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have a carnage of our Eevee and Genesis now we’re here to give you guys a quick relationship if I spray this feels relationships of any type please take note I am pulled from the rubble debt for your advice so there is going to be some custody and stuff so if you don’t like that click off we’re going to go over each side I need you out of here hear me yeah so we’re going to go over each side of the zodiac and give you some advice um this could be you or the other person take it as it resonates oh you’re a Capricorn don’t what a Leo let’s see what surprise here comes oh shut the fuck up you don’t know what the hell are you talking about still love you xoxo fuck yo job I heard fuck them kids yes work our kids alright um yes work our kids like I said it’s important your partner is more important look here if you want me to stay around here and you need to help me with these kids I’m gonna need you to get him a check I’m hearing your kids need to have a schedule are your work schedule or something like that like you you bring work home with you or you you you you you’re you’re using work as an excuse as to why you’re not giving this person more time more attention more affection and every time these every time they say something you’re like set to fuck up yelling you know what you’re talking about if you’re telling them like look I understand your mom you’re dead those are your kids I like it love it they need to have a schedule and then I uh you can’t come up in my house and just tell me how to raise my kids okay you’re right you’re absolutely right but if you want me here there’s got to change I don’t need to be here and all this is going I’m here I’m having a whole conversation that I’m hearing but um for some of you it’s for some of you you may be complaining about your mates job or they’re complaining about your job because they’re like and you’re like you don’t know what you’re talking about you you cannot possibly understand the stress that I go through because you know my schedule or whatever and all their look beyond the words and see the intent of what they’re saying there’s the intent of what they’re saying is I’m trying to get next to you I’m trying to get closer to you and whatever this is is is bearing you down so much and it’s affecting our relationship so I need you to try to do better on how you handle me and your job or handle me and your responsibilities crisis Pisces Capricorn Pisces okay go on a real fucking date smell good get your sexy on you need to take this person now spend some time with them outside do you really love them then wash boat and put away clothes it feels like somebody is someone like all they do is take care of the home and they’re not really loved upon or showed off and they’re like I want to be showing off I want to know that you appreciate what I do and if you don’t have the finances right now to take them out on a date like that or whatever then maybe one day that you’re off trade places babe listen you always watching the dishes you always cook a dinner y’all wake them up to breakfast in bed make them feel special that’s all it’s the little things I’m hearing it’s the little things and if it’s like that you’re dealing with somebody that every time you see them they have the same outfit on they’re not really taking care of themselves and it’s turning you off in a sense it’s like that’s why we’re not going out because you’re not taking care of yourself I don’t know who that’s for but you’re not taking care of your hygiene you’re not taking care of yourself and I refuse to go out with you and you’re looking or appearing that way because that is a reflection of me so I need you to really get yourself together get get your sexy on get it together Lord fix it Jesus and and do this because with this do you really love them watch fold and put away the clothes I feel like this person needs to understand they need to love themselves before they could look for you or anybody else to love them so they need to invest in the self they need like you want them to one it for them so then you can want it more to take along and have alongside of you go have a girl Roberto if you’re a Capricorn together what people are messy love in many ways you guys could have a lot of people up in a mix are this could be messy boots is trying to come in and stop you stop your sign I feel like messy boots if somebody you work with or somebody you consider an associate or a friend then it comes and figures out what you got going on is snitches to everybody else I’m sorry not snitching gossips to everybody else about what’s going on and this is a person day I mean if it’s a co-worker you can’t kind of can’t escape them so your colleges like me love you from way over there even if it’s a associate you like I kind of like you but I just don’t like your messiness so you just start getting cautious on the information you give it doesn’t mean that you got to completely detach yourself from them it just means that you start to be cautious on the information you give I would completely withdraw but I mean to eat yourself some food maybe you can’t escape Gemini and Capricorn okay love them on you with including yourself eat cuddle sleep repeat if you’re irritated I feel like with Jim and I you guys both could be very frustrating irritating it could be a very trouble troubling time right now for you guys financially mentally like just a lot of stuff going on and you guys need to take the time out for self-care and avoid self-care I think you guys should be doing it I think what I’m hearing is doing it together taking a weekend off for you guys just stay in the bed y’all eat y’all cuddle y’all y’all really getting to know each other and shut the world off and find peace within yourselves but also with each other cancer cancer and your fucking stress massage binge watching chill yeah same thing as Sherman of Gemini is I think you guys just need to just chill beyond chill for a while you guys made up in arguing a lot about bills and it saying you know just take a timeout and just chill if you’re a Capricorn dealing with Sagittarius interrupting is for assholes let them finish let them fucking finish I feel like this is about communication with a Sagittarius I feel like every time you try to communicate with them they interrupt you in it it’s it’s doing way too much if you’re a Sagittarius doing what a Capricorn be easy they’re trying to talk to you are you could be a Capricorn that is interrupting in Sagittarius and you need to be easy because it’s like you’re not getting your point across even if you’re not yet up I hear like you you what does it call yell without yelling so you’re very know this is what I was saying bah bah bah blah you think because you’re not yelling it doesn’t make you any less of any more of an asshole in action you asshole it makes you more that cockiness and arrogance yeah knock it off Icarus if you are a cop don’t dealing wit and the Correa’s wait okay wait listen you still don’t fucking get it you’re not understanding your queries you don’t understand what they held their logic is and where the hell they’re coming from our vice versa you may think this era this Aquarius is very aloof you may feel like they’re very just how can I put it like Spacey and they don’t have nothing that they’re very grounded on or whatever but if you was to take your time I actually have a conversation with them and listen to what they’re saying you may find out that there are not isn’t there more Intune than you think they are they know more than they say our did your hearing so it’s up for you listen Taurus Capricorn with Taurus she’s not for the world so she feels like she’s a little I’m sorry but she’s here kappa contra tourists families get on your nerves have each other’s back I feel like this is a family thing but but no I feel like you guys are related it could be siblings um y’all could be getting it could be like other people getting on your other siblings parents or whatever get on your nerves are trying to turn you two against each other it’s time for you guys to communicate and have each other’s back and recognize that there’s no beef it was misunderstandings or people just meddling anything if there’s a certain relationship it’s your family meddling between you and your person starting stuff have each other’s back anybody else Oh actually community I’m hearing communicate with this person one-on-one and you’re see that is it’s not as big as its put out to be capcom with Capricorn now this can be solidly you are you dealing with another Capricorn so Capricorn thank you you want it to be different changed yourself first topic or deal without popcorn you may want to change things but you can’t control other people you can only control yourself so whatever you see is if it’s a cup corn popcorn you’re marrying each other so whatever you see in that person can’t change it by doing it yourself first Carpio in California if you are a cop Gordo – okay deal with your drama handle exes old hurts and onstop no resolve shit so I’m trying to control every damn thing let that shit go don’t be so extra I feel like you guys somebody has been lingering has lingering excess lingering unresolved issues around and they need to get rid of them I’m hearing bodybag not like that but you need to handle it yourself but don’t go about it by being extra don’t think I think what I’m hearing is don’t be so sneaky about it be open and honest with your partner just cuz it says don’t handle it yourself don’t mean be sneaky cuz you might get caught up in some more shit you know also saying you might be trying to hold on to something or someone and trying to keep think like keep this one narrow keep that one there or whatever that will blow up in your down face so it’s time for you get honest make a choice if you are a Capricorn what a leave them know they wanted to come home you can’t say thank you enough they deserve her letter for putting up with your ass this person I feel like it’s a reason bought a result we evolving over your relationship I feel like you guys are in and out in and out in and out in and out but I feel like maybe as you I strongly feel like I said leave her this in and out but it might be off but whoever it is it’s like whatever is being done you somebody is investing more into this situation than the other person and this other person may be coming to the realization of it and black you know why did I do that did I you know did I take more than I gave I apologize and you start to realize say maybe this one makes a little bit more appreciation than what you giving them berries karma Aries Capricorn sir Aries tantrums are for babies grow the fuck up somebody’s thrown this tantrum I feel like this working late I feel like it’s over worth our attention somebody feels like they’re not getting enough attention and they’re throwing a hissy fit about it and you the other person is completely irritated and turned off by it whoever’s doing it there’s a better way to get your point across try and join me and when it comes to your promise problem-solving but the tension test is ain’t going that you know we’re but um irritating somebody else so Capricorn that’s all I have for you guys please like share comment and subscribe until next time peace love and minibuses ticker


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