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I was like assumptions basically mean what you think about me that’s what you thought about me you first met me I think that’s the definition that’s not the definition then I don’t know so this [Music] the first assumption is she’s a baby can we say thank you I don’t be fit sometimes I’ll be feeling like a baby sometimes I’d be feeling like oh yeah thank you you just put my the next one is I thought you was the finest girl I’ve seen because the finest [Music] [Music] the next is your nice I am very nice but I’m not friendly if that makes sense um you a crybaby okay who asked you because I’m not no part of you I’m really I’m really hard for you too hard oh you really rich for real no cap on big God for real Ari keep sticks yeah you don’t want a boyfriend for ooh yeah put me out there like big oh my thing is I get annoyed quick so like you annoy me this breakup then I think everybody don’t beat me through like you don’t want me for him then nobody could really handle me like if you want to make me you can’t be no car baby you can yourself handle in my attitude just throw me away just throw me away you’re really gay go no I’m not in gate [Music] it’s right in the line dramatic I don’t know if you ask me cuz it’s a question mark right here but the next one is I thought you were so weird but now I love you I am very weird like all my friends say oh you’re weird you’re weird if I’m not read around you we’re not really friends because I’m the weirdest person all I know like we didn’t be sitting there quiet and almost sudden I just start laughing hard to start our screen or just do something weird getting I’m weird and I love eating crow oh yeah that too like if weird Amy I’m gonna be so weird around you but that’s only if I’m comfortable with you if I’m not weird when we’re dating boy you have you ever fell in love if so how do you know that’s not the assumption but a man after that you said oh I didn’t read the thing oh how I ever fell in love no I thought I was but I know I was just attached cuz we were dating for a long time but that’s my boys if our words being move I think oh no I want to know how I know I was unnerving love before this little gate is gay I think you cool you should be my friend thank you any friends see that’s me being nice I’m not being friendly I needs me a friendly but but yeah I’ll be your friend I didn’t get a lot of these moves assumption thingies like I will since I want my video to be at least I live in ellipses I love a minute let’s talk about relationships this was well lit like advice okay so if you’re on a ship are you talking to somebody well the whole talking stage it’s like you in your pre relationship so if you entertaining this one person and you go in inserting somebody else stop talking to that person like say I’m talking to somebody and they’ve heard that somebody interesting somebody else’s I need I’m gonna need to stop talking them because that’s basically chichi know me and it’s no reason why you should up here and talk to somebody else when we supposed to be talking cause it’s our peer relationship like we building something to get into relationship so you basically do something would have somebody else to the insulation today so I want amazing stop something and I think this one thing like the whole talk to things like that’s where you get to know date rotation colors and I think that’s one thing because it’s like I wasted miles falling like always my son like it’s crazy okay so I’ve been teased a lot if your boyfriend cheats on you please leave because that’s the end of the day you gonna be laid up leave me I know it’s gonna be real hard because it’s like thing you just started tangent all that stuff but you gotta leave there’s a lot of people in the world and it’s somebody out there that’s better friend and that person will treat you better than what then that person that you could hold off that you was holding on to and then once you find that person you won’t realize you’ll be like dang I would never have found this person if I was holding on uppers because it’s really not worth it it’s not you might think he’s working not hope steel pieces it’s the ground fool all social media purity cuz they gonna be looking tone you post something sarcastic like you feel something it’s talking about them everyone think y’all broke up whatever y’all that they don’t assume about your relationship they go back to them and then now you looking down because I didn’t you just say but yeah just a fucking social media social media is very toxic it’s working relationships [Music] Oh another thing about cheating if you feel the need to cheat on somebody because that’s just wasting versus hot don’t don’t cheat TV this dog fish college like you don’t need to break up with the person before you this like this was song I’m just watching you I salute I need to eat that to the world but I’ll see you in the next video like comment subscribe and you can put on my post don’t think I might 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