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This video is for all people of all different gender or proper noun who just feel like they don’t have the courage to come out and say what they want to say to a person for girls it’s for boys and it’s for transgenders or whatever word that’s not going to get me demonetized to say hi guys you know if you had any trouble with the video mom and if it gets too modified

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yo yo just broke yo you already know who it is if you can already tell bottom face or is something different it’s Dedham not a fresh cut yeah I think that’s our fresh clay yeah that’s really yeah I think that’s a fresh cut might be a new person you’ll never know but probably took over his channel you know but still Kevin Harvick is here what’s up BP game Cameron Hobart is here to teach you how to spit that game okay so I’m just gonna teach you how to spit game to the little girl you like age appropriate age appropriate we mean training no pedophiles around here so no I’m rocking that can’t be having me in the comments s it’d be like oh grown man pick me up close your video knob okay so it’s super simple for the girls like if you want to pick up a boy that you like or not girls she has the easiest part of being in a relationship if you don’t include childbirth and the break-up but like come on guys have to go through all the pressure we’re asking you now and there’s like not a few like is few women in the world that actually s they actually are courageous enough to ask guys out and that’s what I’m trying like I need time right Jase cuz it’s already few probably one girl I’m looking at particular but I want her to like I was like Jason callate rejection is hard and girls if you get rejected you go you know butterfat always already said I gotta take a shirt off but don’t take my shirt off for the girls show girls pretty much heavy all set when it comes to like ask another boy but it for those girls do that do want to be courageous but don’t know how to say what they’re gonna say it’s super simple see it’s super simple for the girls with their thickness just the thickness oh it’s just so many girls at my school they’re so thick I just want to like candidate you don’t pick one gonna pick one so bunch of girls at school that like you know abs on fleek muscles in style you know a bunch of stuff but you gotta pick one you can’t come off just like a victory you gotta pick me so put on whatever for the girl said do you want to be courageous it’s not big if you think don’t get some spending but try to do your best to shake your butt that’s what the girls that do like like me like but I won’t lock be picking up on the signals you gotta come and ask me directly I’m a very direct person if you don’t tell me something come to tell me don’t tell your friends first establish this with me you won’t like me then you get some my friend for you look my if you would like if you like me and then you get some advice from your friends they tell them to do all this confusing stuff done today no dude it is simple I’m gonna tell you girls that probably go to my school that probably part subscribe to my channel because you like me I gotta do is come up there and if I’m feeling it I’m feeling it if I’m digging your courage or if I’m not already in relationships Oh get back to you at the end of the day here’s one thing you can’t do boys tip tip number one you can’t give the girls you can’t get every girl that come back by you dad asks for your number your rule number you can’t do that you can today is this little day click what’s they leak your number or when you come here with your fingers in a leak your number or uh he become like what if they give you a number to your friend her ugly friends yeah how to call you anything you have to break our heart this is just a bunch of stuff that you don’t want to do I think on behalf of the men in uh society we make a lot of mistakes when it comes to being a voice chip first of all black men don’t cheat I like that black men don’t you and in four small day this is a bunch of stuff I want to tell you but I won’t have an opportunity and so like we make a lot of mistakes when it comes to uh be and I said I don’t think that men have the enough maturity at like maturity to know clay you have to have an experience like you have to you have to know filet girls like you can do stuff that make us want to leave you it’s not entirely our fault it’s not entirely our fault like you can be aggravating I mean we want to talk to you what we want to spend time but we don’t want to hear stuff like that we can’t relate to you right we don’t want to hear stuff all the time like just nagging and just you being complaining and that’s personally me and my material I’m gonna meet with Spacely you can’t be all of them all night I don’t have about number I’m an you can go to my contacts stamp stamp resistant that’s my business stay I’m a bad a tasty stay out my browsing history okay that’s my business you know you lying that’s a lie you don’t want to see gotta be first first of all girls if you want to ask out a boy or a girl who ever be courageously be craziest don’t come up division I’m gonna be like mmm I think your eye I like first first thing you need to do this goes for the boys in the girls tell them something you like about them tell them at least three things you like about that and then tell them why you think they would be a great puffle your hair would be a great couple or you him and him or she and she or proper noun proper noun proper noun whatever it doesn’t matter all you got to do is this is the easiest way I don’t think I don’t think so there’s three things that there’s three things that you know about her and if she only know three things about you or she don’t care to know those strange things but you got it you got it are you gonna do you got it you can’t give up but you gotta move on if she don’t care to learn those three things about you she don’t even care to on your name what we birthday is that’s what you gotta do list three things that you know about her there’s three things that you like about her list two reasons why you think that choice should be together or why y’all would be a great couple this is some of the things you got in common to pretty much all the right steps I would watch this video tomorrow cuz you know I my knees in heaven at dinner in two and I was giving out some great advice this video actually came because like I was in the bathroom sitting in bathroom and I like saying some real stuff bro and that’s the videos that don’t get no views the videos that I’m staying real stuff in and I’m I’m just trying to give you guys advice like the old man sir the old man to discuss for you if you really dig in a girl in and don’t just try to get her pants there’s just something you can’t yeah don’t wait I don’t wait you gotta wait you especially if you like 10 years old ok so she don’t want to it has to be consensual like the rich relationship has to because there too and plugs don’t make plans at the last minute we may hate that may hate it don’t make that plans at the last minute may be like oh this Avengers movie front to come out tomorrow you want to go she gonna have to drop everything she doing that day and go with you or just not go with you and then just make you feel bad well like if you’re gonna plan a date or something event or invite her to a birthday party let her know like a month six months in advance okay that’s one thing you can’t do and also you can’t have once you get the one that you think that’s gonna be the one lock all your contacts don’t delete them block all your contest cuz truly the one you think is the one and the movies they end up not being the one yes it’s fast but it’s not fast I’m not telling you to call them up and have a little sob dinner I’m just saying store them away and if that relationship don’t work you have a default and don’t make their women Latinos feel like a second choice you just wasn’t ready you just wasn’t ready like she got all that she got all that can’t handle that you had to get somebody with just this yeah your app so you went down a you don’t see so light don’t make her feel like it’s a choice and also treat women differently no don’t treat them differently but like you think of differently because every every character it’s a of a woman is different someone we could be Moody some women can be depressed some women can be going through something some women can just be happy because they happy to live and that used to be me I used to be a bear happy child I used to just you say happy now it takes a lot for me to happy like I don’t even laugh at white jokes no more like really really like lame jokes you know like the one your teacher tells in class try to get everybody pay attention you like pull your head judge on lathe it was lame and I didn’t mean laugh but like every woman is different you got it every merit is different – you got a UH gotta figure out what you’re gonna do with your brain like you gotta figure out if you’re gonna be with this person you’re gonna stay with this person two or more years and don’t just break up with her a week after you like the week after yesterday you just wasted her time if you did you just waste her time all right guys I have to go I believe you guys might have to you oh okay so it’s just real simple like those are the only steps you need to be late if you want to be great be great but if you wanted to be you just want to be the kind of person and if you don’t want like those steps don’t date this the only way you gonna get a girlfriend Oh did I tell you about the sexy top let me teach you boys how to do this s each other for all the girls that are probably watching this video probably not AIDS and this how you do system look her right in the eyes look at me woman tip your head just a little bit not today’s think what you hurting your neck just right there hey squint your eyes just just a little not like a lot just like look like you have a sneak but not have a seat my dad put you’re paying attention like your oh my eyes and then you just close your lips don’t even move your lips that much and then you just soften your voice just take it down take it down take it down they make it deeper make it real deep guaranteed pussy water facts are you girls with front of masturbate today yes you were yes you were but still it’s uh and YouTube if you don’t – type this video so it somewhat I’ll just keep posting and I’ll keep posting and I’ll keep posting cuz I love my fans I’m doing it for you guys and I’m doing it spread in the check whoo hey hey I let you spin in the check okay put that timer on my neck I like get in the bills I like the jizz on my heel hey I like the bumper car heels hey hey hey oh I got a star crap in the lake if this YouTube don’t think the work out I’m definitely starting rap rap rap rap like come and spit up or shut her up she’s found a method dirt under the couch but still yet is still like come on guys yeah and don’t let moral judgments will you down I sorta thought it was somebody don’t let one magician later on you it ain’t over get back out there maybe just a light six weeks to yourself and then like get over it that’s the distressed energy okay I won’t I need I understand if your widow just died I was together old life need to get out there get some D Widow get some D he did not gather I know I sound insensitive but I’m night girls you are late disgusting when you’re horny like he’ll it’s like your money but till the point like when you to honey like you’ve been hunting for so long and you haven’t come yet say its own dusting like the way good things

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