7 Things Men Do That Annoy Women | Relationship Advice Ft Rafi Rican

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what’s up y’all and we’re back for part two of our video is king Venetian now and I’m here with Rafi Rican yes my co-host and we bout to do part 2 see y’all heard him do his 7 things that women do that annoy men this is 7 things that men do that annoy women here cracking knuckles see we thought we gonna get us all up all of this cracking knuckles and all of this stuff that men do that annoy women [Music] so he went show me his list but he was on my list looking and whatnot that’s a DA my roomie that’s how you feel okay anyway number one of mine is he the number one off my list but I cannot stand when a guy begs for a relationship he is not ready like please if you cannot be a man about it Toni Braxton baby don’t just something does show up don’t don’t waste my time I’m guy gets this one saying like step aside for a man that could be a real man to situation I cannot stand that when it’s like okay you know you a time-waster you know that you don’t have your life figured out you know you don’t have no smart goals you know that you don’t have no savings account you are not ready for a relationship you barely know yourself as a man like you barely know you are as a man and you’re trying to drag a woman incident you know what I’m saying if you a person where you like okay look I want to be single I’m gonna live my life reckless I’m gonna do all that then you have to do all that and I think it becomes complicated when men try to pull other people involved with that go figure your life out go travel go do what you need to do but stop trying to involve women in all that I figure out what your love style is they figure out if you a person it’s a secure attachment Thank You somebody this in your same level could you know people always want to vote and get a female is younger that’s a band when you know you when I’m young you are me out of level and you send their child away somebody time don’t do that you would not go to a car line or a bank asking them for a loan and you’re not ready paid up a Birkin money listen listen well I’m listening ain’t nothing wrong a desk where you egg but I’m saying like don’t stop a young lady especially who since she’s living her life she’s doing positive things and you know these shoes are not together you barely changing your underwears in the morning or barely you’re not cleaning up your apartment or you like to go out with the fellas and all that type of stuff then you’re not relationship mindset at that point so you just have to meet you and deal with that number two number two what I don’t like I don’t like complainers oh okay so I think of a man that’s a complainer as a as a weak man and I’m not trying to offend nobody but men that always have some type of complaint about what’s going on they’re like oh they trying to hold another brother down you know this happened to me it’s stuff that happens to everybody in this world they don’t happen to them in a life and you have to figure it out you have to know how to be a problem solver like I like problem solvers if I say hon you know I’m dealing with this you know or I need this to be get done I don’t have time for you to be telling me oh I didn’t get the promotion at work because it is or oh I didn’t do this because it is and it’d be crazy reason and when they be using the racial profiling excuse for the lack of success exactly I can’t stand that I can’t stand it cuz I come from a lineage of like hard-working you know people like they I mean the Hustle is real like honeys I date some of the men in my family they they hustle is for real like they were they go hustle somebody out they spot but I just what I’m saying like don’t complain or use complaints as a way to keep you from succeeding in life with certain things cuz we all consider and say oh I didn’t have a dad like I didn’t have a dad I ain’t had if I didn’t had I think gets to do it who surrounds that type of man I hear me if they surrounded by people with the same mentality they gotta stay there like if all their friends you are we with a lot of people don’t disagree with this so if you if you around a lot of people who feels the same way and make a lot of excuses you might say that doesn’t affect me I got my own life I make my own decisions person right over here everything that you see and you hear in your life you’re outsourced and eventually it becomes part of your nature and you can you don’t even tell about it why you can’t even tell you making excuses you’re doing the same thing and you accepted yeah because it’s like you don’t have like the thing that I learned is being an adult now is you don’t have to accept your life if you don’t like something about your life changes like I’m just not a person 8 you know especially in my community I can’t stand that part about my community because it’s like if people sit around and complain all day but they don’t so how do we get this how do we become entrepreneurs how do we do this but if you a man like that cuz a man’s supposed to be you know the head of the household and he’s supposed to make it happen like women I believe is like the support system so it’s like if you don’t have vision and you crumble in it could be it could be tables turn it could be the mess reporting as long as this is as long as there is something that will race each other up right cuz trim briefs trend but I’m saying when I say men are to believe stronger than women but women especially in my pocher we’ve had to be superwoman like strongly we’ve had to have everything on our back or whatever so I don’t want to hear if I’m gonna hear you complaining about stuff that you can change like if you don’t like your job change the job if you feel like you’re not making enough money or you’re undervalue figure it out I shouldn’t have to play mom and girlfriend significant others to nobody I’m not doing that nice without the 19 get better at what you do and upgrade your skill so 3 speaking about money speaking of money I cannot stand when they do axes me for money like I don’t understand like I had a guy literally don’t I feel like don’t ask me about my bank account a guy had a guy ask me about my bank account before and I was like oh you probably like on some scam somebody asked me about my debit card and I just I’m like no you better get back all the way out brah no really seriously a debit card literally or guys that just they have just broke guys indices like I’m not putting up with that it’s 1,000 nights me or 2020 we’re not dealing with it because if you ask them for money I feel like and we’re not at that point in a relationship I feel like you’re trying to use me and that’s the note that’s why women don’t necessarily tell a man off the RIP which you have parasite they’re going in don’t tell a man off the room just like a man don’t want to be used as you know I’m the person just using a man for finances it’s the same with women especially if you a woman does Mellon ate it because typically you can tell them dudes like if you’re in a restaurant or if you know yeah yeah when when she’s driving his nails all the way back is her car when she’s paying he’s like you feel good about that there’s no get your life together Mitchell woman is making all the Power Move I’m so girl it is just significant other or your wife and she’s given you know that’s that’s different because it’s the family finances or whatever or like your relationship financing is Cajal significant other but others I mean but if you just randomly meet a person in you just actually used a car or Axton about the bank account or I remember I did the video where I told you about the guy was trying to find out about the girl 401k and all that that’s a private school there – dealing with the wrong person that’s the noise if somebody falls for that but if you do be women fall out for that because they’d be one of man number three you know for weight you just say number three oh I’m not for excuse me he gave me all the way together see but that’s why you – cold right before is I don’t like lazy men I feel like I should not be working harder than you like that is just so like a guy like literally I had a um somebody help me before where they came over to help me and I’m sitting there moving a heavy behind couch by myself you meet and I think it was me and my mom and the guy is sitting there just just sitting there like oh you need ot help me he came over specifically to help me and me and my mom we’re sitting here moving this piece of furniture now mind you I have a big behind like sectional couch and we’re putting you know we’re decorating the space or whatever and we want us to put a rug down the dual just sat there and was like oh you need help I was like oh no sweetie you can never do look my jean-luc my bro like there’s a Christian channel so you just got Safeway you lay just freaking lame come you came to help you can’t help you got these two ladies you gonna end up alone but a lot of men like when I say lazy like I don’t mean like if you are hardworking Manning you just want to relax there who’s been at work all day that’s different but if you got your woman doing stuff like she in the car I’ve seen it the woman in the car the woman outside the car and she pumping the gas while you in the car that’s a lot he’s driving have you got your girl pumping your gas [Music] what happened to your choosing skills so your man choosing skills no these take it one until the person is around you as a friend like you start finding that seeing different stuff because it’s like people put on their best representatives at first you can’t make the first date a workday if I’m a woman and I’m putting work in there typically is you know male-dominated areas and I’m not tired ain’t nowhere you should be fired that’s what I’m saying you buy we own five oh this is one if y’all know that song by Sierra girl gang right with her I’m Kelly Rowland right Stevie really is coming over here he is the ones you read he knows the road my paper know anything oh okay so this is a good one the guy said be like don’t expect the title or don’t have any expectations from them but they want something from you like want you to give all of your being all of who you are to them like if y’all heard that’s all about Sierra that’s a knob that’s what that’s the H not don’t do no mess don’t be no sucker mess like that so are you giving all yourself in a person it’s basically telling you don’t have any expectations don’t want to title it on one nothing that’s not how it was supposed to be intended and I feel like women sometimes gotta take accountability for that because you hold so much leverage in a situation so anyway he over here so all this trash okay creepy clown a yard anyway don’t do that don’t be a guy who you know expects women to just give so much of themselves and you’re not trying to put in any effort cuz that’s that’s to me it’s nothing worse than a man that’s like I said lazy and effortless and then you expect the woman to give all of herself like physically mentally and all that stuff’s to you and then you play them games like oh yeah oh this is a good one I don’t like liars that’s one thing that get on women nerves is men who lie if you a liar I lost count of what number we on but if you a liar is like when men cat like you don’t have the front about what kind of job you have you don’t have the front about what type of car you drive players orgeous yeah we don’t I don’t like clear please but it’s just no point it’s no point when people are gonna find out anyway or the ones that be friend for social media this or acting like they rich and they’re not I don’t because I mean I’ve been through it I’ve been a player oh I’m a rapper if a guy’s here no no track star especially when you over a certain age that should not be your aspirations got a goal that’s like a spongebob I it i’ma head out I can see he was giving up okay so my last one on this list is people or men that are not respectful of your time don’t try to you know inconvenience me or just be when I guess cue them you random and we’re already in a relationship and you’re trying to just get like a cute okay it’s cute if you’re in a relationship with a person and there’s how to be random and they’re trying to be cute you over here clowning on but it’s just rule when a person is not respectful of your time like don’t tell me that you’re gonna be available for this time and you have me car about my busy schedule and then you’re not available for that time because you’re not respecting mine copy that from you that was on my list darling oh that’s your number seven it’s my number six take me here take me there like I ain’t got nothing to do no but I’m not saying take me here take me there I’m saying don’t sit there and pop up I don’t want to chill with you it’s like the day has gone by and it’s super super late because honey if I’m the house with the rollers in or I got my facial mask on I don’t want to talk to you at this point or like a guy that wanted this call you randomly after he didn’t talk to you all day like what I don’t got off work I don’t got off whatever you know school let’s not really like a guy then I really be like I’m definitely putting a bleep on this part but anyway thank y’all for watching my video with Rafi my co-host and this is like the things that men do that annoys women it was supposed to be seven but I think I might pass seven those funny men be doing demos and I’m sure Rafi with bated women be doing the moans man this is to attack y’all leave us in the comment section below what other questions do y’all want us to answer like video wise cuz Rafi is gonna be joining me as a co-host all welcome Rafi to the channel I hope you all are enjoying Rafi on the channel and I will see ya we’ll see y’all on the next video that we do together come shopping me now at my teespring store King Brittney Chanel Couture I provide custom apparel and so much more for an affordable price we have items like leggings t-shirts and hoodies so thank you for shopping and I hope that you enjoy hey honeys thank you for watching my video and if you have it definitely make sure you check out my teespring King brainy Chanel couture where you can find my latest merch I upload a lot of new designs frequently so definitely make sure you check it out we have mugs we have balls happen streets canvas art pillows fleece blankets apparel and so much more thank you for watching and I’ll see ya my next video


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