A lesson on Manifesting, Veganism and Relationship Advice……. Kinda

This is a chit chat a.k.a me rambling in front of a camera type video. The topics in the title are addressed but at random times of the video so….. enjoy me ramble 🙂


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how do you shy man to pay more attention to you Saipan Tinian okay so we’re just gonna address the elephant alone I look like shit okay I try to look cute I had lashes on and everything where’s my lashes I don’t know anywhere where are they um oh yeah I try to look cute for this video my lash was looking wonky it was like just coming off my I was watering it was a mess okay I want to get out here and show off that I got my hair pink I haven’t a shirt by the way right I want to get on here and shop that I dye my hair pink and I was like okay I’m gonna come on here cute I want to have my lashes on and you know this is gonna be this time you gonna thing every time I fight look cute for a video it never works so I’m just over it I’m over trying to cute for a video yeah I’m just gonna get this but luckily I can kind of try to mask it a little bit because I feel my classes I’m supposed to wear glasses but I’m not but I counted him so this should make up for how look okay now I just look like shit but I have a chemistry lab to make it so that’s what I look like now holding my hair up yeah I’d be doing random stuff throughout this video so don’t mind me but I dyed my hair pink yeah I got my pink um I just wanted to do something new do something a little different it really looks like I’m about to do a lab or like I’m somebody’s mama in like 1984 oh yeah this Saturday night I’m not doing anything I’m covering from having a fever and I just want to get out here and talk to you guys uh I tried to do a topic nothing was coming to mind ooh I’ll talk to the topic nothing was coming to mind my whole actions was looking crazy every time I try the top I will be off happy so I’m just just about to see year and this is what I said she just what I’m still online but yeah yeah so what was all talking about but yeah I was trying to I was gonna have a planned video today and I was actually the topic is gonna be how do you show like together dammit look at my life not together crazy right so the universe just like no you’re not gonna do that so I’m not doing it um but yeah we’re just gonna be talking why should I got a glass of wine okay now we’re dancing we got our mine from malady it was a heron here somewhere but yeah oh yeah boy I’m doing great obviously so I had a fever since there is no Wednesday I had called work I’ve been I haven’t been to work almost every kid in my class was sick last week so I’m guessing that’s why that’s sick hopefully I’m better by Monday or I’m gonna lose my job so that’s fun I don’t know if you guys can hear my brother talking I hope not because he be saying some random shit and I really don’t want to have to Eddie him out idk what idk yeah I keep touching my hair because I’m not used to having like short hair this is kind of short nummy this is kind of short for me and I’m not used to it so yeah I keep touching it anyways I’ve been thinking about going vegan I was vegan before and um you know I went back to eating meat I met I don’t really eat dairy like that because I can’t so I don’t eat dairy but um I really leave me like that is eat seafood but you know there’s still meat but um anyways as of recently I have been thinking about going vegan and I really want to try doing some good vegan recipes I’ve been watching videos I’ve been looking on Pinterest so I really want to try like my vegan again I’m gonna start working out I’m I usually wake up for work at 7:00 I’m starting waking up at 5:00 so I can’t work out before work um yeah so I could work out before work and get that in because after work I want to come home and film videos and you know get more dedicated to this so yeah I think I’m start working out before work and I’ll film it to I’ll film it I’ll film me doing my like vegan recipes and everything because I really want to work on getting myself together and first if I want to give myself to get back how looking okay I mean I look good bad example but I look good but I can look better but yeah I definitely want to work on my health in my body and fitness and everything was like that’s important and I feel like when we think about getting our life together getting ourselves together we forget about that we forget about our body we forget about Fitness we forget about everything that involves the physical part of getting your life together but sweet making your life together I made me a vision board yesterday and I put on my while I’m not gonna show it because I kinda don’t want y’all to see my vision but yeah I made me a vision board and I’m really I feel so inspired I feel so like just just it was just a big change just making it and posting and me waking up and seeing it it just it just motivated me even more because I can actually see it I’m like okay this is what I want this is what I want to happen it’s right here front of my face like I can’t ignore it like it’s right here so I really and the way my bed is my bed is right here and right across from my door as well Sean say I put it behind my door and I put it on the side of my bed just so like when I’m in the bed you know roll over I could look at it I see it when I wake up you know when I first like rise up I can see it on my door so I have two ways that I can see it where I can see my goals I can see my visions and I’ve always had been written down and had them screenshot as my life strength when I’m asking when my home screen on my phone but I think it’s better if I actually see it like writing down is cool by think it’s better if I actually see the pictures because that will kind of help me even more than just you know seeing the writing so yeah really really really really recommend you guys vision boards like I really recommend that like if you guys want to see how to start getting your life together and like see how to like you know what are the steps like what’s the first step was something I can do this not gonna overwhelm me they’ll correct I recommend doing a vision board like I definitely recommend so I finished thanks to the city because I said in my last video I was watching it how scary was getting my damn nerves I finished the whole series I watched both will and I watch the first movie I didn’t finish the second movie because I was just I was a so turned off it was so dumb for me I did not like where I was going they was in Dubai some shit and I was not feeling it I was not feeling the movie the plant was dumb like mr. big was still don’t his head like I just it was just too much and it just kind of want the show for me so I went back and started watching the first season because the first season was beauty of the first season okay first of all but fits the looks okay Carrie was on point that was before she was just stupid I loved the first season but yeah the movie and then I was over there talking about doing the Sex in the City 3 which I’m glad they didn’t do I’m glad one that played Samantha was like I ain’t doing this shit because mm-hmm she was fed up with Karen’s ass too I was I was over it I was over it but um speaking of shows Demon Slayer came out today was the new episode and I did not watch it yet so I probably need to do that um but I’ve been busy today dyeing my hair and getting ready so found a video because usually when I’ve done a video you know I look cute like I thought you know do my hair and you know look cute and you see how that turned out man I just I look crazy but it’s fun because this video is going up because anytime I press play took on my video from now on it’s just gonna go look like it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect it doesn’t matter if on I’m staying on topic it doesn’t matter you know look I have ADHD I can’t stay on topic it’s hard for me to stay on one topic it’s hard for me to not blab it’s hard for me to stay focused it’s hard you know a lot of things are hard I don’t use it as an excuse um but you know understand is what it is it’s really hard for me to stay on topic and just you know I wouldn’t say make a coherent sentence because I can do that but as far as trying to narrow down my thoughts cuz I have a million things going on in my head and one time when I talk so trying to narrow that down and trying to UM I guess create this fantasy or create or be somebody I might that’s hard for me to do because for the longest I wanted to get on here and disappear I wouldn’t say perfect but you’re not just really really put together like I always want to have my makeup done I was gonna have my makeup a point always want to have my hair on point always ones who you know if I watch other youtubers and I see their videos and it seems like you know they just got it together and that’s how I want to be but that’s just not me I cannot force it I just kick so you’re gonna get me blabbing and sometimes maybe cursing because scarf means talk sometimes and not sleep up and say a curse word sometimes my hair is gonna be out of place sometimes you know I might have a monkey I last one day my eyebrows might be uneven you know my nose might be all these look like that’s just what it is and you know my man like it so it’s okay my birthday’s coming up not kind of not really um it’s technically I wouldn’t say too much it’s like a month away from now because it’s about to be October first my birthday is wait whoa okay my birthday is two months away cuz my breath is edema xxx and it’s about to be October and then I leave my birthday which is crazy I’m old I’m be 24 that’s I feel antique I feel like somebody’s mom I look like somebody’s mom right now from 1983 I have no birthday plans right now thinking about it I might be in New York my birthday I’m not sure I’m I go to Vegas I’m not sure um you’re just crazy like I’m a b24 like that I don’t know why that’s just like hitting me like that I feel like when you’re in your 20s especially like all my Millennials here those that were born like you know 94 95 like we’re we’re really feeling it we’re just like me I’m okay like it’s crazy like seems like just yesterday we was in high school now we you know knocking on thirty like it’s a Miss it’s crazy and yeah but you know in retrospect I am still young when I talk to people they’re slightly younger baby I’m sorry I feel old but yeah I guess that’s um it’s just a motion you know speaking of that well actually this has nothing to do with this I wanted to kind of touch on relationships a little bit because I was watching oh she rocks Evan I love her if you haven’t watched her you need to i’ma link her channel below I love her videos okay I love her videos but yeah I’m a link her channel below but yeah I was watching her videos and I was like reading the comments and it was like girls you know how people asked for advice while a lot and they were like asking her for advice and I was a seeing like girls talk about all what to do to get more attention from young man you know what to do what’s make him stop looking at other girls like how to stop him from cheating and stuff and I was like damn Bijan life youngish all my yummy hobbies y’all need to yummy to lead a male model I mean yeah sure man and obviously if he’s cheating on you obviously leave you know this comes this comes since y’all nightmare gang Kaimuki zippy she didn’t leave okay if you’re if you wanna stay she back I don’t I don’t know a child how y’all wanna handle that I just know me if I see my man she not believe it there’s no wish I feel girl like nah imma leave but as far as like y’all how to get more attention from your man and step why do you why do you need it you should be so focused on yourself that she don’t even have time to receive his attention you need to be focused on yourself okay a lot of y’all don’t even have your shit together a lot of y’all you know or not what y’all want to be and y’all over here lurking on his page worried about what he’s doing checking his fun looking at the girls who likes his pictures looking at the girls pages of the pitches he likes or whatever no no man you should not had any much time mmm all that time you spent doing it and I know it takes a lot of time don’t say it only takes two seconds to check his page though I know it takes a lot of time because I used to be that girl I used to be checking pages and doing on it it takes some time okay the time that you’re wasting doing that you could be building a website you could be on they’re learning how to invest money you should be out there and learn how to do dropshipping you could be on they’re learning how to be a Amazon affiliate you could be doing other shit to incorporate and generate more income getting money like you can be doing other stuff then worrying about him he not worried about you mostly Simon group the guys aren’t worried about us we just over here you know tripping ah focus on what they know I’m trying to learn trying to read between the lives of his tweets and stuff they’re not doing that with us so we should not be doing that with them okay how to get your man to pay more attention to you stop insisting okay we draw your attention put your attention towards something else and if you like you you’re come on he got me confused gonna be like what’s she doing why my shiny new number I will see the old oh my forehead is creating a unibrow I hate it I hate it I hate it yo y’all shouldn’t be worried about that okay that should be less of your worries stop stop making these men feel like they’re the prize you were the prize stop trying to beg for attention if you’re not getting it put your attention to it someone else or something else he’ll come around if it’s meant to be trust me he’ll come when there’s been some things that I wanted or some changes that I want to see that I wasn’t saying I just did I didn’t say anything about it I just I just let you know I was okay whatever I’m just focus on me and the change that I wanted started happening on their own because I wasn’t focused on that wasn’t where that’s caught that’s manifesting okay that is what manifesting is okay once you put something out there leave it alone don’t worry about it boom go to the next thing and then it comes back to you it’s all working for you because you’re not worrying about it your trust in the universe like a universe got me the universe is gonna handle this I’m out to do a little thing you know I’m saying and then it ended and us it ends up working it’s a manifesting Wow okay I think I mean drunk manifesting okay it’s about trusting trusting universe trusting God whoever or whatever you consider God to be I believe God is has no gender God is all around us God is in us as you see my neck tattoo I’m God okay well it says I’m blue but has the old cross out on God like God is everywhere God is within it is God is everything around this party you know so part of the universe and we take it in and when you say embraced it and trusted okay if you trust in God you trust in University trust in yourself then you should trust that whatever you think your thoughts whatever you want that you can get it okay I just believe because I always get I want as in a day I was given there’s there’s a you super gonna watch what’s her name I cannot think of I think it’s called mom her name is mama drama something but I love her i’m malik her channel down below too um I can’t think of her name right now but it’s mama something but she but she said it this I always give it I want I feel that I always do it I want because I put it out there I trust it I said I write it down I think about it I dream about it and I leave it alone any end up happening it ends up happening okay and um that’s just that’s how you gotta go about life that’s how you gotta glow by manifesting you can’t be seen in stressing over it if you want some man half right and you put that in universe and then you still stressing over your man not acting right you still checking his page you still popping up and where need be yet you still be lurking to us from you still be arguing with girls oh but like no no no you gotta trust you got put out there you gotta go like oh I want song song song so so sorry I want this boom you got it you said it okay even like it’s back to you you can’t worry about it no more you have to just yeah this is keep focus t ha yeah I just threw that back there and I’m still focused on the camera I ain’t even look like that I’m even look to see where it went no that’s exactly manifesting yes okay great listen I mean I I don’t even know I don’t you know what I said it could be on the bed it could be I need to clothing rack it could have not went anywhere I’m not worried about it you know why how about trust in myself okay I trust that my phone now didn’t break it I didn’t break anything back there I didn’t hurt anything back there I trust in myself I trust that the universe is gonna take care of that back there okay and and that’s that’s manifesting for you yeah I even first of all this week I didn’t even glue this week down it’s just sitting well it’s not sitting and I sprayed some of that um got to be sprayed around and I just like you know just pressed it and boom it’s a city it’s a student my good friend I was struggling with those fun and that other waterproof gel waterproof glue that I used are using waterproof glue when I went to New York and I was in New York for about five days and it was waterproof you know it did would have to do but then it started lifting and started getting crusty and I didn’t like that I hate when the glue saucy and crisp I don’t like that so I’m yeah I forgot the name of it I think it’s called Israel it’s called the eastern this is supposed to be waterproof glue it’s waterproof for like a day but um anything after that I just I don’t know but maybe because I was doing the most that’s probably why I came out because I was like okay this is waterproof I might be in the shower like you know doing all that in the shower with my wig and that’s probably why it came off and start again crusty so it might be good I might try it again I don’t know I’m be back in New York in like three weeks so yeah I might try to yeah I don’t know don’t know why like I really like Billy Eilish oh my god at first I was bad in my career I just really didn’t listen to her but um yeah I was since I music and I liked it okay mops zip-tie visuals I’m feeling it okay I love it I love this on bad guy that’s that’s my song that that is my song okay and I love ocean ice I’ve actually always liked ocean arrows that’s like the only song I heard from her at first I’ve always liked this one by like bad guy now that’s my song that’s my dream like if I could play a without getting copyrighted copy written then I would but I can’t so yeah I just want to say it that’s my song this rack behind me it’s supposed to be all the clothes that I was on sale I like deep hop or Poshmark but I haven’t taken a picture I haven’t like taken the pictures that I need to put on the website so I can sell it so it has been sitting there that rack was supposed to be gone and you still there I feel like I probably Randall rambled okay oh woe is real-time turns video off I feel I feel like I’ve talked a lot in this video I don’t know what I’m a title it um it’s probably just let me meet when Boleyn I’m a Saturday night um but yeah I hope you guys you know enjoyed it I hope you guys found it entertaining I hope you guys felt like you had a sleepover or something um yeah if you want to see more videos for me then let me know what you want those videos to be like give me some video suggestions if you just like videos like this then just be like we like this and I’ll keep doing it but if you want to see like hair tutorials please not say make up stories I really don’t like make up stories with you I want to see it I would do it but if you want to see Michael tutorials hair tutorials vlogs which I’m going to start vlogging that’s I have something to do I really don’t have anything to do but go to work um I really don’t do anything else so I wouldn’t have anything to vlog I go to work and I come home but yeah give me video suggestions and I and what I started doing those what you need today videos I am gonna do those and I fitness videos but if there’s any other videos I want to see you did let me know subscribe to my channel okay I promise I will do youtuber at least one time so subscribe to my channel and yeah I’ll see you guys in my studio


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