ARE YOU WAISTING YOUR TIME? | Relationship Advice TableTalk (Ep.1)

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what’s up yo see companies answer back with another and big video [Music] okay so today we decided to do a video on how you know you’re wasting your time so I have four points that we’re gonna be touching on and after those four points after each one we’re just gonna elaborate on a little bit most of it’s gonna be from my personal experience with these men boy boy these boys out hairs and from her and she’s supposed to get secondhand experience because my father story she tells ya you know it’s funny I’ve never dated I’m 18 haven’t dated Oh 18 years my life you know but you know and I ain’t no problem but you are not funny what kind of she does give good advice you just into my peanut butter to my jelly which I don’t my first point is he is only focus [Music] with a guy okay my name is what that what is a vibe on essentially comment down below because I want to know what is a vast clap the visit name of Jesus point number two how you’re wasting your time what could never have communication is just not clear I mean but new try to figure out where you stand with this person to you chuck understand how they feel about communication it’s just finito you’re going on in circles and confusion is a big result of this I would but I can’t miss my to that part where obviously confusion my hair her and me I’m taking ibuprofen there for four hours because I’m trying to figure out what that alone should say like you wasting your time it’s time to get out of there chicka-boom number three no ability and this goes for in the end of the party depending on who it is but for the sake of it being hard time with men guys and when I said it I mean they don’t want to take responsibility for anything they don’t want you to blame them for anything anything that was really their facade they’ll find some way to blame on their dog they’ll find some way to minimum their mom they’ll find a way to live it on to you expecially and that right there’s a big no-no for me a big nun because that tell me that he is not mature and he’s not one to six so I was gonna be back to point number two another time coming from you is coming from you you have to pick him up for days you pay for them days we don’t do that the man is supposed to lead in the relationship not saying that the sis’s sis’s supposed to just be you know they battle lay back and some missus not but from a joint case you’re better leader we have some hard working feels out here and that’s good it’s all about women empowerment however that dude if he can’t show up and I see this is to bash the men watch live it is not too bad but we’re talking to the majority of young men what old man used to do this that are not me is to certain criteria that they should have already hit the disappointments deeper real the tea is exceptionally good today point number four is you are not a priority area you are on the back burner he takes you back three four hours later not saying that his duel could not be working busy but let me tell you saying if he really into you everybody away always people who cross the desert in hot why he won’t step on burning stone but you know you gotta sing there was no you would never write from that time you’re not a person you wanna text back because they got five females on the line they trying to get to they try to fish the conversation with and you goes actually sitting you win then they’re done best class even when you’re just in the top stage you’re gonna know because there’s no Texas coming in slow and the conversation is not even yeah well I’ll just wait and see what your way is more acute low books out here they take away time from education they take away time from a business you might be trying to go them grow they take away time from leaving your spiritual walk with God [Music] trust me the rice will come along the way away that’s the thing people in general don’t run away yeah track back actually and there’s no mechanism it’s just really focusing on yourself I feel really better what’s up love it you’re just really focusing oh you’ve got going on but in investment toxic thing you like that’s just a Buddhist and also another way to cut out pull the dudes hard nuts make start training for your potential or how to say this a way to start moving yourself and how you handle conversations when I got come along what your standards are if you already see that that did not want to keep up with the conversation after that if you say that they started language you leave you are just a high standard I think it’s more of if you start to put your preferences in there because I’m saying there’s a difference between purposes and standard purposes is what you like any way that you want this like every this specifically six I have a high but a standard that’s something you can’t shake on it something you’re building a relationship on like me us I think a guy yeah I could be on the same level that’s a standard but overall just in general religion or no religion these are just some of the things that you need to look out for to know that you’re wasting your time and just do it is hair not for the right reasons so what that means that I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe don’t forget it and notifications bad don’t forget to share your friends a tune [Music]


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