Comedy relationship advice – spaghetti western short

Comedy relationship advice – spaghetti western short

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[Music] I’ve been riding for three days looking for that sign wide and chicken poacher bandido fella aka TGIF until I found his horse tracks that led me to know you were looking for me where you found me blondie I’m not blond brunette okay whatever so you’re not blonde what am I gonna call you Brunetti they call me triple B yeah I’m looking for you okay you found me so what do you want I heard you’ve been rustling chickens without a license you don’t need a license for stealing haha crazy gringo you just do it fine I’m fine never mind a license thing would you stole some of my chickens no gringo I didn’t steal any of your chickens that was one right see you see this is Tom Barnes if you remember in the earlier video of Guru chuckle we introduced triple B as a chicken farm oh my gosh that guy was talking he stole them and I cooked them they were quite tasty well thanks not taking the old free-range and fed only the best feed but that’s not the issue I’m here to bring you in and collect the reward what reward that sign ain’t got no reward do you see a number there no looks like you’re right TGIF ooh why is your face posted on this side that’s my wife’s wall she gets mad at me for disappearing for days out here in the desert there ain’t no milk cartons so she had those stupid signs made up and put everywhere just to make me angry so you mean to tell me I came all this way here to bring you in for nothing so what do we do now why don’t we go not what I always do let’s go drink okay one thing I want to know gringo how are you gonna bring me in with no guns yeah well you got a point there come on let’s have that drink bingo I follow you I don’t like my face of the poster I was going more for a Vogel [Music]


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