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Hey dollz it’s twin kashh slatt and you already know how I’m finna get. Lit.perioddtttt today’s video is about the secrets, keys and tips to dating hope y’all enjoy

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Hey okay so jobs up it in here okay so today videos about dating I’ll give y’all keys to secrets on the inside of the dating life but before I do that my bad about my videos how they come out I’ve been real lazy lately got a little discouraged but you know I’m getting back on my stuff you know so let’s get into this Betty yo alright now so yeah so first of all before you even think about dating somebody cuz that’s that’s where people go wrong they think okay I’m getting a relationship I’m a notice person before you get in a relationship with anybody okay get to know them okay really get to know this person because when you get to know somebody you start to see what you really want okay and you know what your worth is if that person doesn’t meet up to your expectations then there’s no honey even gain your relationship so my thing is started out as friends cuz it’s all just Americans to us they start out as friends okay get to know that person like real real good and then you know if y’all still kickin is the talking still having you know bomb conversations and y’all really enjoy each other’s company then that’s when y’all can decide rather or not sure I’m gonna be in a relationship me on the other hand yes I am single okay but yeah I am single okay but the experiences that I’ve had through relationships they’ve all taught me some even friendships we guys taught me some in it also you know showed me like dang I know what my worth is and obviously you do not match nothin wait I’m coming up with okay none of these little bars I got right here from loyalty respect honesty trust friendship on it like out of all of these right maybe what you don’t even line it to none of them okay consistency is key in your relationship okay I need let me say y’all about one of my bad experiences in a relationship okay there was this dude who I was dating my junior year okay and at the time you know I thought I don’t know what Dayton was but again you go through people to experience and you learn lessons along the way so with him I remember one day you know we was just having a normal conversation and then the normal conversation turns to an argument he has be nervous he has the nerve yard tell me that he wants a girl best friend okay and I was like wait a minute did you just tell me you want a girl best friend now that’s the wrong let me say I fellas that’s the wrong thing for you to say to your girlfriend cuz she’s supposed to be your best friend that’s why I said at the beginning get to know somebody like the back of your hand okay so print word it’s like you don’t need a buddy else to be in our relationship basically so you know you tell me you want a girl best friend I thought I asked him I said why you want to grow best friend for it yeah it is nigga mmm-hmm had the nerve to see here a say because I want somebody to talk to about our problems you want somebody besides me a whole different female 1 1 Wow and knit little bit a off the school I was going through the peanuts over there I’ll kind of be myself at areas just me okay just messy wine to some bitches they too tight where if a nigga and that show dude I’ll come say ideas in that she’ll do does she know that she’ll do it and everything she seen you around him all the time and he comes turns just you know try to have a conversation where she gonna try her ways she gonna try everything to make you mad and jealous am i interrupting something nothing with me is I imma set him straight right then and there and if you can’t handle me or my attitude or my my truthful words you can get to got me an okay that slut cuz I don’t need you my life no I don’t but like I was saying so he say you know basically you say he wanted a girl best friend to tell her about our relationship problems our word me and yeah this is not a threesome no this is me and yo don’t look a leepu okay like nigga no why do you want a girl best friend to me that makes me mad to hear that you want a girl best friend now it’s totally different if you known shadi for like let’s say 80 years like y’all known each other since I was kids y’all never tried none of that foo-foo junk with each other you feel me okay that’s totally different I don’t care if you known her for a long time you can have her that’s cool but it’s like when we had a school where females are ready like that drama they like that messiness in a relationship and they like messing stuff up between people who are happy that’s that’s the one thing I’m saying yeah that’s how they was at this school so you won’t try to choose one of these females here I don’t know I cussed the mountain say I cut this little boy out cuz I was like why do you want a girl best friend really to tell her about it I said that would be messed up if Ida said that same thing you would probably custom er you would have got on my case that you know it’s si my old so you think you need another nigger make it first of all and that’s why I understand this is like a what’s that word in your second I know what I’m trying to say double standards type of thing even it relationships and double standards tend to happen for some reason cuz it’s okay for a dude to cheat he to me the killer the game okay but if a female cheat no nothing boy it works both ways you want to cheat on me imma cheat on you but I’m not gonna cheat on you with another nigga okay you know imma do imma cheat on you with loving myself respecting myself learning my work okay that’s how I’m a cheat on you and I’m a glow up oh baby boy little do you know you thinking I’m cheating on you with a whole different do but what I’m doing is blowing up learning my levels to growing spiritually emotionally physically oh boy physically when it really starts to show physically by oh and so you know you in trouble on a girl physically glow up for you and mentally and emotionally and spiritually glow for you you really miss that shame he has a cheat on you now there are some girls who do be doing on that cheat and John and then they still get back with a nigga who they then cheated on he done cheated on her and it to me like honestly soon that’s done it all made no sense why are you still with this person like it’s toxic that’s just toxic I cannot be in to see myself in a retard see relationships like if you cheat on me we’re done don’t call me don’t text me don’t try to see her apologize me is fuck you and your life I hope you do you know getting a life but you’re not gonna be around me if you’re gonna be toxic like that if you have to cheat on me obviously I did something wrong in a relationship but still okay then that means we’re not meant to be together I’m aggro on my own I’m gonna let you grow on your own you know I prayed it you know good things come your way many blessings come your way you mature over the years maybe yours later we can try this again or even try being friends but um no I’m not gonna stay in a toxic relationship baby that’s not but there are peanuts out there that do do toxic relationships and that’s not me so are not staying back the story I custom out basically you know I went in I was just like you I’m your best friend and everything I’m your world like how you gonna sit here and try to go to another female and to her about our issues like that’s just messed up how you said that I feel disrespected and everything she doesn’t deserve you I think kind of was like dang oh you got a attitude over there you know get on his head but my point what that is dudes for you to say some disrespectful gent like that to a female who gave you her love her all her everything even me and she’s might you know some people are the type like me I’m angling command me okay I’m an act like your sister I’m act like your best friend I’m act like your wifey I’m act like everything cuz that’s what the whole package of me and you in this relationship is going to be you gonna have to learn to deal with those type of traits that I’m gonna bring to this relationship all right the same thing with you i’ma have to learn that but that’s what takes me back to square one that’s why you get to know somebody through a friendship you feel me and then you know let’s just say y’all y’all real cool friends and y’all don’t even look at each other in a relationship wise no more that’s totally fine you gonna mean but it’s gonna come to a day no cow it’s gonna come to that day the heat gets in a relationship using a relationship you know y’all thinking that y’all got like our relationship and then BOOM you realize what this do or what this mean I may have sorry I’m sweating a little bit um what you realizing that this dude guy or where he’s realizing this but this girl guy is not exactly what guys friends have you can meet y’all like each other’s burn it’s gonna come today where you borrowing somebody’s so good right and you just love everything about that person and you don’t see yourself or nobody else but this person that happens i’ma tell you that it happened you’re gonna have sometimes you won’t have a dude that you really really really close my breath I don’t care if you say I can’t date my friends if you call him brother or best friend that’s with me if I’m calling you my brother or if I call you best friend you don’t got a chance with me if I call you friend you might have a chance for me that’s it like I say you just me that’s my expectation but that’s why I’m trying to tell y’all through every relationship that you put yourself and you’re gonna learn something new about a person even if it’s a friendship wise you learn something new about a person and it like kind of levels you up to the amount of respect you want out of a dude when you really get shows up it’s a relationship so with that being said where’s everything Oh become friends okay really gets to know each other if y’all do in that barn is so good that y’all want to be in a relationship go for it I love it I love seeing happy people I love seeing healthy couples you know that’s what we need more in this world we got too many toxic relationships there everybody know some social media is okay with that’s not cute stop motivating your friends to go back with it like oh my god when I tell you I’ve seen on my Instagram all the time and it’s certain girls man said nigga I’m you know I’m single bubble blah next thing you know the next day y’all notice my man no matter where my baby daddy died and I thought I can’t ever get over him girls that and that’s why I don’t say none of you because I’m like it’s none of my business but if that’s your friend you should be like baby girl you are worth way more and that boy is not worth your time okay stop getting in and out of relationships with him because it’s not gonna work even if y’all got a baby a baby together oh let me not get on that subject with people who anyways get to know this person really good you tell me if y’all do end up in a relationship I am very happy for you all I want to see a smile on people’s faces a lot of healthy relationships man like oh man back in the day even if they was telling you through a song they made me feel like oh you know you respect me and my boundaries all right hang on I’m being back in the day though like we got a little boys my days okay little boys and I to grow man baguette eBay is growing it oh and just like oh yeah I was so firm I can’t shop make low it why can’t you make them like that no more but it’s okay again along the ways I mean II relationship that you may be in even if it’s you know you day in the female it’s a vice-versa type of thing basically you know y’all both have to learn to put your pride and ego to the side and talk to each other if I make you mad tell me I made you mad tell me what meant you’re not been to me I like him make it a scone tell me how he feels straight up let me know baby boy let me know if I made you mad or not now no I made you mad I’m gonna keep it a honey I know I made you mad but I want to hear from you that I made you mad and same thing with me and then on top of that okay if you’re female tells you how she feels she expressed her opinion her feelings to you or if your nigga tells you how he feels and express his feelings to you and you take it in a joking matter that’s what you really miss that I’m gonna say I’m another thing about being a relationship that I’m not in and I’m expressing how I feel to you please do not take it as a joke okay that’s what I think you cannot do it’s taking me as a joke when I’m expressing my feelings do not do not I promise you I promise you do not take me as a joke cuz that’s red flag number one already I’m gonna tell you that in there that’s that’s a red flag right there if he does not take you serious when you are expressing how you feel to him baby girl it’s not worse than moving on didn’t uh baby boy she’s not taking us that’s obvious that she does not care about your feelings okay yeah you have your mama’s and joking around or whatever it but still it is not me expressing my feelings for you to take it as a joke this is me telling you how I feel or how you made me feel work together work as a team you guys okay like I said I need to see more healthy relationships on my social media I might one day end up deleting my social media restart like start all over make a whole new page you feel me because it’s just like a lot and I’ve done unfollow people I follow a lot of people you for me a lot of negative people I don’t have as much negative people down my line no whore down my time line of work I just see you know a lot of positive quotes and all that stuff but it’s still like relationship wise people who actually did follow me back and I followed them back it’s like I follow you unfollow you if you keep talking about your baby daddy and saying that yeah I don’t like that old it off jump oh let me say our one more thing for them and this is for the ladies and dudes too if you began to know somebody right and they done been through a tough rough relationship in the past okay I’m gonna say ideas down don’t rush that person to tell you how they feel okay it takes a person that’s been hurt so badly to actually open up and want to talk about their feelings and I learned that along the way of meeting people okay but a particular person you know he’s actually taught me something even you can’t rush for somebody to tell you how they feel okay I’m gonna tell you that now be patient that’s another thing with a relationship you gotta have patience that’s another key be patient it’s gonna take that person a long time to really heal and then want to be able to open up to you so if you’re cool with this person and you know you really like this person and it’s like you see yourself in a relationship with this person but this person is like no I I’m not doing relationships right now because of an experience that I had don’t get mad don’t get mad okay because it comes with time be their supporters be by their side no matter what and also to give them space sometimes because it’s like it’s hard for them to really want something from somebody when they’re constantly reminded all the time about their past experience okay so be a supporter be a team player have patience communication is key and tell your significant other that you love them okay don’t play when it comes to somebody motions because little do you know that’s mentally hurting them that’s gonna make them mentally leave you before they physically leave you so let that be a stay and it’s hot out here I’m gonna take my booty back in there and edit this video please like comment subscribe tell me how y’all feel about my advice okay oh and I love y’all thank you swing cache gang or no gang you already know how it is



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