DATING ADVICE: How To Keep a Guy Interested/ Chase You

This Video is about how to keep a guy interested in you/Chase you in the dating or talking phase.

Disclaimer: Not all of my tips and Tricks will help you get the guy that you’re interested because everyone is different but definitely take these tips into account for when you’re dating someone.

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[Applause] [Music] again hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel finding queendom I’m your girl kaiju Ruth with the truth and I’m back with another video guys and if you’re not getting moved here to my channel I suggest that you guys subscribe and hit that notification bill so you know what episode and also press that big fat thumbs up button so guys I just concede by the title I am doing how to keep a guy interested in me and how to keep him chasing you I mean I feel like as a woman you know we all go through this we all want to figure out oh my god does he like me is he interested in me whatever have you I’m here to tell you certain tests interests that I presently use for myself my friends may have used you know what I’ve observed that women do so I’m here to help y’all out you know we’re here to help each other this is what finding queendom is for so if you guys are interested and what I have to say and my tips and tricks please stay – so there’s infirmity to the video I have me a crown I have a crown I purchase the crown cuz I just thought it would be so you know it’s so appropriate for my channel you know this is fine and clean them so you know I’m finding queendom we’re all fine and clean them if you’re a girl if your thigh you might be fine in Kingdom you know finding Queen knows is self-love but that is another video if you guys are ready let’s get into the video so guys I have my little booklet here of how to keep that eye interested now it’s number one number one the main 19 the main but what is important is that you must look good and smell good tea but I’m interested in you I can’t stress that enough guys like to look at something that is beautiful you know someone that keeps up with themselves someone that looks good I already said that but somebody that takes care of themselves you know put on their makeup and you don’t always have to put on your makeup like if you don’t wear makeup natural beauties is good too but me I put on my makeup smell good have good hygiene you guys there’s nothing important then having very good hygiene and you know putting on your deodorant putting on your perfume you know perfume certain perfumes how like this sit that brings out your your what’s that called your is it progesterone but yeah I’ll whip it up but certain things certain Springs out like certain things out your body that make you smell really good so um you know smell good feel good be beautiful look beautiful guys really enjoy looking at a beautiful woman and they can tell when you put in that time and effort into yourself so definitely pamper yourself get your nails done get your hair done get everything’s done number two um you know when you’re dating somebody a guy be interested in them but not too interested there’s a lot of girls that will end up chasing the guy and scaring him away well that’s not even your job to do it’s his job to chase you so if he’s chasing you it’s important to show him that you’re interested you know enough so if he calls you don’t always play hard-to-get be like um you know that sounds good let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you you know it sounds like you’re interested without saying too much you know because some girls just need to tone it down a couple notches but you know it’s okay to be interested but not too interested it’s a guy’s job to chase you not who to chase him don’t be called him of saying hey you wanna go out today tonight unless you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend yeah but don’t if you’re the dating phases don’t be calling him up hey you know you’re the boss tonight because a she’s a mix might do to pay be he’s gonna think like you like him a lot a lot and you don’t have no other guy to like entertain well he’s gonna start his eagles gonna start taking it off so don’t do that so don’t be back please I’m here to help can’t help you number three have morals and values I cannot stress that enough have morals and values grow because if you don’t have any morals and values guys are gonna walk all over you and I would really hate so have morals and values like you know if you believe in something state your opinion don’t be afraid to say how you feel don’t be afraid to show that you come from a good upbringing and you know certain codes of conduct you know just show him that you’re a classy woman you came from a good family you know what’s up with the world you know you have an opinion about yourself and how you want to be treated I think that is so important to show a man because if you don’t show a man anything they’re gonna think like you don’t care about yourself you don’t have great self-esteem you know you are very desperate for a man or you’ll just let anybody talk to you and shoot you any kind of way and that is no good so guys tend to respect women who a real man sorry a romance it tends to respect a woman who has good you know morals and values and standards you know she went to school she has an education you know or she’s ambitious she’s got a good job like another everybody else go to school but you know she’s ambitious she’s got a good job has a good head on her shoulders you know she’s not out there partying every single weekend spending all her money on nonsense guys don’t like that so if you know if you want to keep a guy interested stay busy be about your money be about yourself and how good standards and moms number four now we all know this I hope you all know this um wait to give obey the prompting I read a book not too long ago a couple years ago I think we all maybe read this book seeing this book heard about this book it’s my steve harvey act like a lady think like a man yes that book says to wait at least at least 90 days to give away the pope and although that may sound absurd and it might be to some people but it’s not when you wait to give up the poem poem to a man it not only gives him a chance to get to know you and but it also gives him a chance to learn to respect you and not see you as just a one you know one thing only type of thing you know only you know while he’s waiting on that moment he’s going to start learning about you he’s gonna see what kind of personality you have he’s he’s gonna work harder for you he’s gonna like take you out on dates more he’s gonna spend more money on you and and and then that time span he might even ask you to be his girlfriend if that’s what you want but you know you know it’s just gonna drive him insane because he’s gonna be like oh my god she’s not giving it to me like am i doing something wrong like do I not have any game like what’s up with me that’s how that I think sometimes because they think that they can just get whatever they want when they want how they want it especially the guys that think they have it like that don’t don’t even think about it don’t give them what they want do you whatever you want to do at the end of the day if you want to wait excellent if you want to give it up and the day a week whatever that is on you as on you just know what kind of guy you are talking to be the guy who has who’s classy and won’t play you then that’s that you might be in good water is here number five don’t be a yes woman no man likes that no man likes a woman who’s always saying yes yes yes no I mean have your own opinion that ties in but number three I think have your own opinion you know don’t always be yes woman like if you want to do nothing if you don’t want to do something then say no you know like that’s just important just say no when you want to say no say yes when you want to say yes it’s okay to say how you feel say hi to people again say how you feel that that is what I was trying to get at don’t be Maggie let’s say how you feel let a man know that Sean you are not playing like if you are always I don’t know saying yes or whatever the case may be they’re just not gonna take you serious and I don’t take your feelings serious they’re not gonna take your feelings into consideration when you feel something say it and let it be they don’t get it if they don’t care then then obviously any for you and they’ll see it eventually when you start ignoring their text messages and their phone calls then they’re going to get the pig then they’re gonna break oh man I messed up yes you did you really messed up okay you messed up and you’re making my crown fall so you really messed up six let a man be a man and what I mean by that I was saying earlier like let a man actually well let a man hold the door for you let a man initiate things that a man should be doing because that makes him feel good that’s his ego you know don’t emasculate him is it you mask him emasculate don’t emasculate him because then he’s gonna be like oh well since she got it then I don’t need to do nothing for her like don’t be too much of an independent woman because although this day and age us woman we’re learning to get our own money we’re learning to do things for ourselves because a lot of men out here are not proving that they’re worthy of our time so we got to do things for ourselves now so which is understandable but if you find a man or a guy that you’re interested in and he seems like you know he’s really into you let him do things for you that you normally would do for yourself but a man should do for you so don’t don’t don’t knock him out let him come in let him fix your lightbulbs let him pay for your meal let him drive you to work let him bring you flowers I’m hold the door let him be a man and that is facts facts on sex artifacts and the last one oh my god the last one is really important because I think that women forget this we forget this so I’m watching somebody a lot we forget to do this and this is number seven keep dating other men yes I said it keep dating other men and why is because guys can sense when they’re the only person in the picture and how they can sense that is that you’re giving them all your attention but if you’re dating other men they’ll probably think old you know she she is a hot commodity she is a hot commodity other shoes and I gotta get that I gotta get that so they’re gonna mid like to compete and they like to go above and beyond they know another man is in the picture and then especially if they know that they’re not officially yours yes they want to get your attention they won’t be on that number one spot they want to make sure that they are doing what they’re supposed to be doing so there’s no time to act up so they know that you’re dating other people women I suggest you say you know I’m dating other men so and you got it like that you know that that would definitely but I would definitely kill a guy Zico maybe don’t say that but you know what I can know that you know you’re dating other people simple as that and you could take it how he wants to take it so that’s on him what he wants to do with that information if he wants to work harder for you that’s the goal if he wants to back down then he’s insecure you don’t need him anyway guys that was all my tips and tricks on how to keep a guy interested I really hope you guys enjoyed my little rants and my little tips and my little tricks if you guys want to see how to keep a girl interested for my guys then comment down below and if I also miss something you girls tell me if I miss something put that in the comments down below I would love to hear you guys and you know input on this video and I hope you guys enjoyed I’ll see you guys in the next video bye II [Music]


    Aaron Brody

    (11/10/2019 - 9:02 pm)

    Keep working hard

    Rosaleen Dominica

    (11/10/2019 - 9:03 pm)

    Irving Londyn

    (11/10/2019 - 9:04 pm)

    If you guys have any more tips and tricks don’t be afraid to comment down below! 🙂

    Madonna Tatum

    (11/10/2019 - 9:04 pm)

    I love your background! I love the crown!

    Rosaleen Chris

    (11/10/2019 - 9:05 pm)


    Madonna Harding

    (11/10/2019 - 9:05 pm)

    challenge him intellectually (how does he see life)

    Napier Cyrilla

    (11/10/2019 - 9:06 pm)

    Great advice!!

    Mimi Edmund

    (11/10/2019 - 9:06 pm)

    Love the intro

    Irving Harding

    (11/10/2019 - 9:07 pm)

    Yasss , love the crown

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