BEST Dating Advice I EVER GOT! Vincent D’onofrio Acting Story

This is a little story of when I was pursing my acting career, I took a private workshop with Vincent D’onofrio, a famous actor who has now been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Saturn Awards, winning one for his supporting role in Men in Black. I received some great life advice from him, which later became great dating advice!

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[Music] I was just talking to a friend of mine blocks when he’s talking to women who gets that pit in his stomach all of a sudden so maybe it will be right before he starts maybe it’ll be after he you know after he gets into a conversation it’ll come to this point where he’ll block here’s the secret a lot of us feel that we’re not supposed to have that block that we’re not supposed to feel uncomfortable that it’s not it’s always just supposed there’s supposed to be this amazing feeling where we’re like rainbows and everything is happening and once in a while there is that amazing rainbow feeling where everything’s happening but the reality is I’m gonna give you some of the best advice I ever got in my life you guys know I used to be an actor I just do a lot of athletes I had this great acting teacher named uh Vincent d’Onofrio’s a famous actor he is gomer pyle Full Metal Jacket he did law and order men in black all these movies like a great character actor and I was coming into this way to private workshop and I got you know you know sort of you need actors that I was in it and I was doing this one scene with another actor in the in the workshop and we would get at me and this guy no one rehearse in the history of time like me in this guy we would rehearse the scene over and over and over they were just exploring the scene over and over and then we put it up in front of the actors in the group and they they they all stood up clapping their hands this is the best work you’ve ever done what girl was crying and people were like amazing and this guy Vincent who hardly ever gave a compliment he got up and started going on and inside I mean the now I’m thinking about it’s almost making me cry and I’m like wow that was like pretty great chocolate yeah but I was so in it inside he he he said but inside I felt I felt like socks this is horrible this is such a struggle this is such a drain I said I don’t know why everyone’s clapping I don’t know he he says John it’s the best work you’ve ever done and everyone’s agreeing all these people these are like you know the lead actors in New York best work you’ve ever done and I’m saying and I said what this feels horrible a little Center I feel small like well all I do with the scene is struggle it’s a struggle after the struggle and he said don’t you get it the struggle is the scene boy meets girl anywhere and everywhere boy connecting with girl men and women coming together that is the scene over and over and over that you’re practicing that you’re gonna get yourself into a deeper and deeper level the stream theme and then it’s a struggle due to due to salmon swim upstream it’s a butt against the current it’s a struggle man except it get used to it allow it to be allow it to be to be allow that resisted that pit in your stomach allow those tightness –is to be there become aware of them and breathe through them and allow them to be in her – you’re picking up or empathetic creatures we’re just energy transmitting energy to each other allow it to be coming from her – and understand that as the man as the man who has ticked every single rose from a load of will you marry me every single time with every single girl you ever meet and there’s no way out as that guy at that time you gotta stand there and house your own energies that your own resistances you’ll have to be and okay with all that you have to be okay with the craziness of the situations the sirens going off and you have to be understand that she has her blocks that she’s experiencing something right before you as well and that you’re feeling that it’s actually and then sometimes that’s the main reason you’re feeling to pick your somebody that’s because they’re so implemented but now you house all of that and allow that struggle to be the scene allow that allow that – you need to understand that that’s what’s happening and you will either connect here today all you want and that’s okay anyway it falls John Keegan the awakened lifestyle calm on Instagram John Keegan life’s the Hat John Keegan lifestyle and I’m a cool guy as we all know right and and I’m traveling the world I’m in New York up here I’m there most people like me come work with me later [Music] you [Music]


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