Bad Relationship Advice | “Don’t Give a Man Wife Benefits Until He Makes You a Wife”

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There is lots of relationship advice going around. Some advice is good, some, not so much. In this video we challenge the advice, “Don’t give a man wife benefits until he makes you a wife.”

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he’s family so as you can see I have my King back he isn’t missing out of a lot of videos lately and I think we’re asking like she’s thought he’s back and so we’re going to do today we’re going to address something that we’ve been seeing a lot lately I don’t know where this is coming from I don’t know who started it but it’s like single women with no man clearly men are not you know they’re not really attracting men men aren’t really gravitating towards these women but for some reason these women are giving other women relationship advice and a lot of young sisters are taking this relationship advice and they value it and I go thank you so much and it’s it’s really bad advice so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about where you’re going to probably do a couple of videos on different kinds of relationship advice that single women you have to other women but bad relationship advice um so just start it off one that I can see both perspectives I can see why it’s good really good advice and bad advice but to certain we’re gonna talk about the wife benefits advice and that advice is do not give a man wife benefits unless he makes you a wife before he makes your wife so we’re gonna talk about that um so some are stages from your perspective you can start I think it’d be great for sisters to get a man’s perspective on it you know so from your perspective why is this bad advice cuz you don’t think it’s good advice maybe actually question okay what a white benefits well it see it varies and I do think that’s a good question because a lot of people need to understand less okay so let’s adjust a life and if it’s artists I think first and foremost when people think about white benefits they usually typically of course the cooking the cleaning the sex the support the nurturing um all of these things but if you want to take it a little bit deeper and you think like three idea of being a man’s wife you can add like like joint think accounts add in your credit score and stuff if he has children you know and he might be on child support that’s coming out of your paper you know taxes like all of this other extra stuff comes with it as well being a stepmother or all these other things you know so all of these things are considered raised benefits it so much it’s so much so okay so what do you think second question real quick cuz I just want to make sure the context is there okay what are husband benefits a husband is a protector he is a provider he provides guidance and direction um a husband why are you asking me these questions this is context because this is a part of my answer because I want see when we especially when we talking about things like this right this is such a broad spectrum right what one person may consider wifey material or husband material is not necessarily wifey material or husband material to the next person right and so I’d like to get a full understanding of like what exactly we’re talking about when we say wife benefits because my thing is this okay either you are wifey material to that person or husband material to that person oh you aren’t or you’re not because some of most of what’s you name mine is like child support payments and all that issue for the most part that’s who you should be as a woman anyway like are you not that person for the average sister I mean let’s just keep it honest like do you enjoy having sex you know do you enjoy cooking and enjoy cleaning do you keep a clean household you know all of these things are you that person already right because if you go into a relationship and say you know what hey listen I’m gonna stop showing you these aspects of who I am naturally until you marry me yeah I see no reason why a man should marry a woman or vice versa for men says no but listen I’m not gonna be a protective I’m not gonna be a mentor to your sons I’m not gonna be a role model for any of your nieces and nephews or whatever the case may be until we are married then most women would look at him like he’s a fool right like he’s not living the most limit was saying you’re supposed to be that anyway brother Yeah right yeah so I look in the same way are you that person aren’t you are you nurturing or are you not are you a feminine woman or are you not because if that’s who you are naturally did I see no need for you to you know mask aspects of yourself waiting on a ring or a piece of paper all right I understand most people to say all of us a deeper level of commitment which I do agree in some instances but let’s keep it 100 like being married does not stop a woman from cheating or a man from cheating if they’re not satisfied in relationships being married does not I’ll give you a story right quick right now good friend of mine of course I won’t name he was dating a sister for a couple of years or so maybe two years I think give it see and for me personally I would tell him as my brother she’s batshit crazy like dead serious and my other brothers will vouch for this he came to me one day and I mean crazy like she used to do wildest stuff he came to me one day we were all sit down during this time we were younger we would play spades every Friday night he starts to spade game he said I’m marrying such-and-such no I told him I’m protesting your wedding I’m not showing up I’m gonna be outside with picket signs and I was saying it you know in a joking way but you know and we you know we close close close friends on that level like brothers but what I was trying to tell him is like I really don’t think you should marry her he said well she told me that when I marry her she’ll change make a long story short she did not change she actually increased the batshit crazy behavior she didn’t become a better home maker or a wife or mother or any of those things and so my perspective on and that goes both ways again this is not just so woman to man man or it goes both ways right no no excuse me it’s not just a woman to man thing it’s a man to woman thing as well if that’s who you are show a person your true self showing who you are if you’re naturally a protective brother be a protector don’t let you know any circumstance stop you from being that person if you’re naturally a provider if you’re naturally a leader of mentor role model system if you’re naturally nurturing whatever the case may be be that does not mean that you won’t get let down in some relationships but here’s the reality I don’t care if you hold back or push forward you still have the possibility of getting laid down in a relationship frame there is no magical answer to this everybody jump online and tell you you know you have to do it this way you have to do it that way but the reality is that people are us as human beings with complex every individual is different and so this is a long way of me saying I don’t think it’s good advice especially in such a flat way of putting it if you’re going to say that then give some context give some real context what are we talking about when we say white benefits what are we talking about when we say husband benefits should a man not give husband benefits should he not be there we’ll show a woman not be or should we all just be who we are you know I feel like when we first met um first date I told you that nearly everything about me like I do this I don’t do this these are my flaws these are my strengths like I just put it all out there because it’s like girl if you date me you dig me if you don’t and you don’t you know so there’s no using you find that out seven months down the line and year down the line as I’m trying to hold up this front like you know I’m some you know extra super meditate 24 hours a day you know eat tree bark thank god that’s not who I was 19 time you know and the same thing with you you show me who you were we had deeper conversations and I think that’s the best way to approach a relationship and you’ll see within that like you know I had a conversation with my brother only about the same thing we know what wifey material is for us as individuals I know what I’m looking for right right had you not show me those things then how would I know what you’re capable of afraid if you just decided to say hey you know what I’m not gonna do any of those things I’m just gonna just you ABC and Eden how do I really know the full you know capacity of who you are how do I know you as an individual through and through okay I agree with that I think that um this is a part about either you are right for me Terry you are you aren’t I I definitely agree with that because I feel like a lot of women feel say that they’re like oh I’m not gonna give the life benefits until I marry and it’s like well that’s not something that you just it’s nothing just snapped for you suddenly ways which once you sign a piece of paper like oh now I’m gonna cook her now I’m gonna clean her now I’m gonna have a sex drive suddenly and now I’m gonna be nurturing and support over whatever and it’s like no it’s like regardless if you’re in a committed relationship with somebody even if you’re not like cause of your relationship status if that’s something that you do that’s what you do if you cook you cook if you clean you clean if you’re supportive you supportive you’re not you’re not real quick real quick cuz that is why I’m sorry I apologize for that’s what something I did want to add and I say all that when you get to the point where you say you are in a committed relationship because I know some people are just out here just dating all willy-nilly right so I wouldn’t necessarily expect you to know of course be yourself a hundred percent but I know there are certain things that if you’re just dating you don’t have I would assume you don’t at this point a certain level of commitment you know what I mean but once you get to a point where you say you know look up this is a committed relationship I bet I see you looking at no female you notice that the third then give that person all why wouldn’t you right that’s all I had yeah okay and I agreed to also that how would a man know if he wants to marry you and make you alive his wife if he hasn’t seen this potential from you and if you want to go by the Bible it says a man that final life not a man that make it for life you know so a woman youyou already are wife regardless if you you know are married or not it’s just a man finds you and then y’all become you come his wife but you already have these potentials do you know what I mean so either you have it or you don’t know when it comes to like sex or stuff like that you know that’s up to you like how you want to do that but you know if you already have a sex drive you know you have it already you know subtle really yeah so when it comes to those type of benefits like the things that people typically think of the nurturer the supporter the cooking the cleaning the sex all of those things I think that either you already are that are you not and one of the things that we talked about this before that you I thought it was another good point like in the beginning of our relationship when we were going through things we had issues you said one of the things that kept you with me was the fact that you did see yes she’s things cuz it’s like he’s not getting any of these benefits he’s not seeing any of these white potentials from you when you go through a hard time when you have hurdles in the relationship what’s the point that I’m staying with you like normal right so he will hold on if he’s like oh well you know this is just a little hurdle she still has these potentials I still see this as the type of woman that she is so we can work through this but if you’re not showing him that ever he’s not getting in those benefits average like what’s the point like no it’s just like and that’s one of the reasons why people just bounce from relationships relationship because you don’t want to give him your all because you want him whatever for whatever reason because of this horrible advice and then he realizes like once you go through a hard time or y’all have a hiccup in the relationship record what is the point of me trying to work it out with her yes absolutely you know she ain’t really licensed are you anyway so it’s on to the next you know so that for those reasons I do agree that that’s not good advice did you want to add anything else to the not unit I start before I get into why it can be good anybody’s cuz I see from both perspectives cuz I am a woman so I get it again I mean I don’t I think I’ve already said it you know yeah is if it’s like almost like a business right if a person comes to me and say hey look right now I have this great business idea right it’s gonna make us both rich you’ll be set financially for uh-huh right and they said only thing I need you to do is invest 20,000 right so okay so good what’s the business you say you know what I can’t tell you or show you anything about it until you give me the 20 thousand nose yeah I’m definitely not giving you $20,000 I’m not why because you you haven’t given me anything to feel confident about my investment yeah and again I before sis to start jumping all over me I hunted percent think that goes both ways a man should show husband potential husband qualities or whatever the case may be the same way a woman should show wifey potential I just don’t see it any other way if otherwise you just wasted time what are you even know here deed for what are you entertaining these thing what are you doing it for yeah what are you doing it just doesn’t make sense to me personally I’ll tell you as a as a as a photographer I’m taking some there are so many weddings with I’ll go into the brides you know quarters when she’s getting dressed not someone’s getting dressed me in her makeup in things on her nature and I’ll take pitches and she is nervous all this all get out there you go go to the groom he is super nervous as well to me it was always a weird thing because if you if you’ve taken a proper time to build a foundation right you’ve been through your hurdles right you’ve shown each other what you’re capable of there’s everybody so damn nervous yeah why are you going into it with fear I’m just curious you know like why I’ve always pictured that it’s kind of like man you know you still have some doubts you still have some reservations yeah and so it’s like this rat race to get married but I don’t I don’t really hear as much people pushing you know to build a proper foundation learn communication let you talk about communication a lot you know conflict resolution you know working on your strengths and your weaknesses as a team you know all of those things so that when you get to that point you kind of like oh I’m good ready yeah let’s do this so I don’t I mean I don’t really have much more to say about it I’m not gonna invest into something that I have no idea of it’s if it’s potential it doesn’t make sense to me it’s a no-brainer I think it’s that it’s the error of single bitter woman given relations provides a better single main given relationship advice both oh yeah you know what I mean anyways it may be bad advice for them oh not all and I just got to say enough seniors to Brooklyn and I’m done I promise I’m good oh no it is not even you say because I don’t want to not my single brother in this history it’s not like you can’t get valid advice because I would never put that out there like you can you can get valid a vice you know but I don’t think when you bringing it from a bitter standpoint and you’re always reflecting on your past hurts and disappointments and you give all of your advice based on that I don’t think he’s really sound in the advice right you know it’s not balanced in there so long he definitely is it for any sister that might be upset or better and because of some things we said just think of it like this like if a man gets them on his knees and proposes to you but you’ve never seen that he’s a provider you never seen that used to protect her you’ve never seen that he’s a leader that he’s that he’s a mentor that he’s any of these things then how would you say yeah that’s like oh you know that’s some of the reasons why lighter you turn men down when it comes to just dates or whatever is because you don’t see these qualities in them so it’s like the same thing with a man like why should he marry you if he doesn’t see in that guess anyways so that’s the bad advice part now so I wouldn’t go into the good advice games yeah because I do feel like a man will string you along for years and years and years with no intentions of actually marrying you if you are doing everything it’s like kind of like well what is the point again why should he marry her and then again this is for people that are marriage-minded because a lot of people nowadays are not marriage-minded if you are someone that thinks a marriage is just a piece of paper and doesn’t make a difference then this doesn’t this isn’t for you I’m talking about people that are marriage-minded and that wants to be married you know um so I think a man will go on years and years and years of no intention of actually marrying you if he’s getting everything from next to why why should he marry you tell you why from a man’s perspective ok please because you don’t want nobody else to get that that’s why you would but it’s so in and that’s why I would say a man you know if a man is just okay if a man’s mentality is I’m just gonna keep getting that and getting that and getting that and I don’t plan on marry you know I can’t I don’t I don’t know why you do it because I don’t think in those terms I can’t speak for that person right but again why I would say it’s not good advice is because if you’re showing me that consistently right consistently and again like you talk about her all the time I think outside of those things that number one thing for me as he wants to feel that she’s war you know he can trust her cuz those are like big things for us if all of those qualities are in places was the wifey material qualities and the loyalty and Trust is there you for me personally I think most men would say you know what nobody else at hola that’s mine you know what I mean how do you find I think on the on the woman’s purse I got did some videos about this I’m go out so why the love is not enough videos but one of the things talk about how commitment is really big for women so even though like we know that marriage does not necessarily guarantee commitment for a lot of women though we feel that if you take that level of commitment to where you give us your last name and it’s on paper we feel like oh like it’s it’s commitment you know it’s like a whole nother level of commitment and so that’s something that we feel like we really need that’s something that we really value um so marriage the same way y’all feel about the loyalty is we balance yeah so we need that and so I feel like there should be like some type of limits I think I feel like and I hate cuz I hate to say it like that because I don’t want to I start giving your men all tomato 17 I feel like two things one thing I feel like if you were doing all these things and let’s say you like three four or five years have passed and you shown him that he can trust you you’re loyal you’re doing everything and he still has like even like every time you bring up marriage he wants to change the topic or whatever then I feel like at some point you have to be real about yourself like no like this is what I want I want to be married and marriage means something to me even if it doesn’t to you and if this isn’t something that you can give me that I’m going to have to move on because it’s something that I desire you know and um another thing is the whole desire thing I think a lot of times men get what they desire in a relationship when it comes to like the loyalty and the trust no I’m so serious though know this I know I’m sorry but listen if you’re in a relationship as a woman and you’re doing all of these things and like he’s getting the things that he desires as a man he’s getting the loyalty he’s getting the sex he’s getting a cooking the cleaning that support the nurturing and you’re getting everything – the commitment that is the one thing that you’re not getting that you desire you’re not getting the marriage that she desired the family they’re a whole complete family like that you desire that I feel like that’s not fair giving everything because again every relationship is is always this many sides to us all right it’s the midst the man sighed and releases it the woman side and then what actually is the truth – the individual perspective you know because you know whatever that case may be but that’s it that type of situation I would say you have to dig more deep into it to see is it just that the man just doesn’t want to get married what’s in that case yeah I agree you know this sister project needs no telling yeah or are there other dynamics there you know it really depends on the relationship I what happened within that span of time if David David year two years to you would have anything that spent of time you know because sometimes like I’ve heard of situations where there may have been infidelity earlier Horne in a relationship right it could be a number of different things but I would say that before we just say you know that sisters just don’t get you know they just felt lifetime he meant feel that way – yeah it’s really a balance thing and I try not to I try not to ever just say like you know women just don’t even do what men just don’t get what they want because obviously if you’re looking at statistic wise and divorce rates and then the lack of marriage happening oh yeah and the birth rate dropping and clearly both sides are dropping the ball some wind but I’m talking about in the instances where the man is getting the sex he’s getting the support he’s in the nerd cuz I know a lot of women that are going through these things and they’re trying to figure out like why hasn’t he proposed I’ve proven that I’m a good woman and I’ve proven that I’m gonna go why he still and we’ve been dating for I don’t know how many years and he still hasn’t proposed yet he she wants that title and you know I feel like he’s giving her everything – the marriage so I feel like if that’s the case then as far as you know not giving him life benefits inside marriage you I feel like she should be able to give him everything – something because I just feel like that’s not fair I’ll just start getting everything because if you have listen if you have to if you have to take away something think about that concept mm-hmm I’m going to take away something from the relationship uh-huh so that this man could marry me don’t get married yeah it’s already of you already building this thing on a shaky foundation I would my personal advice in that situation is if you feel the need to if you and first I would say on both parties have you been 100% accountable right looking at it just from your perspective or are you having a bi a balanced perspective because oftentimes even right stages other people you can get so caught up you feeling like you’ve been done wrong and is that it there that you down here self chemical anyway if you are holding yourself accountable right if I feel like it let’s say well if I said you know what Quinn I’m gonna stop doing this until you marry it was like wait first of all that’s still an ultimatum under that premise I don’t even think you should get married then you know again it’s like we’re putting so much on marriage and not I think the nuts and bolts that really hold the thing together and make it work you know like if you feel any need to take something away in order to gain something like marriage which is suppose a supposed to be a lifelong thing you know it’s like the rest of your life is life her life yeah then I don’t think that’s even the right way to go into it so so if so you think if a woman is in that situation she should just say well forget it I’m just I mean definitely in their relationship I would say have a conversation let the brother know how you’re feeling and be a hold yourself accountable first sisters and brothers right because it goes both ways I have a real conversation with yourself to see if there may be some things that you’ve done that are preventing brother and/or sister from let’s just take marriage away just safe from taking the next step a higher level of commitment let’s just say a lifelong commitment for our brothers and sisters who really kind of turned off my marriage right now the lifelong commitment right let’s just say right on by the word marriage right if that’s what you’re looking for then I say both parties have a real look at yourself and your actions over the past hour long y’all been together and if you really feel like it after you have that conversation and if four sisters if that man is still like no no then at the point of you saying I’m not going to do these things until you marry me I just feel like it’s like now you’re twisting this dis man’s almonds again marry and you shouldn’t have to do that well he doesn’t want to lose then he would do it in some cases I think it does depend on the relationship it depends on the relationship y’all’s assuring y’all’s experiences you you know your relationship as anyone else so I can see again why it can be good advice and bad advice I definitely feel that because you’re our marriage-minded though then your man is like refusing to marry you yawning to really have a serious conversation about it and letting them know that this is something that you really want and if he’s not willing to give it to you I don’t see it’s either either you can just I don’t I don’t like the idea of the car today though I really do and I go to open oil a bit off the pilots with the old innocence what I want and if I can’t get it then I might have to move on and then he’ll be faced with the decision to either marry you or just be without you you know so what you think is that a common ground you come to funny because I’m not wholeheartedly disagree with what you’re saying I just think like most of the times with these conversations it really is hard because we we speaking of hypothetical relation of a grounding point to say this actually happened champ we always theorize and you know I’m always going to be playing both sides of the coin in my mind so I I’m not disagreeing with you I just think that maybe one day we think to have like a a couple come out yeah and deal with it from over this is exactly what happened on both sides coaching’s actually began put it on there take a couple and do them okay volunteers out there yeah all right so that’s not much all I have to say so it can be good advice and bad advice but just when you’re getting relationship advice from people that aren’t in relationships just try to be smart about it use some wisdom and yeah see are these people bitter are they just mad their net in relationship and so they’re trying to get you or will advice you know clearly they’re like 70 and I’ve never had anyone propose to the maybe they don’t know what they’re talking about so out of it okay but did you have anything else to say because me like I’m less than 30 minutes um you’ll just be just be who you are man you know yeah just it’s coming back to that you know the best relationship advice I can give you is don’t try too hard you know to be what that person wants you to be be who you are and if that person gives you for that then that’s the best way to started off you know there’s nothing wrong with growing again and that’s it does another thing let me just clarify that doesn’t mean you just stay who you are with all your same philosophy that’s what it is you know you come into it as who you are let that person know who you are and you know hopefully you’ll find a person that inspires you to be greater then you aspire each other to be greeted yeah and then you know build the right foundation you know go through the necessary healings definitely communicate work on conflict resolution and build the proper foundation that way when it’s time to go ahead and take it to the next level lifelong commitment status you know it’s not a you know she feels like she got to twist your own when you feel like you know whatever she twists you or whatever the case may be that you can go into it like yeah man let’s do this let’s go ahead and check this boom yeah all right well I want to give a shout out to ancient orange oh can you see yeah yeah that’s right here I don’t know I can see John thanks you know I’ll leave a link in the description they have some time trying to figure out how you got more than I did don’t you feel like we flying at me right now he’s supposed to be you know I wish you’d just leave that in ah it’s an outtake we should leave that in usually all that is saying he’s much less [Laughter]


    Esta Rylie

    (11/09/2019 - 4:48 am)

    I just had this discussion a few months back. Like how do I know you posses wife qualities. That’s like when Trump was saying when I become president, I’ll show you I can be presidential.

    Jerrold Dominica

    (11/09/2019 - 4:49 am)

    I truly appreciate this new refreshing perspective on relationships, I am so over the whole ideology that adult man and woman can’t come together and have a healthy happy relationship without all of the toxicity and dysfunction. I Truly believe that the energy that you invest in will yield you a return whether it be negative or positive. The choice is yours, And a lot of these relationship gurus aren’t who you should be taking relationship advice from anyway. I would tell anyone to use your own judgement, No one knows what you disire out of a relationship more than yourself.

    Lauraine Normand

    (11/09/2019 - 4:50 am)

    Y’all so cute. I’m glad y’all back. You guys made some great points. Btw sis you are glowing.

    Rosaleen Cyrilla

    (11/09/2019 - 4:50 am)

    Omg…i read that title wrong and got HELLA HEATED LMAO!!!!!!! I thought you were saying that was your advice…

    Napier Everette

    (11/09/2019 - 4:51 am)

    “Don’t give them wife/husband-benefits until you’re his wife/husband” is almost like telling someone to slack off during the school year and only focus once you graduate- it doesn’t really make sense. I’m not saying to go co-signing on a car with the other person when you first start dating, but like yall said, if you’re naturally a nurturing/fun/clean person, dont hold out. Great video!

    Giselle Rylie

    (11/09/2019 - 4:52 am)

    Your man forgot one important thing men look for.we want loyalty trust and the most important RESPECT that is whats lacking most in relationships today most men need that inorder to marry a woman I guarantee if more respect was in relationships more ppl would be married peace queen

    Stacey Read

    (11/09/2019 - 4:53 am)

    There is a huge difference between what comes from a microwave and what comes from a crock pot ! Many frown at investing 3,4 or 5 years .. but my question is .. why is 3,4 or 5 years too long when we are talking about a Life Long commitment ? I’d gladly invest 5 years of building a foundation if I know I’ll have a strong home for the rest of my life !

    Aaron Totty

    (11/09/2019 - 4:54 am)

    on fire much respect family y’all all over it! So let me say something about us men for sure. When a good man of value decides that he-wants to marry a woman. What makes him want to marry her is the fact that he found her carrying herself like a wife should carry herself. Good men don’t find a woman and try to mold her into a wife. He wants to marry her because she was already wife material when her found her Pay attention ladies who have a hard time getting a man to ask you to marry. Carry yourself like a wife should and a good man will see that and want to be your husband.

    Mimi Londyn

    (11/09/2019 - 4:54 am)

    I think what your husband trying to say is there’s a difference between a “ ultimatum and a choice “ when you give a ultimatum than yes it will back fire and but when you give a choice, it’s still giving your partner free will to make there own decisions and see the actions of it.

    Indie Tatum

    (11/09/2019 - 4:55 am)

    A person saying they gonna do more once they get married..humans are creatures of habit..good luck with that

    Stacey Tatum

    (11/09/2019 - 4:55 am)

    The homie spitting straight lava

    Rosaleen Read

    (11/09/2019 - 4:56 am)

    Do not take relationship advice from people who don’t have what you want or not even in a two partner relationship.

    Imogen Toby

    (11/09/2019 - 4:57 am)

    “a man findeth…” “either you are or you’re not” #clarity #direct

    Madonna Gabe

    (11/09/2019 - 4:58 am)

    Lots of genders pick the wrong type of typical energies to Marry! Everyone is not marriage material no matter how bad you want them or it to be!

    Indie Londyn

    (11/09/2019 - 4:58 am)

    I experienced this with (and I had to release her) a women that was killing it and had my full attention. That was until her female circle conveyed to her that they couldn’t believe that she was ‘still’ trying to impress me…we’re talking about basic things like cleaning prior to my arrival to her home…she always wanted her kitchen and bath spotless. After being browbeat with the ‘girl, I can’t be doing all that for no man’, ‘you crazy’, etc…she changed. Keep in mind I took this women on a 8 country in 12 days backpacking tour of Europe to illustrate how I felt about what I was seeing. I ended things after reaching a stalemate…upon a two instances in which she questioned me and I told her I was not answering to her like, not in that context or delivery. She replied after I told her it was over by saying ‘I guess you stood your ground’. Safe to say, her body of work became a turnoff, I’ll never entertain a woman whose quest is to control me or see if her sack is bigger than mine.

    Jeremy Everette

    (11/09/2019 - 4:59 am)

    “you haven’t given me anything to feel confident in my investment…” #doesntmakesense

    Indie Arvel

    (11/09/2019 - 5:00 am)

    The same things I said as far as the whole “don’t be a wife to a boyfriend” debate. My whole thing is, if I’m not displaying to you that I’m wife material, how will he know that I’m worthy enough or capable of being a wife? Vice-Versa for men. The issue is, we are giving WIFE/HUSBAND benefits to the WRONG PPL because we are not being careful about who we decide to be with.

    Stacey Jerry

    (11/09/2019 - 5:01 am)

    Don’t give a girl wife benifits, ie paying bills, when she is just a girlfriend

    Madonna Normand

    (11/09/2019 - 5:01 am)

    I’m still watching but your king hitting the nail on the head !!

    Madonna Harding

    (11/09/2019 - 5:02 am)

    Are they even married? I bet he won’t ever marry her #factsoflife

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