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[Music] [Music] this video like [Music] [Music] [Music] one for chili and cheese you wouldn’t think it’s fire along that hit different you probably think a lot time to make that at home yeah you can’t but anyone I knew it was something food we’re gonna never get the parts [Music] [Music] you see let me get one of those give me two but I’m even one i’ma let you leave [Music] [Music] your own that’s a whole supply right huh what you gotta do 180 time I’m here but I’m glad you got an easily taken care hold nothing my view watching me like this [Music] [Music] his name was member kepfeif gaming it I mean when I say big nigga didn’t it be bro missing the place telling me for my birthday right to eat those brother and that’s hurt bro I mean even not me just eyes out and all that good nobody wasn’t nobody like a fight that make a bromide a father speaking okay fine [Music] really [Music] because we you hungry any like what you eat once you really start a legal black bag and you get full hello fast especially busy aren’t there do you wanna wait more healthy stuff everyone no time we just drew Canyon in the [Music] ice cream we like the boat go get my baby so Marcus you don’t worry I do is cry a little bit and you go baby smoke up the most my prize no I don’t change I know cuz you look but I do think like the doesn’t know I know you gonna like hope Kazumi you gonna do something maybe play soccer and I’d be happy watch the stock then look at mark and Bank board even though soccer morning i watch that shitty pornos [Music] like that [Music] [Music] you know so like brown mist can TV can talk to somebody we are do something different promise to hold the time cuz if you leave I feel my missing just started so rest of my reflection see the release only girl that I know put a little nigga in his feelings yeah hold me down if you love me and don’t never change only want you for many reasons girl I will explain


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