because you saw in love and you never have a husband before you seen yourself well I could change him I can change him you know cuts you out you know Jesus commits adultery or fornication you know excuses everything every time the phone rang who’s that money it’s the wrong number yeah I bet it was the wrong number who was that and you still try to convince them said it was the wrong number so what happens he doesn’t believe you so he start going back into that dr. Jekyll the sad thing using you and say what’s that shit nigger over that your war for nobody but you to say yes sure so the whole night you already done seeing that it’s gonna be problems now you just dating this man right now okay you just dating you right now but you know what I ever told you to look for signs of what the man will be like in America because all the woman’s will be like that you married but if she just look at him when you don’t know you looking at him and you could see his jealousy in its rage and you can see the other side this man you say you know what I could change you I can change them once I get them here change you can’t change your baby because what mama didn’t do you can forget you cannot change you that’s real person is that you getting ready to marry you’re about to go into a horrible nightmare but no you’re thinking I can change him I love this man I can change him that’s your big mistake you cannot change the person should be who they really are so you take that chance and fan people don’t old you girls his first wife I’ll hear timelines and in jail for abusing her dad you said but she wasn’t the right woman for him I was so I know he loves me he didn’t love her my every woman we just think what I hate not gonna heart and we make such bad choices on emotional feelings oh yes there’s my based on your emotional feeling sweetie facts is facts if you’d never get it kind of word out of him and the moment you stepped in the house you ain’t cook yet what you think I married you for why do you think I want to marry a woman like you something like that you know there the beat goes on and on and on you know I don’t know I they say you know you slept across your face card cause you’re a liar and you didn’t even do anything so you’re hurting you crying and you think you say I’m tired of this and I’m not gonna go through this no more yep the next thing say well I got a good man I just have to be patient with him and he changed he’s gonna change cuz I’m helping change because I love this man hang on the wall he is going to appeal you whole thing never have nothing good to say to you about yourself babe you look so good today oh honey the dinner was good baby that’s one of these robberies you because you don’t wait you’re married already this time that’s why I married you baby no you know that’s all you baby they call you bi TCH every word that he says in a sentence with the bi TCH work you don’t know how to say honey or sweetie none of that stuff it’s always you are I’ll be you are because you are B and so your self-esteem is so low but you’re lower than a year now that you really feel like that’s what you really are so you put Justin yourself up and stop feeling good about yourself and you stop believing that you are that person that he says you are but you yet you will continue in it because you feel like he pays all the bills in the house and I can change them even though you know you don’t mean to be like that he’s having a bad day so what you do is fool yourself ok what you do is you get on something like a drugs or alcohol something to deal with this fool because you know once you come home it’s on and poppin ok so all of a sudden I’m an alcoholic I have to drink before I can even talk to this man can you get that habit and then next thing you know you took totally out of control we have no control not because now you got to deal with church another of these which is alcoholism or drugs so don’t settle for less and I said I want you to have my best I want you to have my best that’s not my best dude I will talk to you and he will let you know that’s not my best that’s not my best I know the plans I have for you and he’s not in it but as we want to do write-ups in the heart we just could believe in we can build in my making your change no honey he’s not gonna change it’s not gonna get better it’s going to be a worse so I suggested shoot deal with the reality that it’s gonna be a bad shrimp it’s gonna get bad right so all of a sudden it’s caught up get your nother diction another abuse which is self abuse so it gets worse because the fact that you keep lying to yourself and he’ll change knowing he’s good man he’s paying my bills sweetie if it ain’t no peace in your house you might as well not even live with it and there is a way for you to get out of this nightmare but you have fooled yourself into believing that you could change him uh-huh not so you got to be honest with yourself at first he’ll be honest nobody else be I was just uh forgot and shit as it really is I don’t get out this relationship they will bury me every time you say somebody do something slapping me oh honey I love it I didn’t mean to do that baby I just got a lot on my mind you know I had a bad day of work there is no reason to hit a woman no reason to hit your queen your baby’s mama this isn’t your juice huh well I wasn’t one of you the first thing that you bonded with just sold me so I’m cleaning that god is telling me to tell you that the next move should be him he said let me make you next move because this is not what I have for you this is not the plans I have for you I don’t want you living at sphere I don’t want to live your word I don’t wanna live in the duck I want you to be happy and you won’t be happy but you got to keep your mind on Jesus you got to find a way to find your own happiness without having to be beat up all the time some of you think this makes you think you important because well you got a little chippers but that’s my baby it’s gonna tell you something you don’t hurt the one you love not with your mouth not what you have so I’m gonna end this video because I don’t have a lot of time left on it but remember this God wants you to be happy we want you to be treated like a queen if you’re the man that’s being abused God wants you to be treated like a king if you treat your wife like a queen she will treat you like a king so it’s time for you to think about this is a woman to have my babies this woman went through hell trying to deliver these baby and she has put up with me when I wouldn’t put up with myself I’m good to this gift a guy gave me this God has given him a gift again him you you are a gift but if you’re not being treated like your gift the loser you I don’t have to take some time alone and seep through all of that for your life come on let you know right now God don’t want you going through no house of terror I’m praying for you and I pray that you make the right decision but don’t stand there relationship whatever the excuse is you’re making to stay there that not as important as you is for you to be keep your mind not be beating up cross your head so many licks across here and I think so good you’ve got to deal with the fact that I knew it I picked the wrong man then the next move is I got to get a plan and get out just for this man kill me got my kids that is the way out of it that’s the way out of it we will talk about that later – god bless



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    I intended to put you this very small note just to thank you so much yet again with the stunning knowledge you have documented above. It has been so tremendously open-handed with you to allow extensively what exactly a number of people would have marketed for an e book in making some profit for their own end, especially since you might have tried it if you decided. The tips as well worked like a easy way to be certain that most people have the identical keenness really like mine to know a great deal more in regard to this condition. I’m sure there are lots of more pleasurable instances up front for people who read your blog post.

    Alex Read

    (11/30/2019 - 6:34 pm)

    Thank you for sharing, and Bobby was so loved, and missed.

    Mimi Londyn

    (11/30/2019 - 6:35 pm)

    Amen .

    Giselle Allissa

    (11/30/2019 - 6:35 pm)

    You got me in tears thank you Mama Debarge for your persistence in faith and the gifts from your talented children. I can hear their faith in many of their lyrics, but that’s because of your faith. God bless you and your family.

    Madonna Normand

    (11/30/2019 - 6:36 pm)

    Amen,mommie debarge everything you said is right god is not the author of concussion. blessings to you and your entire family .

    Giselle Tatum

    (11/30/2019 - 6:37 pm)

    Good advice. Thank you!

    Madonna Arvel

    (11/30/2019 - 6:37 pm)

    Hi mama debarge god bless your like my mom,loosing my mom really took something away from me but I know I have to stay strong.

    Mimi Brody

    (11/30/2019 - 6:38 pm)

    Amen mommie how can two walk together except they agree god is not the author of concussion,love you mom.

    Laraine Allissa

    (11/30/2019 - 6:39 pm)

    God is both the author of confussin

    Lauraine Franklin

    (11/30/2019 - 6:39 pm)

    God bless you and your family, Mama D! Thank you for the beautiful advice. You and your family are a treasure ❤

    Darien Allissa

    (11/30/2019 - 6:40 pm)

    Hi mama debarge great to see you and offering advice to accomodate others and i think you know my grandmother mrs.wyoma Etheridge gaskins she told me about you when i was 15 years old and she shared photos of you and i assumed it was her the whole time but i wish she had passed me the phone to talk to the family and i heard the name etterlene and i was about 7 years old at that time .this is such a good testimony from you to learn from .however ,my grandmother passed in 2008 i miss her dearly she was known by the nickname pie .you are so strong and you have a great family and take care because so many people are stuck in injurious relationships we have to keep praying for the right one because the devil is loose and by the way my grandmother told me was your cousin years ago.take care god loves us!!!!!

    Giselle Everette

    (12/19/2019 - 6:23 am)

    keep up the wonderful piece of work, I read few blog posts on this internet site and I conceive that your web site is rattling interesting and has sets of good information.

    Rosaleen Allissa

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    Lovely just what I was looking for.

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