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sup everyone on your female top that I appeal man or female I’m just up females you guys know that you have no right the other team the other female I’m onyx glow whoo whoo from cosplay markers on YouTube I’m on Instagram and Twitter but mostly Instagram mm-hmm this stuff yeah all the plugs in this scripture whoo rough start we’ll get through this happy Pride Month already so we’re here to talk about a sexual being who’s a suspect like daddy I know at least some kinda strange but it ain’t your things we go out there to go and beat and hold hands and cut and cuddle up lots of cuddles there different types of aces which i have discussed previously as just about every year I do make a new video on asexuality and a lot of you guys seem to like it except for the 50 of you who unsubscribe to me every year whenever I upload one of those videos it’s gonna happen again let’s go 475 this time guys can we break 100 Oh in case you guys are unfamiliar to my previous asexual videos I’m not really here to explain really what asexuality is you can check out those other videos I will leave in the description but just to start off I added by as demiromantic asexual meaning that I I do like the peoples but I have to like take some time it’s a slow process and I don’t I don’t like you I don’t like you the sexy I don’t like you know get away I don’t want to see hello is that the cuddles are sweet we like the girls cuddles is good and I am demisexual as you can tell from a cute little pin here which is I experience sexual attraction if a strong bond is formed first then only then will I ever experience sexual attraction I like I’m mostly like girls so I kind of say I’m lesbian just as a short term because there are very few guys that I have any kind of romantic attraction to whatsoever I’m about to say I’m once being but I’m I don’t care about gender I’m pretty much pan with fake strong strong liking towards girls there you go I like girls now we’re an hour closer can you tell the nice guy look look we got this mm-hmm I asked some of you guys on Twitter and on the YouTube community tab to ask questions regarding a sexuality and asexuality b-team more specifically since that is the topic that’s the video in the YouTube community section as being asexual affected your relationships in the past positive or negative so for me personally I’ve only ever dated in the past I’ve never actually like had an actual partner before hey ok it’s whatever’s and for me you like oddly enough the bag that I went out with his previous relationship was also with an asexual that he went out with for two whole years and then after we stopped dating he end up going out with a demisexual yeah he hasn’t it just kind of popped up in conversation you know let him know that and stuff and it was whatever we still tear a thing we didn’t stop dating because of my asexuality or anything like that it’s just you know he ended up liking someone else whatever’s we’re still all friends I’m making friends with his current girlfriend so it’s fine ya know she spoke up yeah there we go has being sexual affected your relationships in the past positive or negative I only I think the shortest amount of period I work dated someone is around five months okay yeah because when I gate someone I have the intention of like I make sure I like them before I start dating them that’s just how I am like my current girlfriend we’ve been dating for three years now ooh with being demisexual it doesn’t ruin any relationships for me it hasn’t ruined eight relationships I have told my family my dad said whatever makes you happy if labels make you happy pick a label I don’t care and my mom says I think more people could could stand to be Danny and just like it’s not really something it’s not like a prude thing that you can control it’s more like I literally can’t develop those feelings not only supports me which is what matters the most I’m very very lucky so so if you and your girlfriend have been dating for like three years and stuff does that is your girlfriend if you don’t mind me asking a sexual person or are they also like on the a spectrum she’s not she’s just straight up pan okay there you go there’s more talk that way nice we’re so we’re so good gays gays and use of umbrella term just to be clear or some good gays what do you think is the right time that’s all your partner you were ace so that’s a little difficult customers it really just comes up in conversation for the past couple times a day when I was someone I don’t really tell them that shit up like hey by the way we ain’t doing the do that’s not happening okay not in this house not in my house okay so it’s just kind of pops up you know for me at least so we have very different ways of this deny stream go yeah I’m ace and then I split like if they’re okay that I explained further I’m Demi my brain ends up liking you enough and finding you attractive and having those feelings towards you then BOOM it might not happen it might happen they you know exist every guaranteed thing for for Demi’s you know it’s basically hey yes full five stars like you try it’s a maybe and then once in a while you just get that one golden sparkling urge of feelings art in here says asexual dates would it be for curiosity reinforcing platonic friendships or testing the waters if the asexual person still doesn’t fully believe they are asexual it also just depends on the ace really there there’s so many different kinds you know like that just a CA sexual knows the umbrella term but you know like I said I think like I told you guys I’m a Debby romantic an asexual while you’re just overall like Demi demisexual panromantic essentially yeah there you go yeah Blanc did it show it live it love it I’m gay I’m gay it’s every aces journey you know and if maybe an ace first believes that they are aro ace the layer come to find out that like hey you know maybe I might be dumb me like good on them you just discover more of yourself through time honestly so if all this dating maybe feels like friendships at first maybe they just are and I’ll see this like a little tough to answer because it really does just depend on what person so for me it’s more of testing the waters but it’s not if I fully believe if I’m asexual this is this sounds like it’s more directly that thanks romantics or aromantic people because talking about going on dates yeah I’m getting to know someone so it could be either getting a romantic date or just hanging out mm-hmm I feel like this is mostly directed at a romantic okay yeah really I can’t really speak for a moment experiment exceptional friends like don’t know any arrows personally but there is this term that some aces use called squishes it’s a hard term to describe it’s like a crush but it’s not much but you want to be platonically involved with them you want to be their friend basically that’s me yeah that’s me all the time all right all the time we’ll move on to Twitter which we’ve got a lot more responses over there so you guys think you’d really be into this initiative really is my Twitter more awesome Amy Stubbs says do you use online dating slash dating apps this is a question that I got quite a bit I’ve noticed people think people asking like oh it’s the only way for an asexual to find another asexual is through dating apps it I guess it really depends on the type of community that you’re in really like I guess that would be helpful if you’re in an area that’s unfortunately not very you know LGBTQ friendly and stuff like it I’m sure will be harder to find people like you out there especially your next-door neighbor’s two miles away so I’m pretty sure that would be more useful to you then like when I first started I I will not deny I did download a dating app like 2017 and stuff I watch this romantic anime and I was like which one okay so it’s called it’s not a good anime and it’s called love and lies it’s on Amazon crying I saw the first episode and I was like two five actually that’s pretty accurate well I have the opening slaps so like I know this big knife that I used was called OkCupid and there was an option to say that like hey I’m ace so I was like real no that’s awesome so I can find other aces I only found one other ace options yep they didn’t have the option option this was in 2017 Wow yes see I have no experience with online dating I don’t I don’t use dating apps or anything if I find you through Instagram I guess that’s technically online but still I’m just like me do you not like the dating app I don’t go on there to get a date it’s hey let’s be friends uh-oh I’m struck with the fields don’t be afraid to catch videos yes I have that foot it’s like a month and a half and then after having four month and a half I was like you know what I don’t this isn’t for me it’s not for me then I start getting more and more involved like going to conventions and stuff and that’s how I started meeting people and that’s how I am going out with these peoples I first met the nikon’s so yeah we’re in a very gay environment walk together that’s how it be all the time if you live in an area like we do yeah you are baby do you indicate your profile you can indicate it in your profile if you are a switch in my bio I do yeah I just say taking take the head can you have a long-term relationship with no sex yes yes you can so ESEs will say no I have a friend he’ll say like Navi watch them why you gotta do they do but you know you don’t have to you don’t have to you really don’t all right it’s your buddies you can do what yeah anything you is it comfortable with I mean my friend sees it as he’s just so like well you know a couple make sacrifices every so often so it like every so often I’ll be like okay fine but overall you know it’s he still ate like you he doesn’t really care for it stuff and yeah I don’t really like it but yeah you don’t you you don’t have to do the do boy it’s all good from people watching and just my friends telling me oh we’ve been dating for this long and we had sex finally a lot of people seem to have sex after like a couple months is that how it normally is I think so her sexual relationship which is my current one year we’re at least six months like a long time before we even like before I touch the moon that’s the most demi thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life I waited six months to just like we don’t need it like it’s there’s so many other things to do like so good like guys let me tell you a little something about cuddling okay it is the sweetest thing in the world on the right warm its cozy except in the summer that it’s sticky and it’s not that great but if you have an air conditioner and some big blankets it’s amazing and it’s just false me then you wake up and you’re still cuddly you got you got flicks or whatever once you wanna once in a while I wake up and Christina’s foot is like in my stomach and my it hurts yeah then I just move it down right good sex is no Rama might ever it’s not it really is it I’m thinking about what movie we could see because I love movies okay honestly yeah what my girlfriend I do on dates most the time we cuddle eat popcorn and watch the new Jojo episode as you should do okay is it hard to take people who don’t get a sexuality well I would be dating them in the first time yeah no if they don’t respect you sexuality than I don’t date them that’s like let’s say I buy girls in a relationship with a guy named is straight and he’ll just be like oh yeah I’m straight now right no no no just cuz you’re dating just cuz of I girl is dating a straight guy doesn’t make her straight she’s still buy this from Thea Valentine such a lovely name hi I’m ace but not arrow and I’m thinking about dating like I want to but I am a little scared / worried because I have obvious boundaries are there any good sites I could meet someone uh so links in the app that I use was OkCupid but I know that there are a couple like I found two now like somewhat relatively working like asexual you know dating sites I made an account to one of them but I never used it cuz it seems like not too many people really on there so I think the best way is really just you know go out and about honestly you meet one with your community if of course you know where there’s only 1% hey sexuals need time so that might be a little difficult for you depending on where you are so I was for I guess there’s also you know Facebook groups actually you know there’s groups that you can join there’s the meetups app meetups for those who are not familiar with it basically where you couldn’t like just meet up with other groups in your circle so I joined one that was for asexuals to like just hang out or whatever sometimes discuss things or just watch things you know so that I’d say that’s the easiest thing to do there’s also groups you can join on Twitter as well just yeah I would do that instead of going to an actual dating site alright so this is from a dashing what are good ways to cater to your partner when you know they may feel neglected or when they feel the lack of Drive maybe because but basically how to communicate and find a healthy middle ground is what – Dani is trying to say so I’m not like maybe because of them oh there we go you know what words and there’s the random create hijacked at college it’s just this seems to be the question geared towards asexual people dating a sexual person when I dated the one guy look I guess we’ll just call him okay I don’t know let’s go get back let’s go go go man let’s go let me tell me some of my dating Gilgamesh okay so Gilda mesh you know he he was a more sexual perfect person but like I only dated for like five ish whorish months you know all we really did is just hang on in the city honestly just getting to know each other that’s really what dating is you know this isn’t like a full relationship I mean I know some people they’re just like all through dating and you’re automatically boyfriend/girlfriend I don’t really believe that I feel like truly lo just testing the waters however long it may take before I become exclusive yeah or maybe you realized today you know what I don’t think is gonna work out it’s like you know what whatever’s and like I said earlier like we’re still friends and I’m leaving front of his current girlfriend and they’ve been going out for like over a year now I am somewhat seen sorta it’s not my way it’s a bit complicated because they are like they went through a really bad breakup last year so they’re not comfortable in getting into another relationship at the moment and they just don’t happen to be asexual and pan so they like panromantic gays yeah we’ve been friends for the longest time and then I was just like hey you know what I actually think I might just can they were like essentially they were just so like oh my gosh this so oh I don’t know what to say but I I’m too scared to get back into another relationship but I’m like it’s okay it’s okay take all the time you need let’s just continue doing odd things so we just you know we do the cuddles you know we’ll hold hands every so often play games watch the enemies go out for the movies they also when we pick up these all my clocks no those are valid foot picks for sale here except for my future you know right that lack of sexual attraction is not their fault it’s your own brain so just reassured them that it’s not because of them and it’s literally just your sexuality it doesn’t allow it so the questions are pretty much similar to each other which we’ve already answered mainly being like you know how to carry it kind of came you to your partner and Ageing apps and stuff like that so yeah guys thanks so much for watching this really strange Q&A video I if you made it through Congrats how and Congrats but how did you do this I don’t understand Nikki Saldana for contributing in this video thank you for having me your video at my house oh yeah if you want more slums content check cosplay markers because we just posted a CMB filmed by this lovely person right here so if you have any other questions I probably into like a few in the comments you know but I’m not going to go overboard or anything like that in the end you know weirdest your weirdest food like you know guide people we’re not the end-all be-all every ace is different you know very important i yeah i guess seriously good the inspection was pretty pretty bad okay this is there’s enough all different types is okay so what we said doesn’t represent the entire ace community but we really hope that our tips and our answers were able to help you in some sort of way if not good luck to you and your wonderful unicorn east journey i’m your female top right now only rollin just a little oh boy alright here we go let’s go mm-hmm Krakens oh no stable okay Herman all right that’s silly circuit Oh whoo that oh it’s not you say that crazy guy that you can’t pronounce the name yeah pretty great guy I think he’s great it looks like the expelling lay down yo Tokoyo me for a ride let’s drop the black and the shadows purple yeah he’s like our mascot he’s our whoa he’s our mat no next up my mind is blown well he’s gonna watch just take all the all the mean we’re just stick them at the end here we go mm-hmm that’s what we’re gonna do don’t be so much



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