Conscious Dating Advice From Angela Holton

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lucky day demyelination because today we are joined by relationship expert Angela Holton who to to talk about conscious dating in your 40s 50s and 60s so Angela please explain to our viewers what conscious dating is and why it could benefit them it’s so conscious when we think of consciousness we think of being awake we think of being alert right so conscious dating is about dating with greater intention greater mindfulness and becoming the person that you’re seeking it’s rather than looking for those love qualities outside of ourselves it’s finding them within ourselves and just that simple mindset shift changes how we show up and dating I want women to date and have fun and learn about themselves most importantly I feel like that would even change your body language everything it does it changes you from not seeking and being desperate for love but showing up with confidence and empowerment that I’m love already love I’m a huge believer in like shifting your mindset to change your future to change what circumstance you’re in right now how specifically could you work that into a relationship right so if you’re thinking about dating and you’re going out there looking well this person’s gonna feel fill me up and complete me rather than shift you know rather than having that mindset of shifting and saying I’m already complete and I’m gonna do these strategies and tools to become this whole person love myself forgive myself the intention will be mindful and be aware of Who I am how do I show up in relationships how do I communicate what’s my vulnerability so when we shift that mindset like okay I’m gonna prepare myself to be in a relationship rather than finding someone that’s just for me takes pressure bars hey so what’s your off women okay so one of the big things you’ve just mentioned is the idea of looking for something outside of yourself when you should be looking for it within what other mistakes could our dbl nation be making when it comes to dating oh my goodness well my favorite is that you know you go around you speak to women they’re not dating they’re not dating and they’re just waiting for someone to show up it’d be great at their house as their home the UPS driver bring the buzzer and they’re there that would be great if someone came packaged that way but more times that’s not going to happen so be intentional conscious dating is being intentional seeking what you want when you want a new home when you want a new car your intention or no job you go out you go looking for it you go learn what you like what you don’t like so women need to get out in date get on line I’m a believer of online dating and practicing relationship skills you know you can’t learn relationship skills without dating and okay so for some of our viewers that are watching right now and they think that they’re seeing some red flags can you clarify which red flags they should be looking out for and how to even seek them yes absolutely so my red flags just shares couple that come up for me and for other people one is his willingness or unwillingness to follow through with commitment how does he show up does he commit to the things that he says he’s gonna do that’s important early on because if he’s not committing to the smaller things he probably is going to struggle with committing to long-term commitments long-term request from you so be mindful pay attention does he call when he says he’s gonna call do you go out Friday night when he says we have plans for Friday night could that also be a way of people trying to politely say that they’re not interested in you well see that’s where we go back to conscious dating be honest be transparent if you’re not interested I want women and men to show up where they’re transparent you know you’re not going to attack my personal power or how I feel about myself by just saying you’re not interested in me


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