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good evening and welcome to another edition of guru chuckle I’m your host Tom Barnes this channel will be providing you with committee counsels to your questions on relationships on marriage under D or just wanting to be alone help on raising children and if you like the video give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing thank you and now without further ado let me introduce to you no one the only guru at Charu hey dumb-dumb that’s the second time you do that what’s the matter with you this is your old pal Tony martini here I don’t know what’s gotten into my cousin hey I always wanted to do this anyway I always wanted to do that now that I got that off my chest let’s see the Guru was not here and he asked me to cover for him so here I am what to use we got a letter here from Gary from Hoboken New Jersey I hate when my wife asked me a question that leads to nowhere hmm the other day she pulls out two outfits and asks me should I wear the green outfit or should I wear the red outfit I said they both look good on you she didn’t like my reply so she asks I want to know which one should I wear tonight I stupidly reply wear the red one darling she says to me but I don’t have shoes to match so I said so with a green outfit baby and she says to me but I don’t have a pocketbook to match it so I says to her I smell a fight coming on and we did have a fight what should I do in the future guru well sorry Gary you got me Tony martini well Gary even the best of wives set up their husbands what I like to call a trap question this usually happens when everything is nice and calm you just came back from the movies you had a nice dinner everybody’s happy everything is going well and she’s bored and out of the blue she gets a brilliant idea to have a fight Gary you could try a few things first of all both struggle with the fight it’s gonna happen anyway just strap yourself into the roller coaster put your bicycle helmet on and just write it out just like the cyclone at Coney Island and both try to win either it ain’t gonna happen you know you have to experiment doing your fighting just make sure it doesn’t get physical because let’s face it you don’t look good in orange just try to make the fight a little uncomfortable for your wife you can try a few things well she’s screaming at you start by singing a song real loud especially a song she doesn’t like start laughing hysterically you can start the tap dance or maybe even better Riverdance they really love that you can go to the fridge and make a sandwich you start eating you know Gary you can really confuse him put on one of those dresses and then admire yourself in the mirror that’ll go over real well whatever she starts to yell you start mimicking her & Mild out what she’s saying you can stare at her lips and do a quote from deliverance you sure got a pretty mouth or you can fart and see if she laughs this usually works for me oh well that’s all the time we have for this evening please join us next week for another edition of guru chuckle of your host Tom Barnes bye for now well we’re out of time join us back next week for another edition of guru chuckle and if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and you better subscribe this is your old pal Tony signing off ciao I can’t believe you just did that


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