Cost of Dating in Dallas – Matchmaker Explains | (LUMA Luxury Matchmaking)

Meeting Dallas Singles can be expensive. Dallas Matchmaker, April Davis from LUMA Dating Service, explains the costs of dating and how to have a great first date.

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thanks for staying with us well this morning we’re getting some dating tips dating it can be a lot of things right exciting complicated and expensive a recent survey found nearly a third of Millennials have gone into debt by paying for dates but what about here in DFW April Davis of this she’s a CEO of luma luxury matchmaking she’s here to add it all up for us so when we’re talking about dating right we asked our viewers how much do you spend on a good old date night so the results here were actually shocking because some actually went into the 300 range I feel like that’s a lot of money the special date yeah where do we start cuz I know you’re talking about who typically pays for date night so the average date in dallas-fort worth is about one hundred and eleven dollars okay and nationwide single spend about sixteen hundred dollars annually on dating in general and I saw something else that said that even couples will spend about an average of $130 and I on a date and that includes you know dinner drinks and of course you know if you go to a movie or some sort of entertainment so you’re the CEO of a matchmaking service and I know some of your clients would you say right okay they say dating can be a deal-breaker or you mean is it dating as a deal-breaker you mean drink or spending a lot of yeah well yeah because it is expensive it’s hard to know and it can be stressful to a lot who’s going to pay on that date so I often times I tell my clients that if a guy wants a second date he should probably pay for for it but you know ladies at least be courteous and offer to pay because I get a lot of guys that complain that they don’t even offer they just expect it you know and it’s just I think here in Texas people are we’re just more traditional and stuff and so men will oftentimes so when should they offer to pay the second day or the third day I think the first thing women should at least offer to split it you know and split you guys yeah at least do it all or younger especially younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z’s they want they say that people should split it because you know as the wage gap has creased between the two genders and then there just become more but I really love the fact that you have this luxury matchmaking service so once again can you just tell us how someone can potentially be a part of it and find their true soulmate well all they have to do is just go to our website luma search comm and fill out the profile form and from there they will be scheduled to meet with a matchmaker and we can get to know them understand who they are and who they’re looking for in a in a match and then we’ll set them up on a date actually and we planned the dates and everything too so it doesn’t have to be $300 expensive crazy day we I really like just sending two people out on a walk or getting ice cream yeah yeah it’s not that high pressure of feeling like you’re in an interview or something right when you’re gonna keep it nice and calm get to know exactly thank you so much for joining us this morning you were awesome it sounds better than tinder if you ask me we’ll be sure to get all your information on our website we’ll be right back with another check of your weather stick with us


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