7 relationship advice

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we m7 advice above relationship so guys hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to Like and subscribe and become part of two squads and if you want me to do bar two of relationship advice bar to tell me I’ll do that part two or if you want me to do relationship quotation for bar to tell me that comment below so you can get and plus we have a giveaway my giveaway I said it on my another video and this giveaway is PlayStation Store card Oh $20 and I’m not even joking and plus some people don’t know you well you don’t make a website for giveaways I’ll do that website later when I get to 100 and I see you guys active I’ll do that okay okay so first love yourself a relationship you should love yourself okay you should love yourself and be happy with this partner if you are happy with that partner then you can understand her and you together second advice communication community with her try to talk to her ask a question whether you’re a girl or a boy you should ask questions talk to your boss feel free feel docked if okay okay third a relationship advice be old don’t lock people don’t like a liar people don’t like when a person is lying a few times the relationship then you have to be honest with her fourth give each other some space if you are great couples spending time all your time together isn’t as good it’s healthy to have your own friend and interested outside of the relationship so you can be her friend if you guys broke up you can be her friend or if she broke up with you she can’t be your friend so um fourth no fifth fifth is agree to disagree what that means you should try to agree with the ideas that she says or disagree with the ideas that she say or he say with your partner forgive and ask forgiveness you see number six you should tell this boy or a girl that I forgive you or please forgive me because the way you ask her she gonna and the end she gonna forgive you or if he’s a boy he gonna forgive you number seven supports each other of course you get a support her in every moment every moment you’re gonna support this girl or a boy every moment you gonna support him or her so that’s my seven advices about relationship but if you want me to do part two of relationship about quotations me reading quotations tell me comment below and I promise don’t forget to Like and subscribe please don’t dislike my video for this moment I love you guys and stay positive don’t be negative please I’m begging you I’m freakin begging you don’t dislike my video please I gotta be sad if you dislike this video because it’s the relationship advice and it’s for you not for me because I’ve been doing this for you guys so yeah anyway guys don’t forget peace out no hate and stay positive bye


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