Mike and Mo discuss dating for dummies

dating has never been easier.

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topic what’s up mr. moe hello hello is there anybody in here what’s up what’s up guys wow man I feel like I’m floating today you know one thing fucking nobody should be thinking or even doing what when you know I dating sucks man I’m telling your odd do dating dating I thought I’m going on some dates recently I was going dude Dave and this is it bro this is the secret I discovered the secret recently what is it you can’t fucking go on a date if you don’t want to do this shit that’s you need to fucking do like some restaurant need some fucking garbage food or raw I can’t stand those dates especially if you’re not in with two feet you know you guys know what I mean dude sometimes guys are like oh this is what I have to do to get laid I’m honest man I’ve been thinking about going on some dates recently bro and it’s like no I agree and it’s like dude you know who said it best can we have a friend can said it best he’s like you always want to bring in someone into your world if you’re a male especially I mean usually we’re different in nature you don’t want to go into the girl’s life and do the shit she likes to do what the fuck Disneyland you gotta put on some Mickey fucking ears to get laid Wow not to pay me to go back to that place roll I can’t do the Disneyland thing I’m sorry especially if it’s a couple thing I couldn’t do it let alone by itself but even if it’s a couple thing it’s like you gotta be kidding bro I can’t fall for this marketing bullshit happiest place on earth looks like the most miserable place on earth to me have you been there bro but all I remember is go in there everything’s fucking crazy expensive it is garbage I guess salad Shirazi fuckin dude it’s all cookies yeah well I’ve dollar 50 cent burgers that’s the happiest place for the moment then give it a few hours and you just wanted that picture at the front gate you just want the then Mickey picture weight fuckin what’s that big wow what are the characters are there Cinderella walking around of course it’s the happiest place on Donald Duck’s fucking walking and doesn’t that just raise their prices bro they fucking raise their prime people still all over the world go there it’s cool man nothing wrong with it but it’s like whoa dude I can’t do that shit if you’re one of those dudes who’s like I can’t even remember the last time I was there bro if you have the dandelion in you he don’t even sided to do these honest guys like look I’m lazy like I just want to work hard to get laid it’s like wow rather just have a setup at my house just take it there that’s it imagine having to go on some day and like fuck oh shit you don’t want to do guys have to deal with this all the time what my advice is like dude don’t do anything you don’t want to do it’s not worth it and the girl can special don’t know it like you said earlier brother especially if you don’t have two feet in it like if you’re just in it to fall that’s the worst reason to like be going on a stage the worst it has to be like more than that dude you don’t just go on a date you want to fuck it’s like I think that’s wrong bro you’re wasting both of your time unless you absolutely want to do it in the girls fun and it’s like if it’s all just work it’s like bro that’s too much that’s too much it’s better to do well yeah what this guy was saying ken was saying you want to bring in the girl into your life show her your life don’t go doing what the fuck she wants to do if you don’t want to do it if you don’t want to go fucking you don’t wanna go to fucking to fucking Yogurtland you don’t want to get boba don’t fucking the sushi is killing people one of those guys pulling out your credit card going into debt just to fucking get laid – let me tell you something bro it ain’t worth it I can’t wrap my mind around having to drive and just like pick up a chick like wow that’s so that’s too much dude it’s too much I don’t want to do that I’d rather just never come to me we could hang out do whatever the fuck I want to do know it sounds sounds really selfish bro but a girl like you more – if you’d like show her a new adventure something new that she didn’t get out of it then people are like Auto harvest you don’t want to know about their own life and go do more of that shit so get Froyo like that’s just one example what does it goes on do them all like wow that’s a bad place to go first me without money be careful of the mall the mall the fucking garden grows the little Americana’s around the fucking state oh well that unless you after the here dude unless you’re absolutely believe in everything that you see the problem is you know why dating sucks for a lot of people as people ain’t on it they’ll just bullshit Museum know what else people do on dates let’s go to the movies it’s okay you fucking kidding I mean this is a good movie dude really it would be a really good fucking juvie otherwise if you don’t want to go to that movie you’re gonna suck it up dumbass one time I remember watching these multiple times I’d go with different girls different movies like Pirates of the Caribbean I remember watching it twice one with this one chick in the same night no not the same night and then like months later I watched it again I not months later but recently I must have been recent because it was at the theaters both times I had to pretend like I didn’t know that’s think about what I had to go to Bryce to watch a movie twice I get late like what you think that’s like wow that’s a steal that’s a good that’s a bonus no I’m wrong that’s too much work dude as you get older you realize it’s like wow I’m doing this I’m about to go do this right now I’m about to go to this restaurant I don’t want to go to spend a shitload of money that I don’t want to spend it’s not even about the money really honestly talking about the money that’s a whole nother problem if you don’t have money but if you don’t want to do it and you’re forced to oh the ones in relationships bro oh god if your honor subscription ship to $299 premium – that’s at basic 299 unless you’re all-in and you’re making money you gotta be insane I’m sorry unless you have the money though dude there’s nothing wrong with that you’re married you love the trick you’ve been with her for a long time that’s different I’m not dating it’s different but just don’t be that person that I used to be I’ll never do that again or like you’ll do shit that you don’t want to really do this is dating it’s different dating is like dating like you decide yeah it’s like seeing that we’re trying each other out it’s on we’re on trial this is free trial those are the worst words I’m seeing him over dating we’re seeing each other what are those things of man wants to hear bro so what are we oh would you say like we’re here I guess was Fred what do that’s a trick question just know guys that’s a lose-lose question whatever you answers I’ll fucking loss what do you say I guess we’re a couple I’m sure you don’t mean it at the time or you’re just trying to get laid again or the sex must have been amazing for you to say that or yeah that’s probably what it was actually Roy if it was you know a good thing to tell someone to ask what I we’re friends with benefits I’ll check that Wow you think I’m some whore fuck dude no which is friends though right right we’re just good friends yeah okay is that okay Jesus fuck the benefits part to us what throws it off it’s friends with benefits that sounds like some catch the fucking pro there’s no catch which is really good friends really good and that’s why it’s not worth it to go do shit you don’t want to do because it’s not gonna work out anyway half the time because it’s not gonna work out if you do issue that you don’t want to do to satisfy and it’s all the time I’ll talk about a one time thing you go somewhere you don’t want to go to okay there’s an exception but if it’s on the daily like I don’t want to do this the relationship is gonna die my friend cuz it’s like I’m gonna be honest with ya fuckin do this shit like you go do on your own I don’t want look that’s a waste of time I don’t want to go to the mall with you I don’t want to fucking watch this movie I rather fucking streaming on like the Internet illegally I definitely rather Netflix and chill bro that’s true Netflix would show or movies just convenience bro it’s the whole the whole thing you want to imagine it at least what I want to imagine my relationship to be it’s like a lamp you rode the lap comes a guide to your fucking wish and then you press the the laughs you rub it again and the genie goes back in just disappears I can’t that’s funny people know that’s like that’s every guy’s dream you’re telling me if there was a button someone can present and make his wife or spouse or girlfriend disapprove I’m relationships that’s like everyone I wouldn’t say everyone not everyone on the complete I’m saying the one on you what are the signs see the ones that were in it that have been if like the five years ones the five years or that’s the thing I’m saying there’s some that make it but the ones who make it theirs brutally honest and they’re just not gonna do shit I don’t want to do that they’re constantly happy it’s as if the other person like it’s totally cool with their life and they’re not a hindrance in any way I feel like sometimes people are hindrance dude you see you know I’m talking about guys who becomes completely different around their girls yeah all right oh the cat is just the cat likes his combo what do you think is that true but yeah it’s kind of sad I can’t believe I had to go through that bro I guess it’s good like a good lesson but like I would I couldn’t do it again again you have to sacrifice sometimes in do sure you don’t want to do but like it can’t be like an everyday thing yeah and dating dude if the girl is not down and do like you’re like I don’t wanna do this it’s like if you don’t do anything about it it’s over oh it’s over it’s gonna self-destruct if the girl is not cool with you doing whatever the fuck you want to do and it worth it that’s what I how I look at it if you want to go and say look we’re gonna go watch the UFC fight I don’t want to do that all right I’m out look babe I’m gonna break up with you all right cool I’d rather go watch the fight then put up with someone blocking me from doing what I want to do all you want to go from come in Oh God oh you know you know the biggest thing girls hey babe I’m going out with the guys I’m going out with the guys Wow tell me who were you guys gonna be what club I know what guys go do what are you guys gonna go do go dance with each other it’s like wow babe here we go no more hindrance in my life oh that’s yeah what do you guys think man do you think it’s crazy like do you guys would you guys go on a date if you absolutely hated it or you didn’t feel it I feel like a lot of you to feel that way bro you’re not feeling it but they’re like they see the vision of the sex and how it’s gonna be with the chick they think that’s the yeah surprise possession they think that’s what dude what if that’s what it’s about then it’s over and then what and then after you get that on that first date bro laughs yeah it’s never worth it bro just be two feet in like literally be fool in if you’ve got if you commit you gotta be completed wow that’s what the guy talks about Cardone are you for trying to get committed when they have so many other commitments it’s like oh god you have to be straight-up committed and good luck good luck

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