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two three yo yo yo what’s up gang y’all know we lay out someone’s back with another video today another one another one okay cool we got a really good topic for you guys today um I told y’all to send me some questions I always ask us to give you our advices about relationships and stuff and how we make stuff work and how we deal with I love life business life and just making everything so just flow so yeah mister we’re gonna be talking about so the first question y’all asked us how do they rate keep a relationship solid I’m gonna leave they talked about it I mean how do we keep it solid it’s all about trust communication understanding yeah okay he thinks he like it simple me I think a little bit more complex sometimes I like to break things down and to really analyze what I’m saying so I know y’all probably always thinking I’m ghetto too because I’d be acting foolish on he’ll talk about this today oh you first have to understand what a relationship is and what he did his homework I hope I did my homework understand talk about it okay next chapter understand what a relationship is and also what your relationship is built on understand this a relationship is the state of being connected not control a lot of people get that misconstrued they think that because I’m in a relationship now I own them and they mine and they ain’t going nowhere they ain’t doing that you guys stay here you got to be on to be holiday whatever I say go you mind but no it’s a state of being connected so it’s allowing this thing to flow it’s communal man I negative it’s connected together y’all a team together is y’all too and it’s not together not ready not Z but is it and ring o give me an offering neck simple side of it cable to the roof Shakti stop playing I love God the fur but friends instead of being connected so what I learned up that that was and also what is your relationship built on and you’ll find out a lot of you problems come from because you didn’t have a foundation because I really thought about that a lot of our problems stem from not standing for something if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything period you got to take a stand for what you believe in and build your relationship on a solid crime hi I didn’t know make my homework by my go along thank you boys okay how do you separate business from personal well honestly how do you separate business from personal because hold over there close his own no nothing toe how do you separate your business from your personal life with me I mean you just gotta know what is real and what is specialty like us since what we do is a lot of this public so you’re just kind of know what’s that and what’s behind the scenes you know what I mean you gotta be able to separate that ain’t gonna you got to know where this work it’s all about knowing where does work what is love or when it’s time to work so I’m gonna work on this time to love each other’s time each other I’m getting somewhere huh are you pretty suppose I even give them the real back they need a real advice it needs to be strong giving you the gun to get over basically what I think about how to separate business for personal everything that he said is right as well and remember you have an empire to build for yourself and get your petty feelings out of the way I learned this I separate business from personal first I have to remember that this is our Empire and if my feelings is not gonna allow our Empire to grow and enlarged value growth nobility dumped any feelings that really don’t matter you know then leave that over it up we’re working on this right now and when we get home we’re gonna deal with it that’s how separated question the next thing we want to talk about is a lot of people saying that they have tried love so many times but it seemed like it always filled or what’s the problem why can’t I find love like why can’t I find that person that’s for me I want a relationship like you guys like you you don’t want a relationship like goes to an array ship like what’s meant for you fact you know what I mean you want that ship that’s right for you this is right it’s like I’m me he’s him and us wouldn’t work with nobody else probably the way we float like you know we were right right you know right oh you need that energy to match you pretty much well so yeah and it won’t like don’t look for it like it will happen honestly like when it’s meant to be right really obvious to you when you actually expect it Thanks and personally I think that you don’t want a relationship like mine because people don’t even all over here and then we go through together like we have to overcome a lot of shit together it’s difficult being with somebody that’s on your level like y’all both attractive I ain’t trying to Flexer I mean in the most humble as possible like when you are both attractive it’s hard because you have so many people try to reach at their person oh yes hey everybody want that but get that for yourself don’t try that for other people got that exactly and I want to add today a lot of times you can’t change your relationships like a lot of times you can’t find love or you can’t find that person for you because you’re dealing with too many people like that’s true you texting too many people you talking to too many people that’s too many energies you can’t be linked to one thing exactly it’s like it’s 2-minute strings being pulled she look at the Bachelorette she didn’t meant 25 guys and she is you struggling and based on how she can’t find a was she last night and then showing us the next week’s Jesus like what did you expect you got to give attention to one person like you got a dedication especially want to be happy if you want to truly I’d like find words for you you’re gonna give it time you cannot be all over the place right that’s right so what you saying is you got to be consistent you got to be consistent at talking to one person successful and being with one person learning them learning they likes and dislikes how can it grow with them how can we take this thing to the next level and that’s what we’re about I know you know I’m saying like we all about taking it to the next level and all about growing and working on our relationship with each other and just really thriving and being the best we could ever be together I mean Holly’s the relationship is not easy always gonna fuck up that was gonna be stuff that’s good and it’s about working through that as far as the strengths of the relationship Riley deal with them them times them off times you know the problems and how you just I’m trying to find the word and friend French is so multi I don’t know what it is in English somebody asked me a question like my dual was cheating blah blah blah but he said he loved me but it’s hard for him to overcome overcome all right but it’s hard for him to overcome and break these cycles that he going through talking to people so he saying something to a deal dude or what I was offering to do to just focus on him and Beto him to that person will ask me a question I personally want to tell you that exes is everything you need if a person is saying that I’m a beat up for you and I love you and I’m gonna treat you right and I’m gonna take care of you and we gonna grow together and we’re gonna have back to each other but the actions don’t line up with what their words are saying so there’s all these words let it go don’t don’t allow them to just see we talk anything there’s anything you know who you are you know what you were you know you are somebody you are a product of our Creator like you the shit I just want to let you know that and don’t let no do don’t come here deal or whatever you got going on don’t let them play on your top like that free right at the same time if the person is just not ready you know what I mean it’s gonna end you truly care about that person who’s gonna give them their time you know to get comfortable with the situation oh yeah that too and also I’m agree with him again i’ma disagree see this is a relationship we agree to disagree I kind of disagree with it in a sense because if they tell you they won’t you and they actions not lining up what they say yeah you need to cut them off period you do but I mean we’re talking about DL do to me he’s not comfortable with himself yeah oh I was just trying to like okay all right maybe he’s not comfortable with himself let’s just say maybe you haven’t never people though like it’s not you it’s the other person yeah so don’t put all that person in this this shit on you ain’t your boss Elvis now you’ve been the best you could be like you learned already them the best way you can like they already like just let them do them and you go forward your life and you work on you and work on your craft and whatever you guys know you gonna find the right one next the next thing I want to talk about is a lot of times in a relationship we morph into the other person and that’s cool it’s cool to be like that person because you love them and apparently you think they the best but I want to talk to y’all about being yourself too because you can morph into that person in this the thing for me I had to start remembering that I am also an individual I know we said already but I’m also a Rosario right I’m also myself before I ever miss it I was modeling I was acting I was doing everything else and before he ever met me he was designing he was singing he was doing a lot of different things but you have to remember to be yourself like you ain’t gotta just morph into who they are you be you because they fell in love with you yeah you so combined but be don’t be afraid to be yourself be you good and you love yourself you don’t say cuz I know a lot of times for me um I had problems we really just being me because when I get in a relationship I’m a counselor and when I really love somebody I see the best in them and I want them to be the best they could ever be and I take all my time and I just give it to this person when just pushing them but I realized like over time like I’m just being real childlike I start like resenting that person in the inner sense because it’s like I’m doing all this for you like what are you adding to me and that’s how I’m just married that’s how I was was it I was like I’m doing all this for you I want you to do the same thing with me like we got to do stuff together and that’s where you mess up by you just morphing into them over time you be like damn I’m already trying to pass and like what about done for myself and it’s okay to think for yourself think for you that’s why we came up with dead every some people always ask us how can you find a relationship in this litigate world especially in a hole like a hookup world yeah and I do you make it work right well you know I mean just like we said earlier I mean I feel like when it’s time for you like when you lies enough mature enough yeah I don’t you shoulder and he did all your playing around homework and stuff it would just happen naturally I mean I don’t feel I don’t feel like it’s different from like I had to a heterosexual relationship or it like you know gay or straight it’s the same relationship as relationship the only difference is the gay world’s very sexualized so it’s harder this is all about sex people looking for anything gratification ooh and word that’s always that is a lot of it so that’s what a lot of people say with goals and stuff because they just find it hard to find that in the world where it’s all about six right so I do get that at the same time but really it’s all about your connection because you can be all about six and meet that one person and be like you know what I just wanted to be all about sex just what you thanks know I’ve always been a good guy but yeah but no to add today I think everything’s that this it is great and it’s not really that hard I would say um you just have to keep on living in a lot of time yeah you’re still young there’s a lot of young guys who access those questions not all muster up goes to excess they do you’re right but a lot of times we got a lot of younger crowd crowd get your young crowd young family without changes kid you’re not leaving you’ve got to go through certain things in life to become who you are in a relationship not gonna work that’s the thing and that’s a cultural art Brooke you got to get your heart broken like I’ve been married before like I just feel the best y’all know there I’ve been married before so I’ve been through like numerous relationships and going through certain things in life and we say like every last one of us different but I got a no Z challenges me on a whole different level than every other relationship by elevated period like because here headed but I need the headache and you just noise he always is like loud noise and I always got to keep up with good that’s all good so no you younger old everybody out there whatever buh-buh-buh my advice to you about finding love and gay community layers me and Trey or whatever communities just literally ulis community this keep on living one thing to own experience I explain live your life in experience and let me just go around don’t just ruin yourself like feel the little don’t just try to get a little happiness like don’t just wear yourself out you know this is from experience I can tell y’all nothing I don’t know it’s nothing I haven’t been through so I’m not trying to throw no shade and try to talk about the pain no saint telephone to you know say but I’ll let you know they didn’t have food it ain’t even worth it because all the time like let’s wear and tear on your body then you they just snatching your soul out and then it’s like so times with all these people and you wondering why I’m doing this wrong acting like this wrong act like that you connected to so many people you learn so much just value yourself how do you preserve you know you yourself and preserve it preserve it because it’s so precious you gonna get older you’re not gonna be young all the time so you got a thing sit there and think no I ain’t gonna do this right here but my bone gotta gave me so many other gifts I can focus on you talented on so many different levels so value yourself don’t just give yourself away to anybody who won’t you know like value who you are anyway vote what for like what is it about gonna do for you ain’t even about you lady anything about nothing straight up like somebody wants you more when you know who you are yeah wait like before I was ever was in like I never was the type who like the person who the loud is in the room I never was about that I was the person who like the person that’s why I like say it because he’s reserved legal device to people don’t do it alone don’t do the most yeah don’t do the most have the quantities that you expect other people have that’s good you want something from somebody but you don’t have the same thing yourself so if you expecting this from a person you need to give them what you expected yeah you say you want someone that’s like this like dudes like that will be like that too they’re getting what they’re putting out and that was the same for me I wanted this and I wanted and I wanted this I wanted it but secretly I was like the love oh so I was getting what I was putting out so the energy that you have to put out now is you want to be reserved you wanna walk pray at grey and that’s when you a trend that’s a mimetic patterns you attract whatever frequency you’re living on or whatever frequency you expecting you will attract it when you get yourself together and you know who you are and stop giving yourself away to everybody and then got nothing to offer you back like I said you can your cause and you can pay for your family do you and it will happen and just keep living your life experience in life and you will meet maybe that person one day why you can’t coffee like right in the morning while you’re at the beach or something right I mean it will just happen all right look just like Apple you mean this one right okay okay think we good I think we’re good so that kind of crappy illusion this video and that’s the live ice we can give you all here and I want y’all to stay up I want y’all to be happy even with yourself the reason I was telling y’all about being earlier when I was talking about learning who you are knowing your your space be happy with yourself so you can make the other person act so you can make the other person happy not break up Oh a broken person in a relationship you’re single because you need to get yourself together yeah don’t breathe you’re not happy you’re not gonna bring no happy yeah and don’t force it either mmm like a relationship is like a puzzle piece okay it’s like a wave you got to put everything don’t force if you force out the wrong piece into the pause of you’re breaking so let’s just let it flow one piece at a time one day at a time one year at a time one month at a time y’all keep pushing because every day is a different challenge as a difference brother and we face it all the time every day no I’m saying so just because we smiling and kissing on video what are these old it everybody on the floor ya know getting on okay they Durant is various concerts right side channel we just remember Don wheeler yeah so much our next video comes we all try to tell us what you think cuz I know what you think this comment subscribe there’s Sally to stay away just let us know Thank You Tara video tell your mom and tell you bunch of cousin brothers system we go


    Rosaleen Franklin

    (11/30/2019 - 9:09 pm)


    Amyas Jerry

    (11/30/2019 - 9:10 pm)

    Look, i am here for this! it doesn’t get any truthful and genuine that this.. you’re not just relationship goals but Also an inspiration to many. Not to only the LGBT Community but to every community worldwide ( i’m from South Africa), and i am straight but you talk so much life and sense to me.. forever rooting for you guys and supporting your growth.

    Jasmin Arvel

    (11/30/2019 - 9:11 pm)

    Don’t let anyone come between the both of you. People will try break you apart because they jealous they cant have you. Love coming from Jamaica

    Jasmin Jerry

    (11/30/2019 - 9:11 pm)

    OMG Ray; I saw a whole new you that I can really appreciate. You used a term that I rarely hear. You said “Soul Ties”. Most people don’t understand that when they hook up they’re creating ‘soul ties’. That’s profound. Now I’m team ZednRay.

    Alex Harding

    (11/30/2019 - 9:12 pm)

    I feel like I’m the only one waiting on the proposal video ❤️ lol

    Amyas Totty

    (11/30/2019 - 9:13 pm)

    I’ve seen a lot of gay couples over the years, and, thankfully, a lot more gay black couples, lately. But you guys are, hand down, my favorite couple of all! Y’all are so beautiful . Hoping you stay together for life ❤.

    Lauraine Arvel

    (11/30/2019 - 9:13 pm)

    You two are the cutest together!! Also notification squad❤️

    Giselle Cyrilla

    (11/30/2019 - 9:14 pm)

    Ayyyeee love from KenyaAfrica

    Jon Edmund

    (11/30/2019 - 9:15 pm)

    I clicked this fast asf lol

    Darien Franklin

    (11/30/2019 - 9:15 pm)

    What if you guys could have kids together they would be some beautiful kids. Talking about perfection!! God Damn

    Jon Tatum

    (11/30/2019 - 9:16 pm)

    Older gay black man here. I luv the love you guys exude. I’m 52 and I have never experienced love. I wish you guys the best of luck in all your endeavors. May God continue to bless you

    Madonna Toby

    (11/30/2019 - 9:17 pm)

    Ray is preaching, Preach bro!!!

    Alex Read

    (11/30/2019 - 9:17 pm)

    One of the few Gay Youtubers that I truly respect.

    Laraine Tatum

    (11/30/2019 - 9:18 pm)

    Whattttttt 20 mins?!!!!! Let me grabs some snacks! ❤️❤️❤️

    Aaron Chris

    (11/30/2019 - 9:19 pm)

    Why aren’t more people watching this very video

    Alex Jerry

    (11/30/2019 - 9:19 pm)

    When Zed called out the bachelorette for dating 25 people at the same time bro I bust out laughing

    Amyas Faron

    (11/30/2019 - 9:20 pm)

    They wedding is going to be dope

    Jeremy Harding

    (11/30/2019 - 9:21 pm)

    Dang it❣️ I am not even gay, but I am making notes to self‼️

    Irving Cyrilla

    (12/25/2019 - 11:41 am)

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