6 Pieces of Dating Advice You Should Never Follow

❤️❤️HI Love!! ❤️Watch this to learn 6 pieces of dating advice you should NEVER follow.

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Video Transcription

hi beautiful you I’m dr. Diana Kirchner  you may know me from my Amazon Prime TV  special love in 90 days and today’s  topic is incredibly important it’s bad  dating advice you should never take yes  yes yes yes yes there are so many dating  advice gurus they’re everywhere  many of them actually give advice  because they themselves have managed to  get married but they don’t know other  people’s unique situations and so  they’re giving the same kind base for  their one little approach that may have  worked for them you know what we do is  we look at how to create dating and love  success using research about what really  works and happy come Olson we’ve had  tens of thousands of clients in their  love mentor coaching program so we have  so much clinical data so let’s get right  to it first piece of dating advice you  should never take number one you can  make a guy want you or you can make a  guy like or love you there’s a lot of  advice out there that’s based on this  bad dating advice the truth is you can  never make someone love you you know  it’s either there or it’s not you can  never make someone want you to want to  be with you intimately sexually it’s  either there it’s called chemistry or  it’s not right and so you really can’t  there are things you can do to help  yourself become more confident  charismatic it’s your charisma going  your mojo go language optimizes your  ability to attract guys but you can’t  make anyone love you number two is  sometimes you know there’s advice about  being very manipulative and being in ice  cream you know you’re unavailable you’re  not even going to make out with a guy  he’s got to chase you he’s got to do all  the work if you make out with him and  may be like you’re leading him on and  you’re a tease and you’re you’re really  keeping that ice clean boundary that’s  another piece of bad dating advice  number three is never make the first  move in the beginning or never make any  move in the beginning in terms of  initiating of being proactive about  making contact about suggesting a date  that kind of thing  texting you know you want to show  interest you want to make a suggestion  about getting together taking things to  the next level if you’re just texting  you want to suggest talking on the phone  if you just phone in you want to suggest  getting together to do something you  guys really both enjoy you don’t want to  continue to take the lead because you  want someone to pursue you and show that  they’re crazy about you’re really  interested in you so you want the guy to  take the lead for the for the most part  but if you never take the lead and  initiating anything chances are the  guy’s going to feel like you don’t like  him in the beginning so that is a very  important tip also number four is don’t  be real there’s a lot of dating books  that are very strategic about how you  need to act and you know and again it’s  about this business of not being too  available and so and then there are  things that they tell you to say and do  and a lot of times a lot of women will  actually feel uncomfortable and like  they can’t be real or they’re not  supposed to be real after all there’s so  many dating advice books and dating  advice gurus but it’s so important to be  real because if you’re with your  soulmate it’s gotta be that you connect  at this level of being real together to  be your real authentic self to speak  your truth to have fun that’s based on  your real interest and your unique  quirky nature you know you want to be  real that’s very very important another  piece of bad dating advice is if it’s  meant to be it’ll just happen right so  there it is what other thing in the  universe would happen if you took that  attitude I mean you were meant to learn  French would it just happened if you’re  meant to have muscles would they just  happen no you want to put yourself in a  position  you’re meeting people and learning about  dating if you haven’t been out there in  a while  and part of this whole thing is that  you’ll know right away if you met the  right guy well you’re not going to know  right away if you met your soulmate  you’re just not you know so that’s  another whole area of bad dating advice  and number six is to have sex soon soon  soon because sex is what gets a guy to  be interested in you and if you don’t  have sex right away he’s going to dump  you wrong wrong wrong this is what a lot  of Millennials do hook up hook up hook  up and they come to us and ask us what  to do because they’re lonely and  miserable and they want a relationship  and they don’t have a real relationship  you don’t want to press through and you  know really violate your own boundaries  and have sex too soon that’s that’s not  that’s not something that is really  going to make everything happen often  that results in a big flame out what I  call flame out where’s just too much  intimacy too rapidly and things just  completely fall apart so there you have  it six pieces of bad dating advice you  should never take so definitely bear  that all in mind and I want you to know  that this is just a little part of what  you can learn about in my free  newsletter that has been really  acclaimed and all you need to do is go  to the love-in naívi base calm that’s  love in 9 0 days calm click on the  newsletter tab at the top and get  yourself signed up but when you do  you’ll instantly get 3 free love  trainings and they are what men want in  a relationship it’s very surprising what  those tips are how to find love when you  feel deserted and the third one is  secrets of irresistible self-confidence  at any age and I do mean any age so  you’ll get those instantly as soon as  you sign up for the newsletter another  way to get it is just click on the link  below and by the way I’d love to have  your comments in this under this video  about  bad advice bad dating you’ve gotten or  taken and and what happened I would love  to hear your comments so please go ahead  and put them in and I’m wishing you guys  lots of love


    Amyas Tory

    (11/09/2019 - 2:39 am)

    I absolutely love you Dr. Kirchner. Your advice and books are amazing based on scientific and solid research and evidences. Thank you for the great work. Much love <3

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