7 Style Essentials For The Fall | MEN’S FASHION ADVICE

Fall is just about here guys and you know I’m all for it. I’m so excited to start busting out my denim jackets and my other layering pieces. With today’s video, I’m of course hooking you guys up with some key essentials for this season. Hope you guys enjoy and I can’t wait to see what you guys put together.

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if you guys know anything about me you know that I am absolutely hyped for the fall season I am so sick of summer it’s not like I don’t love it it’s just my least favorite season at least from a stylish perspective because there’s not really much that you can do and with the fall there’s just a lot more options and a lot more things that guys can wear that help themselves look as stylish as possible and today we’re going over just about all the essentials that every single guy to me is just to look his very best for this season all in today’s video coming up welcome back to HP fashions if you’re new my name is exposit today we’re going over seven style essentials that every single guy needs for the fall season starting with the first one that’s flannel shirts the flannel is just the perfect shirt to have during the fall season number one just due to the versatility of what you can have with just different patterns in different colors that planos can have and there’s one of those perfect shirts that illness any single guy can Rock and look very good on them it’s nice and breathable and it’s not something that’s going to be too high throughout the day but at the same time it gets a little cold there’s all those perfect layering pieces you can is one of my favorite outfits to wear it’s a very casual outfit it’s just a plain old shirt with the sleeves rolled up a basic crisp white t-shirt some dark wash days and the nice-looking canvas sneaks that look is looking absolutely dynamite and I just realized I used the word dynamite in a 20-19 video but let’s move on number two denim jackets it could be just because I’m a guy from the south but I absolutely love denim jackets denim jackets are my favorite thing to wear for the fall season just because it’s the perfect outerwear to have is not too hot outside to wear you can rock one all day long at the same time if it gets too cold you can easily throw this on and if you want you always pair it with number three and that’s a hoodie hoodies are something I know we would not recommend to you guys I know it seems weird coming out of my mouth but I recently discovered that hoodies are a key essential to everything wardrobe especially for this time of the year it’s one of those times of the year is perfectly okay to bust out a hoodie and rock that all day long the one thing I wanted to have you guys take away when it comes to the hoodie is the number one nail the fit you don’t wanna have anything that’s too tight of course but at the same time don’t fall I need that track that a lot of guys do and get one that is too big and so baggy on them that oversized look it’s just not in it doesn’t really look that great on guys and number two when you want to go over the hoodie you don’t want to go for something to have like a crazy big logo or some crazy designs going on it simplicity is key here especially if you wanna go for more variety or for as far as the collection goes then you’ll be good to go if you go with something that’s very simple very clean and very classic one other thing make sure that your girlfriend do not steal all of your please I don’t know what it is about girls and their boyfriends hoodies no matter how many hoodies that you buy them they will gravitate towards yours and then you just look at them one day and they’re rank your favorite hoodie and you’re just like what the hell number four dark wash jeans now I like my medium to light wash jeans just like the next guy but dark wash jeans aren’t absolutely essential for this time of the year just because of the versatility it can provide you can dress this up and dress this down and the possibilities are endless with this is one of those great looking pieces that I love to wear for more of my aesthetic it’s more of a smart business casual sort of look for example this look right here that I’m about to show you it’s a denim jacket that you saw earlier was the black button-down of Brown instant belt and some brown boots some nice looking watch and it looks absolutely amazing with these dark wash jeans it’s just one of those things that shows off blog maturity a lot of simplicity about the same time I don’t feel so stuffy like wearing some trousers in the suit but at the same time I know I looked my very best number five did you guys really think I was gonna do a fall essential video and not mention boots you guys are absolutely crazy it’s not as much as crazy as I am about these boots these boots I think I’ve got like Groupon for like around like 40 bucks for their original like 120 bucks so I really lucked there but guys boots aren’t a crazy essential for this time of the year just because it’s gonna course be colder you want to go something a step above you know your regular tennis shoes or some casual sneaks and you don’t want to go something super stuffy like some dress shoes not to mention there are some really ugly looking boots out there for guys they’re a big chunky and everything like that but you won’t you won’t go something that’s very stylish something that’s gonna keep up with your aesthetic that the same time keep you very worn my number one recommendation for any sort of boo are Chelsea foods Chelsea boots are just one of those boots that you can either dress up or dress down or disguise them as dress shoes if you really don’t want to show off the entire boot fun fact did you guys know that Alice kosta actually did drop his clothing line with Nordstrom and he has some pair of chelsea boots in there that are brown that has like a nice little modern twist with like some hardware on it it looks absolutely amazing and I’m saving up some money to get my hands on it Alice Kosta if you’re watching this video by any chance I would not mind a hook-up route just saying number six fall colors just because it is falling with your season guys I don’t want you to follow me that trap wear rain gray and wearing a black all day long and what you want to explore some colors and just ask a little bit of detail to your overall outfit stuff like that mustard yellow orange red those are some good colors to go or I made that fall aesthetic but the number two colors that I want you to absolutely go for our brown and maroon these two colors on guys I believe looks absolutely amazing especially for this time of the year is one of those colors that you can just add this a little bit of pop to your overall outfit it has some dimensions has some details to overall look and it’s something I believe that all guys can pull off and a really good easy way to do it to do it with your accessories do it with your belts your boots your watches and something that is just gonna pop out and add some detail to your outfit you know with maroon those are world more for your primary pieces for your outfits like some like a bomber jacket a nice-looking shirt or if you want to go with like a sports coat that has like a gray you know main primary as a mayor may primary color with some maroon aesthetic to it and that will look absolutely amazing especially for the fall season and number seven a cologne to go with the fall aesthetic what I mean by this is go for a cologne that has a little bit of warm nature to it that has some notes of pepper and it gives off like a woodsy sort of feel to it like this one here this one’s called bourbon it’s from Bath and Body Works it spells very robust very masculine I bet the same time sound like a woodsy feel to it it smells yeah it feels absolutely amazing I love it for this time of the year and when I 3 in design my girlfriend goes absolutely crazy she is all over me when I spray this on but I guess that’s not much of a bad thing but if you guys do want to have that same sort of aesthetic to go along with your amazing style for this time of the year go for something that has you know some nice woodsy feel to it I’m pretty sure stores all over the place like Macy’s Bath and Body Works Dillard’s they’re gonna be spreading out a lot of their fall inspired Cologne so go try some out or if you want to check out simpered they’re one of those websites that I absolutely recommend to you guys go check them out they have some nice fall inspired colognes for you guys to try out and try to add some details on fall aesthetic to your overall outfits so what did I miss today guys what are some essentials that I miss for this video and that you of like the scene let me know in the comment section below and I’ll be discussing with you guys over the next few hours after I drop this video and if you guys did like this video you learn something from it give this video a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and help us build an HP community also don’t forget this follow me on instagram at mr. HP Bosch and I post a lot of style and grooming inspirations on there for you guys to check out and find some good inspiration especially for this next coming up fall season but thank you so much for tuning in guys I’ll see you next time


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