Are you ready to date again after narcissistic abuse and codependency recovery? In this video, I talk about my 12 BEST DATING TIPS to consider before jumping back into the dating world.

It is difficult to know when we are ready to begin dating again after narcissistic abuse or after going through some serious codependent recovery, but there are dating tips and dating advice we can use to help us navigate our way through the dating world.

3:00 If you no longer crave other people
3:43 If you are less reactive
5:23 If you can hear your own voice and set boundaries
5:56 If you actually can and do care about YOU
6:10 If your focus is abundance and not lack
7:39 If you are able to observe thoughts of lack
8:00 If you can tell the difference between wanting vs needing
10:00 If you no longer live in denial
10:45 If you are willing to walk away
11:19 If you are willing to be supremely self-responsible
12:24 Don’t make the same mistakes I did
15:15 Lining up with the abundance
15:46 Be willing to invest in you!

You can read more about codependency recovery and love addiction here over on my blog–love-addiction-codependency-lack-of-self-love

The only dating advice you really ever need is to love yourself, be yourself, hold onto yourself, show up as the real you, listen to your gut, honor red flags, walk away if you need to, be willing to enforce boundaries and remember to believe YOU ARE and always were and always will be ENOUGH!

Lisa A. Romano is a Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in helping people reclaim their lives through ascending old thought patterns and healing faulty subconscious programs. She is an expert in the fields of codependency, narcissistic abuse, and elevating consciousness.

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