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what’s up Internet so today we’re gonna talk about social media and dating and guess what I’m all for it because of social media you get the ability to have options information and freedom you know some of you can disagree because you guys are holding on to that same relationship dynamic that your parents had but this is 2019 and social media gives us a glimpse into how a person speaks the way they process thoughts and their interactions based on what they post so it becomes the first layer of filtration to see if you are going to like talking to this person or not so I know that the typical millennial will love the idea of fighting and sticking it out in the relationship thinking it out doesn’t make sense because forcing a relationship is just basically keeping each other hostage from being happy so if you’re talking to someone and you find something that you don’t like about someone it’s easy to just be like hey this is not for me I don’t want to talk to this person anymore move on to the next option and I think that’s a great thing keeping yourself hostage because you’ve invested time and you know verbal agreements with someone doesn’t make any sense it doesn’t matter what your history is if that relationship is not fulfilling or serving you any sort of purpose in happiness then there’s no purpose for it to exist and if you have to basically police your partner online and and tell them not to talk to anybody because you feel threatened that they might find someone that Garner’s their interest even a little bit that’s not a done problem that’s a you insecurities problem like you know social media makes it so hard for guys to be monogamous if a person is happy with you what happens is that they will be genuinely interested in you and your best interest in terms of your emotional needs and your mental needs and they’ll they’ll do their best to actually make you happy if you’re dating someone that you have to constantly prevent from cheating on you then that relationship has been doomed from the start that probably means one of two things you force them to be in a relationship when they weren’t ready to be in a relationship with you and they weren’t ready to give up the other options number two is a perspective that people are never willing to entertain and sometimes that’s a pill that you have to swallow but you basically pick someone who wasn’t as passionate about you as you were with them people more truly monogamous are fulfilled so they’re not going to go out and look for different joys because you’re fulfilling all their needs and they say the best way to see if someone is worth trusting is to just trust them in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with someone that you are dating chatting up someone else online I think the freedom to just connect and form different ideas with other people give someone a sense of freedom that you are not taking away from them and that also gives you more value because it’s very rare for someone to just be like yeah you can talk to whoever you want because I’m confident that I’m still gonna be the person that you’re gonna have romantic feelings for at the end of the day and the best part is that social media keeps you on your toes it reminds you to be kind to each other to basically respect each other and to be considerate of each other being comfortable is just the worst if you’re not having fun in a relationship then there is no reason to be in that relationship there’s no reason to keep each other hostage in a relationship because you’re not willing to give up your toy because it sucks if you feel like someone else is going to be better at playing with that toy than you are if you’re a mature person then you should know that sometimes relationships have a course that it’s been round and that doesn’t mean that you failed it just means that you both have become two different people social media isn’t the culprit for that and here’s another point if I’m dating someone it’s usually someone that everybody else wants as well and that shit is the tits so knowing that someone wonderful chose me should be enough to actually just trust them so the moral of the story is that social media isn’t the problem the problem is people being possessive and they want the person that they’re dating to choose only them to fulfill all of their needs and as a realistic person that is not an accurate way to treat another human being as human beings we need to have other facets that basically fulfill different needs you can’t be someone be all end all and if you do that you’re just going to smother the person oh my god keel but what if he cheats anyways he cheats then he cheats yeah as much as you’re willing to lose and that is the golden rule for any sort of relationship you don’t see me going out and bending over backwards for anybody that’s just a one-way ticket to losing yourself so at the end of day if you have a relationship it shouldn’t be something that completes you it should be something that adds to an already completed life because if I’m in a relationship it’s because I’m ready to take on an extra positive entity and if for any reason the relationship ends further down the road then my life is still gonna be awesome without them that’s when you know that you’re ready to be in a relationship if you can’t trust your partner don’t date that person the internet is not the problem your insecurities are the problems these are the things that you have to work on instead of waiting for someone to come around to help you work on that


    Jasmin Tatum

    (11/10/2019 - 9:34 pm)

    You have a very amazing view on relationships and dating. It’s all very true.

    Millard Londyn

    (11/10/2019 - 9:35 pm)

    Damn hitting straight up truths. A lot to think on.

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