The old me would’ve been like aw man why I gotta go through this, why me, why you gotta do me like this God, is there even a god… misery misery misery blame blame blame hurt hurt heal hurt heal hurt crash

But!! I’m much older now, much more wise and I understand the tragedies I once went through were meaningful and constructive to my existence.. and if it’s educational and personal enough for the next person to hear my message, then I will be happy to share.. because I truthfully care and I do hope that whoever you are – you are loving yourself unconditionally and learning how to. This is the only superpower you have, so take care of it.. you are so precious, don’t forget it.

Everything in your life serves a purpose, if you can stay neutral then you will have the most clarity.. It’s when you hold onto biases that it takes longer to figure out and reverse engineer.. So by being neutral, we already let go of all potential biases and we just let be. How peaceful is that, to allow and accept.. and just be.

And if you’re trippin about why this other person can’t love you back then you need to wake up and smell the coffee. I wish this is the shit someone told me 10 years ago, this raw shit here. You do not need to stay fixated on whys and why nots about why you can’t be loved back by this person or even your parents.

No one is obligated to love you. No one is obligated to feed you that nutritional love. Because that is your job. To nourish your own existence with your own sense and security in love and care and comfort.

I’m sorry but that is the world we live in. You must learn to love yourself, and define what love means to you first of all.

This gets me so rattled up but this is the essence of life and existence here on Earth. Love comes with a price. Love is a sport, love is this mission. Love is this lesson.

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