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Aquarius what’s up what it do what it be like I’m BP Genesis and we’re here to give you guys I kept saying quick but there was another dick way for a person any word by 8 down oh so no please like share comment and subscribe according to go through each zodiac sign and we’re gonna give you guys advice not pretty morning these are the rebel this is the rebel debt that I’m using so there’s a good there’s some beautiful cursor so if you don’t like the Kirsten and all that stuff click off alright so Aquarius Aquarius if you’re doing 100 this can be any type of ship like relationship friendship co-worker whatever just take it as it applies our vice versa love could hurt like hell breathe through that shit despite this Scorpio may if there’s something that really disappointed you and I know you were crucial to her know it bothered you it hurts you and it hurts but instead of acting or reacting which I feel like someone you may want to or have brief relax allow things to take its time and wait until you’re calm cool collective to have a conversation with this person express whatever you need to express don’t get into the natural passive aggressive attitude of Aquarius and and it start ignoring is shutting down because you’ve been hurt okay Virgo if you are Aquarius and then with a vertical your if I says go all-in or get the fuck out um your this Virgo listen to this with the corners are the Aquarius need to do this with the rover with the Virgo I hear it like it’s a lot of fun and games in an outside thing like it was cool but it wasn’t that cool but I’ve messed with you but I don’t and it’s kind of like when this person come around you’re gonna like yeah you’re here now what why are you here so if somebody needs to go harder go home because it’s and I feel like this been happening a little too long for your for your liking for Aquarius just a little bit of Gemini you’re they’re still waiting do the shit they actually do forever ago this I’m hearing appreciation this Gemini may be waiting for you to show them some type of appreciation acknowledgment apologies or whatever but aren’t you can be doing as far as two Gemini but whatever it is there’s still waiting on you to do it so go ahead and get it done cancer if you are an Aquarius dealing with a cancer it’s time to talk money grown-ass flows take care of their money this cash you may wanna have a conversation with you about you borrowing money for them and one of the at your finances to see what the hell is going on vice versa also you got get hot and sweaty workout and grow old to get other as fuck together so with that coming out with time to talk money this person may be trying to work with you because okay your finances are screwed that’s what you’re saying so what are we doing together to make this better how what work are we putting in so it’s time for you guys to actually put in the work if you want to keep this connection together Aquarius Aquarius wit tourists [Music] these are all your kids sign that sister oh you’re getting oh damn I was I started a nice shop with these oh no you look like I got kids no she only has four but yeah it’s like two o’clock in the morning forget it and she just knocked me off way off my game anyway just had noticed that if you are eight or if you are a crazed dealing with a Taurus mmm-hmm deal with your drama generally don’t exes old hurts and are we talk shit the Taurus maybe looking at you like you got a hold about a whole lotta it’s kid it’s way too much the fuck you mean right so wait so this is your ex and you guys are still friends and also let’s believe that and so you’re still friends with your homegirl that you slept with and I’m supposed to just believe that you guys are just for do I look stupid to you you need to handle that that’s it make it make sense and I need that to be handled ASAP because this Taurus is not playing games with you and I have to throw it on us I’m sorry um because we’re notorious for breaking up with people and keeping friends with our exes or if we could sleep with somebody and still have them around and still be cool with them and they’re just like torez ain’t playing no games and I trust you I know I’m hearing trust issues you guys are the Taurus have trust issues with you because maybe something in their past or so shit did you done day because you’re a part of their past but they don’t trust it and they need you to handle your excess your of your everything they need you to clear your whole path of anybody they need you to clear all out if you want them Oh believer Curtis would a Libra my grandson my best buddy in the whole world right now where’s your friends wish her face they need you you need them yep she provides I’m his dealer he’s not that he loves he likes my bed my day ain’t comfortable about me in my booth Babu know what it is anyways so your friends if you were dealing with a Libra that would a Libra even if it was a relationship they miss you and I don’t know yeah they can miss me dead cuz they can miss me with the bullshit they can remove all that trifling shit but that would come be easy because all that did you doing you miss them to disappear you not only way not all the way you miss them you missed it so much sometimes a little bit there’s they’re so energy oh oh their face you know what you know what Eastern does you know what happens cuz I roll over and I could smell him or his big ass and there’s on one of my pills all right see my grandmother I have to talk now she’s right over there on the altar she’s looking good that’s right I’m sorry so if you’re a crazy ceiling with a Leo forgive not for them do that shit for you this Eric dip I don’t know why I got super irritated this Leo don’t irritate each or so and you can see their fuckery from a mile away but they keep trying you and it’s not like they’re trying on some old disrespectful shit they’re trying you’re mostly shit they’re trying to be real nice to you and whatever but you know what you’re doing you know exactly what they’re doing and it’s irritating you you know what go ahead and forgive them hey you may have forgave them you know for yourself just so you can have peace but that forgiving with them saying you saying I forgive you I’m gonna let this go was their way of saying oh I’m forgiving back to the we’re back in the game then I go do my same base no no um Sagittarius if you are Icarus don’t know what a Sagittarius this can go vice versa but it’s not that serious laughs fuckers don’t let the bullshit make you bitter keep that shit to yourself I love being criticized said no one ever [Music] okay listen mm-hmm I don’t go you gonna read that I won’t be I have to control my facial and shit I’m not doing that no I’m really sorry I have a whole lot of Sagittarius wrong sometimes in life people just don’t understand us and we don’t understand them but you may have said something or did something in the court does Sagittarius took it the wrong way and when he took it the wrong way oh they got diarrhea of the mouth and when they took it any day had diarrhea of the mouth you said okay bad so we may got diarrhea of the mouth they may start saying what they wanted to say and whatever you could have just laughed it off but instead you you laid into that ass and when you laid into that ass you’re a difference mm-hmm you yelled without yelling you got very passive-aggressive you you want to show them that your fuck you game with strong as hell so you didn’t talk to him we’re gonna ignoring people to uh but it’s not if this is not their queries it did this the SAS tried it I don’t like I feel like this there’s a Sagittarius is trying to make you jealous they may be trying to say things or do things to make you jealous and some of you are reacting to whatever the sash is doing they’re saying and they’re saying left that shit off you know exactly you can see through their shit you know they’re trying to make you jealous so don’t give them a reaction no reaction is a reaction sometimes don’t get my fitting because then it shows you how much do you really hear I gotta go through the other carny and then on top of that I keep your that shit to yourself nobody loves being criticized said no no one ever ever your way of trying to handle this situation could be you criticizing what they’re doing to make yourself like you’re doing something better than them and said of just laughing the shit off like you see them trying to make you jealous toward another person right instead of just laughing get it you’re criticizing the other person are you criticizing them for moving on too fast or whatever the case might be learn to live with these toys and Pisces switch [Music] anyway Pisces burn your fucking soul trust share crazy-ass dreams wishes and passions I feel like where the Pisces you have been sharing secrets with the Pisces so the Pisces are gonna be sharing secrets with you um you guys may have sure these secrets with each other but sharing is caring yes but somebody need to make bust-a-move on pure Annette like okay these are your wishes this how you feel okay it’s like I think Aquarius is looking at Pisces like I heard your wishes I heard your goals I heard what you wanted to do and I’m sitting here trying to cheer you on but I keep showing up to this day I’m feeling like ain’t no game happening and you want me to keep cheering at an empty field if you don’t go out there and play your part do what you’re supposed to do you guys share it it not actually act on it that’s person top corner if you are in the Correa’s Dillon woods and in a Capricorn shoot all flow now huh you’re fucking stretch stress massage bitch watch it chill you couldn’t be if you’re doing what a Capricorn you feel like your stress and so you’re taking me time out but you’re not considering the fact that this Capricorn is actually more stress than you are and and it may let me get another card so we didn’t know her proper Carter’s Chris yep you feel like you’re stressing you’re under pressure because this Capricorn is trying to put you in your place stop trying to control every damn thing let shit go don’t be so extra you feel like they’re doing extra shit because they’re telling that because what they’re trying to do is stressing you out and you just need a vacation you just need to get away but the reality of it is you your extra Ness like you getting a massage you taking a breather are this vice versa this could be the cap doorless to you but whatever whoever’s doing the extra nests or whatever is high is only gonna hyping it up for the Capricorn to have even more to complain about that’s somebody’s energy okay Aries they’re courteous Aries opening your mouth talk use big words like validate acknowledge and empathize if you are Aquarius women would and Aries you may need to show them a little extra love show them that you care about them you’re thinking about them that they matter they may be going through something where it doesn’t hurt to hear that everyone sarong encouraging words being encouraging towards them are them you they may be starting to get a car encouraging towards you because you’ve done it to them before so impress us oh here so this could be like but is doing what it is you want it to come out now if you’re doing whatever part is are yourself time for analyzing get anal it matter analyzing a matter a little deeper you need to tension tensions are for babies grow the fuck up so you may be throwing a tantrum type attention I think it’s something they can go your way are feeling like somebody wronged you so you’re acting like a big ass baby and throwing a fit and so they’re just sitting out and being an adult and addressing it analyze analyze analyze and see where the fuck you lie in this situation you could be dealing with another queries that you felt did you wrong and you just huffing and puffing and throwing a hissy fit and they’re ignoring your ass because they’ve like grow the fuck up um I’m not for the bush I know for me I ain’t for the bullshit if you’re throwing attention that’s her she’s seen universe seven even my grandson he’s about to be three he throw a temper tantrum that’s not how you get my attention you’re not gonna get anybody’s attention with the dirty touch of tensions you need to grow up analyze the situation do different different and well in the lastest situation and see how you can handle way differently or if you are even in the wrong and me to you know be the one to change you know the dynamic here agree to fucking disagree you see this shit differently that’s life with another person good times like I said if it’s you need to analyze and realize that maybe you’re doing the fit thinking that somebody wrote you and you ain’t and you have every right to feel that way Aquarius every motherfucker right but if you miss this person you want this connection then maybe you just say you know what they’ve wrong with me or I’m just assuming after analyzing maybe there another side to the story however I’m just gonna agree to disagree I’m just gonna agree that I feel like I’m wrong but and I disagree dude they’re perfect but also I’m going to agree to just be the bigger person and reach out and try to analyze I try to try to get more information as to what’s going on or why instead of sitting here doing a hissy fit you can’t say thank you enough they deserve a medal for putting up with your eyes whoever the fuck you are throwing a hissy fit over if it’s another Aquarius or it’s got to be another accordance because I said it’s either you or another Aquarius so if you’re dealing with another course you may not understand how much especially if you’re if you’re throwing tension tantrums that means that’s immaturity there so if you have thrown tension tantrums even in this person’s absence imagine how texting in and draining that you could have been and I’m not saying you did this intentionally but you could’ve did this in the sense of you know not knowing that that’s what you was doing and so you may want to realize that this person party was putting up with more of you than you thought that it was putting up with and it got tired and now then there’s a separate I don’t feel like this is a separation now that there’s a separation you’re his he fitting you’re throwing the attention attention as if debts supposed to bring them back well that’s the very reason why they left they’re not the very reason but no joy there’s no joy other words energy okay keeps it clean gross bathrooms and dirty fourth suck I know they do but that’s not what it is I feel like where you going to take a shit is messy I feel like you’ve been dumping shit somewhere you’ve been dumping shit in a messy area and wherever you was done for your shit at this person walked in it seemed the messy the mess seen a shit and remove themselves they didn’t sit there and argue with you over cleaning it they didn’t argue what you are they’d even I don’t even think they’re a trusted they didn’t want to be rude this is why I’m here they didn’t want to be rude so they walked in and they seen the mess they seen the shit they see you know everything and instead of addressing it instead of getting into because if you throw in tension testers oh hell no they’re not but I know for me so of course I’m not dealing if we if we wanna get this up okay um but they seen everything for what it was and that’s why they decided just not to come back over not to even do so unless you’re ready to address the shit in the toilet the fucked up ass bathroom where you was done for your shoot at and you you dot you flush but it didn’t go anywhere unless you’re ready to address that or anything else I advise you to number one analyze so you can be ready to – yeah you need to inter license at your suit otherwise a situation so you can better know how to deal with this person or in a situation are missing them if you don’t want to if you don’t want to change and whatever don’t miss them but just a query still over there Corey’s of course now it’s time to say goodbye it’s all next time

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