Dating Advice & Love Tarot Reading to find the one

Macy Harjot Matarazzo aka Rev Lunchlady – Love Coach, Speaker, Kundalini Yogi, Spiritual Teacher – Helping the smart, single, spiritually conscious women who want REAL lasting love have the healing, tools and strategy to get there without sacrificing who they are. After working with Macy women have the experience of living in full confidence where they can speak & be who they are, appreciating their true beauty, quirks & all, making it inevitable that the perfect love shows up. Macy brings her clients a magical combination of relationship science, emotional healing Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM) transformational process, Kundalini yoga & her signature LoveMuffin program to help women who want to feel more connection, self-love, joy & purpose have it. She has been using these tools for over 25 years and found a powerful yet FUN way for women to attract extraordinary LOVE in their lives.

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