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This video is for all people of all different gender or proper noun who just feel like they don’t have the courage to come out and say what they want to say to a person for girls it’s for boys and it’s for transgenders or whatever word that’s not going to get me demonetized to say hi guys you know if you had any trouble with the video mom and if it gets too modified

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but things like um I don’t know you guys are just means man anyways man someone I want to she gotta wait a little while too bad delay also she got so mad throw I had to break up with her the day before I was gonna smile like she got so mad at me she called my phone be like Wayne Wayne come over my handler night this is how far it is so I don’t know how these TV shows be hatin on the broader likes we bad like just because V I’ve shoot up so yeah ass say something else about a week on the ballot Miami is one of the greatest cities and America Orlando amusement parks everywhere hotel nice hotels white people not racist white people we’re the most first eight we’re the most beautiful you wanna know why we call it the Sunshine State you always got a smile on my face gonna be love this baby we love this thing so much that’s mentioning all your TV shows and just because you mention it doesn’t mean people are still not gonna come and I’ve hated that show on big mouth like that episode of make my where I went to slaughter and use kissing is telling me like anything goes floor look like I’m taking news like five years oh five years old on the cheek we don’t do all that right here we don’t good out of here now we have sex at a young age and I’m pretty sure that happens like everywhere people get pregnant at 16 everywhere we’re not all the time but like everywhere he got right are you just a freak are you just like I’m not gay I didn’t do it you didn’t see that you didn’t see that that happened and if you fast forward to see it again you fucking fag so now they’re being gay is a bad thing this not gay back don’t move on don’t press don’t double tap and make you say teen to make you go back when I did I meant to say no let’s do this because a girl because a woman a young woman or a regular woman he doesn’t like you is not the end of the world cuz you know you know what they say if you can’t get her you got her inner flame all right guys this is all the time I have I will see you next time in another vid can’t wait to post this and I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow so and go check out Nicole baby that she was sick with the little box that I stay out they take it over um so that’s all the time I have I love you guys and if you had need any more advice about dating that I didn’t get to in this video or the last one you see me up and uh IP at my tea please and don’t forget to Like share subscribe and leave a comment down below all right for real dough nice

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