8 Best Tips on Dating Black Women in 2018

Did a particular black woman catch your eye or are you thinking of starting to date black women? They are known to be strong, ambitious, loving and can be exactly what you are looking for. Dating a black woman for the first time can be an exciting and fun experience, however,  there are some important factors you have to consider when dating black women. An online dating expert has shared his advice on dating black women:

“ I would like to talk about black women and dating. Ever since I was a teenager, I was always into black girls. Even though white men dating black women is common these days, I never dated black women when I was younger because I was really intimidated by them. I had no luck in college and my early working years either. The black women I met were either not interested in me or were already taken. I didn’t want to give up and after some time, I finally listened to my friend’s advice and created a profile on the online dating site. During the first few months, I went out with a few black women but it didn’t go further than one date. Them on the day when I was about to finally delete my online dating profile, I met Beckie. We hit it off immediately and met up on the same day we started chatting. She is everything I was looking for and so much more. We are now happily married with a second baby on the way. I have learned a lot about her lifestyle, values, culture and  wanted to share dating a black woman tips with you guys:”

My tips on black women dating white men

1. Don’t be afraid to ask her out

Don’t be afraid to ask her out

“Black women are humans, just like you. There’s no reason to why you should be afraid of asking them out. I’ve made this mistake before because of all the stereotypes about black women being rude, loud and simply not interested in white men like me. This is completely not true and you shouldn’t listen to what people say. Simply follow your heart and if you meet a black woman you are attracted to, just invite her for a coffee and get to know her better or go for a walk in a park. Online dating is another great choice if you are a shy guy like me. It is easier for you to ask her out online than in person, just do it!”

2. Have fun while dating black women

“Like in any other relationship, having fun is crucial. Learn about her hobbies and what she likes doing in her free time. If both of you like music festivals, invite her to go to one. The important part is treating this relationship like you would any other relationship with a white woman, Asian woman, etc. Take her skating or to your favorite restaurant. As long as you and your partner enjoy the same things or have the same hobbies, you are guaranteed a wonderful date full of laughter and smiles regardless of the race.”

3. Stay open-minded

Stay open-minded

“When dating someone from a different background than your own, having different opinions and beliefs is completely normal and rather expected. Avoid arguing and trying to prove her your point, this may lead to an argument and an unsuccessful date overall. Try to understand her point of view and learn about her. Respecting each other and each other’s beliefs is very important in any relationship.”

4. Be yourself

“Be yourself in any situation. She obviously likes you already if she agreed on going on a date with you. Don’t try to pretend that you are black by impressing her with your rap skills, sudden wardrobe change or Tupac’s quotes. Pretending to be someone you are not is absolutely unnecessary and might be quite embarrassing as well.”  

5. Learn about her

Learn about her

“Learn about her by asking her questions about her background, heritage, lifestyle, what language she speaks. She might tell you a lot of interesting stories about her culture, family, and her home country. Asking her questions about herself will show that you are truly interested in her and you will learn a lot of new and useful information.“

6. Tell her about yourself

“Also tell her about yourself, your goals and values in life. She needs to learn about you too. Be honest and don’t lie to impress her. Like any other woman, a black woman respects honesty. Remember, sooner or later, any lies or hidden facts will become uncovered and it will hurt your relationship and she will most likely break up with you.”

7. Show your love

Show your love

“Black women love affectionate men. If you love her or starting to have feelings for her, tell her that. Show her that you care by telling her she looks beautiful, kiss her in public, do whatever you feel like doing at the moment.”

8. Treat her as any other woman

“There her the same way as any other woman. There is no reason to why she should be treated differently. If you want to introduce her to your family or friends, do so. If you are thinking of going on a vacation together, absolutely invite her along. The key is to treat her exactly the same way as you would with your white girlfriend or any other race. She shouldn’t feel excluded or different around you. Afterall, we are all humans.”

“I hope my tips on dating black women were useful. My tips for dating Chinese girls) Just to remind you again, you shouldn’t feel intimidated or afraid of black women. Most of them, like in any other race, are fun, kind and would love to be asked out on a date by someone like you. Do what your heart says and go for it! I would love to hear your stories about dating black women or further questions that you may have. Comment below and I will gladly answer you.”  

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