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hello and welcome to the Quebec Channel I’m Jason your host this is barrel and berteus Hyundai not to buy the morning this war not bad at all it’s 6:35 you would think that I don’t have to go up a set time have to do better set time or still like a to routine if I have to try to keep to a routine to talk about depression and mental illness and what it’s like it’s lots of different ones well sometimes you see these motivational posters in mental health areas where they say talk you got dressed button off and yeah I know baby we’ll go down a little bit go on go play what she wants to it’s very hard to explain to someone who hasn’t dealt with it everything you do hello I’ve been in the YouTube for nothing comes normally Coons nothing comes naturally it takes a force of well to get out of bed in the morning and then we take for granted that you get up you go to work your teeth before you go to work you have a shower you you just do these things you don’t even think that you’re doing them but imagine if every single day that you had to fight this morning when I got up the first thing that went through my head was don’t feel like doing anything there was no impetus to go out and do anything just tried to get all I was sitting on power but I knew that I had to do things I had to come downstairs so I was going to shower quick quick push my teeth and that was it but then I used this as ammunition thing thought to myself to another few days without having a shave they’ll notice if I’m wearing the same top as yesterday I’ll notice that weekend to worry about me that begin to wonder if I’m okay and it really isn’t it’s not as if it’s sometimes I just don’t want to do anything may say Oh everybody feels like that no no nothing else on the other side of the equation no instinct to get off no instinct to survive no instinct to move push forwards and you had to create that impetus you had to fight wit not what I say it’s a fight about all of you when I get up in the morning I think about doing this blow logon how many months are Tony every single day I think about the fact that yeah I know for a fact a logical simple fact that if I have a shower I’ll feel better we all look when you’ve had a shower it makes you feel better just a very nice thing to do and I like you when I’ve shaved so I use those as my ability to get up to go into the bathroom to have a shave after I brush my teeth to get in the shower and have a shower I feel better after it it’s a fight to do that and some days I just don’t have it in me so some days you will see me with the same t-shirt on you will see me I let my my growth well my face go for like three four days because I’ve got sensitive skin and if I shave every day gets very red so acutely even for a few days anyway but three days usually is why lien is the max so I’m good this morning shall I brush my teeth – when I feel good to do it to do all that and come downstairs it’s crazy that that’s a win for me I’m not completing a college assignment or doing a hard day of workers that create a career but the fact of actually coming downstairs make him in town says and doing all those things is a win a big win that one really is nice well yeah it’s very hard to someone who hasn’t God it’s very different between you can be depressed and have a bad day and justing and having depression depression is a long-term that it’s a soul-sucking monster that takes away your energy and with my bipolar type 2 I am naturally below the norm I’m naturally at a depressed add take supplied you all the rest way having friends online having the dogs have ammunition is today I heed my you know Aria her place way to keep on your papers I have pretty much a closet of papers and he said I decided to go through a mall throw all the stuff I didn’t need it’s funnier I’m I got rid of all the bits and pieces for older the old equipment that I don’t have and the warranty carted all those things I threw away all my old bank statements I don’t need them it’s all online these days I keep two months worth of bank statements as identification the same with all the other bills so I’ve got them or that’s funny I keep of the doctors letters hello as I can look at them and remember tell you he still remember that day when we went for the appointment to see the doctor and he broke down all the notes of what we said and the how Paulo was doing so I keep a couple of those had like two big banks which I but we have in the backyard I’ve been Oh that was a good thing I wasn’t treatment and yes I’ve got a girlfriend now online and that makes a huge difference or believe that makes a huge difference as even though she’s in a different country for keep after her this is important this make gives me a drive beyond the normal Drive this is why I say to you that being a carer got someone to care about then you can accomplish things you can’t normally accomplish you’re fighting for that person you’re there for that person a person means you I’m in a better place I was aa better place than I was don’t rub them you may say to me what if it doesn’t last okay I wouldn’t be upset as everybody should be bought and now at the point where finding out that a hell of a lot males in the online world like me this isn’t ego this isn’t me having an ego I don’t do that it’s just I’ve made a lot of female friends recently wonderful people I’ve met the way I wasn’t coming out with someone online it’s given me a bit of self-worth it seems I’ve never had a problem talking to women I feel more I’m more comfortable around women this is it in I can start a conversation with women quite easily I can chat to them about fashion amazing things that’s crazy with what I wearing that bought I spent a long time at Kerala and before that I would brought up by in a household that was my mom my sister I my mom taught me all about but twelve years old I look do the laundry I could do the washing I could iron I used to iron all my mom’s clothes for work I knew how to make a really nice cup of tea I knew how to cook the kitchen what a playground you’ve seen me in looking I loved food it’s really nice to know those things and I also know I was taught and by 12 years old I was sent to the local chemist a local pharmacy to pick up ten packs or sanitary towels for my sister and my mom this isn’t bold media tool and my mom sat me down and – told me about a woman’s period early age I didn’t have any there was no no embarrassment no stigma attached to that kind of thing with me and even though I look like this I’m not looking I’m not the lowest and not the best we’re talking to someone online that value isn’t there and I don’t talk to women as if they’re different species as if they were different alien race I just chat with them it feels good as its it’s just one of those things I can do which is nice you so yeah that has given me a lot of self-worth the realization that all these things have come together but I am one of those people who field and not someone who cheats on someone it doesn’t matter whether it’s online or real life if I find someone and I classed that person as my girlfriend whether she’s online or off that’s it I will have friends who are bills I will them and their well I will not cross that line it’s just something can me it to one person when it comes to a relationship I notice I said to a girl yesterday said got to as she was saying why won’t you come with me I said you shouldn’t be looking for a man cheat on someone to stop that man cheating on you I said into it this way to be the kind of person who would don’t behind the back of the girl I’m done with in those very possible online you could do that and what kind of person am I and if person I’m welcome keep me occupied and with them Oh why do you think that you could so I tried to give advice about I said you know lovely girl you find yourself someone Oh don’t settle for someone secondhand material don’t second settle for someone who’s with someone already and you’re poaching because it will always be that Daniel thought in your mind that what if someone comes along he likes more than me me that doesn’t happen as when I got it why not whether person my my grade I’ll completely turned off my looking at other things I can have as many friends who are girls but it will never go beyond that yes we weird that sir that’s us a bit of a rarity I don’t know – later today I’m doing a talk um [Music] the df’ scene we put people on line is going to talk about how as a dominant has someone who wants to look after someone you should approach submissive all about the idea you don’t go by the label this is a human being this is a person it should be common sense that a person is a human being that they will have fears they weren’t near nice study in first think of them as a human being then as a female then as a submissive make friends with them fish this is the whole idea and that’s great advice for if you’re just looking for a girlfriend talk to them but God say talk to them oh my god why is this such a hard thing see them as a human being as a an equal as a person before you see them as a sexual partner or anything like that so much better chance don’t worry about this bloody friendzone  anything like ah the people who would put you in the friend zone weren’t going to be you’re the girlfriend anyway no matter how much you wanted it but if you treat women and women treat men as just people get to know them then you have a hell of a chance because friends actually do make good lovers friends actually do make a good relationship no matter what all the bloody magazines tell you I’ve seen that as a fact time and time again make friends talk to them most women most girls who are worth your time will not really be interested that much in your Luke’s I know that’s a crushing blow or it doesn’t really matter beyond the first attention as long as you’re clean and you have basic hygiene it’s more about who you are yourself and who whether that person is interesting to you yeah you know that’s the thing I’m going to see towards New Year’s so the big thing is be yourself start relationship lying down the south you don’t have to open up all the crazy right at the beginning or you don’t want to be in a relationship where you’ve got to hide that side of you like I said up to loot the poor me and powerless sat down and talked and this time again with this bill talked and you open up you tell them everything you don’t have to clear the ones born you want to share time with that person be yourself yourself well we’ll actually want you for yourself the better thing is that you can listen and you can don’t be all about you in a relationship you’ve got to start right at the start listening to the other person I’ve talked to some really beautiful girls and they’ve again this wasn’t beyond the first rule that guy’s hot those aren’t usually the guys that they go home with unless they have low self-worth unless they don’t know what they want yet young girls yet but the more experienced girls not know that they’re looking for don’t have to have an ego but they want you to have a little bit of self-confidence in yourself I know it’s scary to go up and say hello to a woman sometimes – I say mentally tried to switch off that side go up and talk to someone as if they’re just a person and equal someone who you’re interested in what turn off that side of you that makes you starting to hyperventilate that makes you start to freak out because she’s beautiful that makes you start to say on to your brain freeze and just to this person as if it is to position because they are and you will get Oh all about its none of this mind games or silly stuff yourself I mean look at me look at how broken I am look at all the things that wrong with me and I can still go online or even even it changes tool the the pole I could chat with them and laugh at them and make jokes that’s just because see them as a different type of people I saw them just as an equal as someone to chat with that’s teams two gone out the window a lot especially with all this room oh you have to make sure that they want that all this then then just make friends he practice go from there I see too many people alone in this world No you a guy in you alone the chances are that there’s a hell of a lot of women and females that are alone too that would just like to find a guy who would talk to them not just looking right to wait to get in their hands meat seems really obvious true well it’s the only advice I can give people on that I’ll bring this to a close seven o’clock we I’m happy you know I’ve got a lot more energy there when it comes to doing things because I can use all this that’s going on in my life as a positive I think what I thought with this video will last after all week we know we’ve talked we could be coming up to life 6070 a horse even 80 hours worth of talking together since we met Heather and we’re still finding amazing things out about each other – the smile that’s the big thing she can be herself around me and I can be myself around her or could you want whether the persons on the other side of the planet or in the next room I’ve seen relationships where people who live in the same household share left in common and talk less and got together through an obligation all because their friend said he would worry about more society says you need this I’m rambling when will you that well it’s called the daily mumble I’m gonna ramble it taking a bit of break for more fame soon ember Prime and while ember and ban will be getting a rework and I’ll spending time on them so I want to make sure I leave myself enough time and rest so that I don’t give in to the position that I was before where I was playing so many first-person shooters and so many third-person action games that my wrists and hands started to cease all when you do that then you get reproduce training and all that can and in carpal tunnel nope not going to go down that we’ll be playing more balloons and a little bit of assassin screaming because even though he do move around in Assassin’s Creed you don’t do as much laziness but might be gloom today I feel like the ones that haven’t done balloons for a while gonna pop the balloons we go through state do some cable actually I could go on Wow no no no well I know I am not playing while classic sorry to everybody who likes while classy I don’t there’s a reason we evolved from wild classic there’s a reason that’s the early point it’s very nice to look back and say look at the living Oh the grass was always greener than that kinda thing and it all wiper for herding back then a lot of people are signing that when they log onto wild class they don’t figure out just how bloody hard and how much about grind that game was that it isn’t this amazing wonderful thing it was the beginning point yes but there’s a reason Games evolve might not be a popular opinion Boyd’s mine oh I will say goodbye Jason for the Quebec column I really hope you all I’m in a good day I really do and that isn’t just a saying I say at the end of the video me smile if I knew you were smiling it would make me happy if I knew that you were good morning Matters doors it matters yay Oh bye-bye for now

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