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Hi Team Aj,

in this video i discuss 5 dating mistakes women make and how to avoid them. These mistakes are as follows:

1. Not setting standards and deal breakers
2. Cookies before committment
3. Putting all your eggs in one basket
4. Talking too much
5. Ignoring red flags

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I have receipts I look like I was from CVS hi guys welcome that was a was a leave um anyway welcome back to my channel if you do welcome hi I’m Nikki um so you can see in this head below this is a different kind of video I want to incorporate this because one a lot of people like don’t know me or technical agency since all my subscribers and people that I’ve met before but um I feel like there’s a lot of people that don’t relate to me I don’t know how to relate to me because I don’t talk I just kind of – makeup tutorial okay that’s it and this is a way to kind of let people you know get to know me get to know my feelings and get to know my mindset you know and feel relatable to me we’re gonna name this segment teatime Tuesday and so hopefully the plan is to film it sometime to make it happen up by Tuesday because obviously teatime Tuesday now I don’t get it up by Tuesday we may want your try and have to change to teatime Thursday if you guys like this if you guys like this type of video let me know please I can continue to provide it for you if you do even you don’t like it let me know what you don’t like about it what you wish I incorporated you know just things like that I’m very open to feedback so without further ado let’s get into the video because I’m pretty sure it’s ready like 20 minutes long so just needed more than others and sometimes we need someone to say something out loud for them to understand you know that talks in relationship so you know this is just for a specific type of friend not like this apply to every friend I’m gonna go in it really so I’m the kind of person where I like to be honest with people because I do feel like one a little O’Neal I – and then – a lot of people have friends who are yes-men and kind of don’t tell them the truth either out of fear or because you know that’s they put it into my friends feelings which is fair I’d rather be honest with you and you kind of be mad at me or whatever rather than to sit there and continue feeding you lies and if I’m just used to lying to you then I I’m not challenging myself to be in an uncomfortable situation and then on top of that I’m not helping you girl you’re my friend I want to help you grow and I want you to understand things to learn from them and whatever yeah so I feel like I see a lot of people that are just like I just want a friend who’s real with me who’s honest with me but the gag is they don’t want friends that are gonna be real with them so long as the friend isn’t telling them about themselves or their relationship you know this isn’t an incident that happens like one friend it’s like you know when you’re in a relationship it can be very difficult to learn recognize when to flags and things like that so I’m really adamant about letting my friend like making my friends aware of like things that are seemingly suspicions that in their relationship because you know once again you can be blind to that we in the relationship and this is happens like almost every friend that I’ve ever given relationship advice to I told this girl wasn’t like we weren’t what friends went to the same school we were like best friends or close friends were like we were cool you know whatever but yeah so she was dating this guy and there comes a point in time when I thought that they broke up because he literally said that they broke up like it wasn’t just an assumption so time goes by and he tries to talk to me and I’m just like you know what about ex and he’s like me and X are together like all this stuff but like I was like I mean a second fact that you guys aren’t together like I still know her and you know we’re not like friends friends that’s just weird for me like that on top of the fact that you mean  you know whatever he kept trying to talk to me and I was just you know I was kind of like I was dumping him because it was like one who let you played her your entire relationship and now that you guys are but not together you’re trying to like get with me and end up telling her because I was like you know once again you’re out promoting this person that’s going around saying that you guys aren’t together so I told him because I was trying to be nice which I don’t resent that wasn’t my place but it’s like you know if he was trying to talk to like a friend of mine or something like that and that’s not my place but because he’s trying to talk to me I feel like why wouldn’t I tell you look I wouldn’t want someone to tell me my boyfriend was trying to talk to them especially if they’re going around like promoting that we’re not together so taking a break I’m going in with the cush clean pallet by PT cream and we’re going to be using the color yellow dish actually scratch that I’m gonna go back over let’s eat one but yeah so I was telling her like you know this thing happened um I just wanted you to know that because yeah I don’t know if they’re happening to me and then I was just like you know we’re friends we’re not Frenchmen but we’re we’re cool all right to some level we’re cool and so it’s just like if you would do that with someone that she’s cool with imagine someone she’s not cool with whatever so here’s the thing I had receipts like a receipt receipt receipt I look like I was from CVS that’s how many receipts ahead and like I show her everything cuz I was like you know you can clearly see me W you can clearly see me Tong him no I don’t want to do that all this stuff and he’s still continued to make a move on me so she of course she sent it to him so now he’s nice texting me like why would you even and all this stuff and then she comes up to me and she’s like you know he said that he never tries to talk to you and it was just like a misunderstanding so he’s sex and kind of like oh why would you believe her you guys aren’t even friends like that and I’m I’m looking like proof that you talk to me so whatever but yes so it’s just like it’s back and forth back and forth he deletes him block me on Facebook don’t care and so I’m like you know what that’s fine whatever you stay with him while he continued it like but it wouldn’t even be it wouldn’t even be the fact that he’s trying to talk to me or talk to someone else that would make me mad it’s more the fact that you’re going around saying that we’re not together like that’s just very disrespectful because I don’t know that’s just hide nothing blame me like you really don’t want social media but how do you like verbally tell people that we’re not together yeah from that I was like oh I’m never gonna get some relationship advice because clearly they’re gonna do whatever they wanna do and they’re gonna take their partner’s side but then I would like I’m like I’m very big on like women empowerment in spoke and that’s all I said that’s why I wanted to tell her because it’s like sis you need to know I’m gonna finish this side of camera because the seeds like it’s gonna be a long video alright so I’m back I’m also gonna go back into the push beam palette with pineapple Express and I’m gonna go on the lid with that color yeah where was I that relationship was it serious enough for me to like internalize that and be like man you know whatever like no so fast forward to like another friend who we were like really close it’s happened a few years ago we were really really Olivos and she and her partner were like make up they were a very co-relation codependent relationship and they were always around each other like always always always wait you know there are certain couples that just like love to be around each other like they’re best friends and love to be around each other but it comes to a point where you know you kind of have to like have time to yourself like they would break up so they would break up get back to the great go get back together um you know kind of even though they were broken up they would still spend all their time with each other and it made me annoyed because she would come to me and you know complain about him to me if you’re having this problem with him and he’s not changing then just break up with him and it comes to a point where you can tell someone so many times I give them advice and then they don’t listen to you and I just keep coming back to it it just becomes like emotionally exhausting because it’s like how many times am I gonna tell you the same thing and you’re gonna do the opposite away I said whatever so it was like this one time like I was just one time but they broke up I was so pissed off and I was just like listen y’all are in a toxic relationship whether or not you want a minute you’re in a toxic relationship that’s cool be a toxic relationship just don’t drag me in it don’t don’t include me my opinion of y’all and him and y’all relationship ORS me do the same so unless you’re willing to like get real advice and like listen to why you guys should not be together don’t come to me I mean I didn’t say it like that but that’s like you know I was just like it’s it’s exhausting you know and she went off on me which I could understand she was just like oh our relationship isn’t toxic you know we just go through things like all couples but our relationship isn’t toxic I really didn’t love each other we’re just going through some things girl now going through things five six seven years for what you’re not going through something two guys are just at this stagnant place and you guys aren’t moving what does it want to tell you that if you’re not constant so that made me really frustrated because you know and like I’m like the first one you know me and her were actually like friends you know so then I was like okay absolutely not when is it come up gently much sadder and wide awake and here’s how but yeah look I know this isn’t becoming a story time video but it’s kind of to show that I’m not just saying this base of like wanting counter this is a motivator anyway so this other couple their relationship isn’t toxic I don’t think it’s time um so this couple would not always fight but thank me you know getting arguments and a lot of the times they got an argument there were they were getting a like legit arguments because of something that happened in the relationship and you know one party couldn’t move past it totally understand you see how they’re just kind of like you see that dude for the I look it just it just looks so good so this person literally is like you know Nikki I don’t know what to do you know help me clean this up and I’ll be right back so I went ahead and dig under the ashes just because I didn’t do it to be too long I used NYX liquid liner in matte black for liner and if the lashes I’m not sure what spell these are pretty sure it’s d20 but I used in France 50 lashes and I already went ahead and primed with milk makeup Hydra primer oh she came to me and was like hey girl you know this is going on and I was like I hear you you know the feelings that you’re feeling they’re valid and it makes sense why you feel these things so then I was like maybe you guys should need space to like process your feelings and this is what I feel like certain forms of space are so necessary relationship because they – like where are each other a lot and it’s just like if you guys are trying to get over something it doesn’t help me you guys like up under each other all the time because you’re not getting the space to like think about what just happened and even how slowly she was like oh she’s rigged up with him and I was like that’s literally not what I said you know you guys hang out all the time maybe you should limit that you guys talk all day every day maybe you should limit that you know it’s hard to get like get over something with someone that you talk to all the time that’s just now that works and what happened the next day and every day after that she continued to see him wick was again she wants to do that that’s fine Who am I to stop that but it’s also like Colonel why ask me for advice and then I give you the advice and maybe it’s because it’s not what you want to hear you don’t follow that advice for foundation I’m using the Jewish place Foundation in Kampala and then on top of the fact that she completely disregarded what I said she told her partners and it’s just like I don’t know I just feel like I don’t know that’s just weird like and I’ve seen that happen so many times once your partner knows what fun you’re going to about your problems that friend now becomes a target in like in arguments you know it’s something that you can run through it oh you need to stop listening in such-and-such whatever I brought those examples just to say that’s why I don’t really ship advice as I said in the beginning if the friend really needs it like if they’re really going through something and like they need some clarity or like they’re in an abusive relationship absolutely I’m still gonna give them advice like this doesn’t fight it every friend but for the most part I’m done giving religion advice because I think people actually a ship advice you know cuz they’re probably used to people telling them like oh no don’t break up or like it’ll it’ll be fine it’ll work out and I think they’re so used to people telling that to them that when they get real advice such ends you guys need space and you guys need to figure out what you want and figure out boundaries and stuff when that conversation comes up they’re not used to that so then it becomes like you know they see that’s when they get defensive because you’re telling the truth and they’re not used to the truth so for cons where I’m going in with the NYX HD concealer in it’s a c8 CW 8.8 um and I also think that it like hits a nerve you know when you hear out loud the things you’ve been thinking it makes it true here’s someone else say it you get Loki triggered because it’s like damn this person also sees it and I can’t hide behind this you know this mask that makes it like everything’s okay and I understand that people in relationships are still growing people are still getting you know all right the light people are still like me what comes relationships I don’t expect everyone to just hear advice and just be like yeah I’m gonna do that and follow it because people have to go through things in order to in order to learn and I completely understand that I get that I’ve been there you know make some sense but it’s also like I don’t know doesn’t matter doesn’t bother me and then it’s also like and a lot of people think it that it’s you being a bad friend where you no longer want to give them advice but it’s just like if I give you advice one time you don’t listen to two three four times you don’t listen to me what’s the point you could seem to give you advice because I value my time and my energy and I’m not gonna stress myself out because you don’t wanna listen to me but if you’re asking me to give you advice on what you should do and I get it – you don’t listen to me there’s nothing else we do as I said I’ll support you if it doesn’t end up working now or like whatever but that’s about it that’s all I can do yeah I need to stop telling our friends to stay with it yet their partner because they look so cute together and you guys do the same thing with celebrity it’s like there could be people they can be celebrities that beat on and cheat on their girlfriends spouse whatever and y’all just expect them to get back together because it’s like oh that’s so good together you guys have so much history at the end of the day you gotta take care of you and you’re not taking care of you if you are if you harden emotionally like y’all can’t continue I mean your friends being these toxic relationships because you don’t want to be open with them if you don’t want to hurt their feelings people really want you and pressure to stay with someone first etics and it’s the girl no like what do you get the hace like that’s not how that works I feel like if people were used to getting honest advice about their relationships then they wouldn’t be so quick to defend their relationship or not listen to people giving relationship advice there are people who would like tell you to break up with someone or whatever and make relationships seem bad because you’re jealous if you don’t what you do with them and that’s not what I’m talking about that’s obscene I’m talking but you guys need to be more honest with your friends I just feel like I can’t say that I love you and care about you you’re my friend my best friend my sis my bro whatever and I see you in this bad leadership and don’t say anything I’m gonna go with some blush I’m using with BH Cosmetics for blush duo in iris and then my thing is if you don’t want people in your business don’t stop promoting it you know there’s people who feel like post like so many statuses about things that go on between them and their partner and then when someone are there two sides as sacred we need to mind your business or like you ain’t mean what you’re talking about though if you can’t write and I’m saying girl but obviously this applies to anyone um but it’s like if you don’t want people to add their two cents then you don’t promote your business like it’s literally that simple like if you want to talk to a friend about it like that’s different but if you’re you know going all off on social media every day then you literally inviting people into you to your life to your business in the next jumbo eye pencil in milk and I’m gonna apply that to my waterline and I mean that’s essentially the moral of the story of the bridal gift and as I said earlier to the food let me get comments that repeat this Authority said it everyone I know everyone is on their own journey and discovering their relationship and like what they will and will not tolerate or don’t meet you know that’s not me being a bad friend because I know people have this misconception that but like no matter what friends are always supposed to be there for you and it’s just like y’all be so concerned about your friend helping you supporting you but you know be supporting your friend you don’t know what your friend is going through you don’t know you know what is on their mind was dressing them outlets whatever you don’t even know if they showered ate breakfast moans alas something went outside like you know and I say those because like certain things like that or like lack of things like that could be signs of depression or like whatever but you don’t know what’s going on Ukraine but expect a friend to be there for you and you know imagine already being low already being depressed already being ancient like you barely have the emotional capacity to take care of yourself but you find a way to support your friend and then your friend doesn’t take your advice like that would just be so it’s kind of like I just wasted my time and that’s why I said I value my time because like you know to be fully transparent I go through my own stuff I mean obviously everybody does but it’s just like I have more depressive eight days than not and I tried very hard to be there for people because you know I wouldn’t want someone to be there for me when I’m going through whatever I’m going through I love you enough to try to help I don’t want you to be sad I don’t want me to press I don’t want you to feel unloved or whatever and so I take time out of my day or like whatever my funk whatever to help you out and it’s not saying you all you can take my advice but like it just seems like you ask your advice and you don’t say graaah’ same consideration you do what you want to do anyway and if that’s the energy you’re gonna have then don’t ask me for advice because I could have been using energy that I put into you I could have been using putting into myself which I didn’t your fault but it’s just I don’t know it’s kind of a slap in the face oh my god that just reminds me I’m not telling three stories ever imagine it’s time oh my god literally when I say this was a waste of time this person they were going they won’t do something with their partner I don’t know them their partner just broke up or they kind of a partner like cheating on them I don’t know what exactly happened but big right so I felt bad and I was like you know what you know so because it’s looking so yellow and gold in I feel like it’s only right to go on thank you video my highlight in the trophy wife but yeah so I was like let’s go to this event I was gonna go to the event at first because social anxiety but you know I went to the event or I was just like that’s really intense but ours was also belong to the event so it was just me and her was me her go so I had to go to work for meeting that game like after I got out of class and okay but I would be able to meet up with you guys to go how you meet you guys there so adds up I go to the meeting and you need to go so I’m calling her and I’m like hey girl I no longer have to go to the meeting so yeah I can meet you I can meet up with you like where are you so she doesn’t respond I’m like okay like whatever I didn’t feel anyway you know well okay so I kind of because I said really bad social anxiety so I don’t like waiting in public spaces for people if they’re gonna take too long so I also needed to know where to meet her at so I was like alright so she responds to me I’m gonna load some food so I write and I walk in and I see I see her the same guy that she was crying over I don’t know like Here I am kind of help you out wait pause let me also say because this sounds like I gave her advice but I offered to take her out but she didn’t ask me we had written to each other earlier that day and she was ranting to me we couldn’t continue the conversation that’s why I like we just like you know what I’m gonna get out of this funk we’re gonna go out didn’t talk about it later we go out that’s fine like no never so I see him with the guy and you wouldn’t thought she saw a ghost he was right if she’s gonna polish washing this and she’s a was I like I didn’t you saw my tanks so that was that just like wow like only do you not respond to me when I’m letting you know that like hey girl we can meet up but you’re like the reason you’re not responding to me is because you’re with this person that we are trying to comfort you about NK yeah so that goes into the whole energy thing kind of like you know I have to make you feel better cuz like the thing between her and like the person happened like that day this is not her fault it’s like I would not alway to make you feel comfortable I wanted you to be around people that you knew people that cared about you cuz the worst thing I see me to do is go home and be alone and soaked about this relationship I said this before never to say it again because people only hear what they want to hear I’m not saying that I will never give relationship advice again I’m not saying that none of my friends deserve it I’m not saying that every friend is like this like whatever people are in their process I get that I’m not saying that oh this person not listening to me and they they’re wrong no they probably just hadn’t you know realize or recognize a lot of stuff and that’s fine that’s okay we all go do that for lipstick I’m using the wet and wild cat lipstick in Batumi this is one of my favorite needs and that’s kind of like I don’t really like um just because I don’t know like I feel like there hasn’t been a person that I’m giving advice what a coated a relationship and they actually followed it you know or like thought about following it contemplated it gave it some thought people are gonna do what they want to do anyway so lip gloss I’m going in with a makeup revolution lip topper and look various yeah that’s that let me know if you guys from also brands that people asking for relationship advice and when you get it they just in the complete opposite so what’s the takeaway from this mmm so to take away from this really is just you friends need to be better and if if you’re in a situation where like none of your friends are being honest with you then you just need new friends I would never want to be friends with someone who not honest which I mean hmm 60 but I wouldn’t want those people in my circle because that means that if I’m doing something that I got to change I won’t know I am gonna be stagnant because I can’t grow if Ike people aren’t telling me hey girl hey Nikki they’re doing this thing and look you need to check yourself on that so yeah friends do you need to do better you need to stop telling your friends to stay with someone because they used to do they have because they’re cute people in relationships you need to eventually once again it takes time but kind of listen to your friends even if you know you could get back with that person who don’t break up with that person you still keep your friend’s words in the back of your mind because never know when what they say me like really be what you need to hear so yeah guys just the end of the video if you like me to like comment share subscribe and if you like these like talks then let me know because I do plan to do more on these I won’t be like every week but you know maybe once or twice a month it depends on what other feedback that I get so thanks for watching and I’ll see you imagined by



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    I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100 sure. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Kudos

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    Very good. My smart cousin. Keep up these videos

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    You can not care about people that do not care about what you think. It’s sad to say but that person is going to learn the hard way. When that time come you then have to decide if you want to listen to anymore of the mess your friend is in after it completely fails. Because our warning and proof does nothing for people with blinds over there eyes. It does nothing for people that still can’t see even with the proof in their face. It’s sad that it takes so much for some people to actually get it/understand their mental state if that person at that point only matters until devil truly shows up without your warning

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