Danica’s Boy and Dating Advice – A Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

This video is fairly personal to me, so view it if you wish, but it is for personal use. I have always found it hard to open up and allow myself to be vulnerable, however I have found myself doing just that recently.

It has been difficult. It has been confusing. It has been beyond painful.

After much contemplation, I have decided to upload this video as a form of cementing my progress, and for nothing other than that.

I filmed this video as a way of self expression, deciding to finally edit it today as I still wanted clarity. Although filming didn’t solve anything, it did allow me to communicate and articulate my own thoughts with myself. Although I didn’t cover all bases of concern, I found it almost therapeutic. The few hours I spent editing were occupying, getting my mind off of what has been bothering me. I needed to get things out and it needed to be in my time and in my method.

Although I’m still not sure what direction to take, I am happy with the experiences that have occurred, both positive and negative, beautiful and ugly. Over the past year and a half, both parties have grown and learnt, and for that, I am thankful.

– Danica xo

Music Credit:
Onoffonoff – Keshi
Your Shirt – Chelsea Cutler
Not Ok (Instrumental) – Kygo, Chelsea Cutler

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