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Do you fear intimacy? It starts as an innocent need to protect yourself from past hurt, but it grows into something so much more where one is unable to accept that people do love others genuinely. As such, one builds extensive barriers that results in even more hurt and pain as life progresses. The fear of intimacy is really greater than may of us think…


¿Temes la intimidad? Comienza como una necesidad inocente de protegerse del dolor pasado, pero se convierte en algo mucho más donde uno no puede aceptar que las personas aman a los demás genuinamente. Como tal, uno construye barreras extensas que resultan en aún más dolor y dolor a medida que avanza la vida. El miedo a la intimidad es realmente mayor de lo que podemos pensar …

El miedo a estar cerca de los demás puede generar profundas cuñas en nuestras vidas. Esto paraliza nuestra capacidad de estar cerca de los demás. En última instancia, nuestros mayores temores se hacen realidad de muchas maneras.

क्या आप अंतरंगता से डरते हैं? यह खुद को अतीत की चोट से बचाने के लिए एक निर्दोष की जरूरत के रूप में शुरू होता है, लेकिन यह कुछ हद तक बढ़ता है, जहां कोई यह स्वीकार करने में असमर्थ होता है कि लोग दूसरों से सच्चा प्यार करते हैं। जैसे, एक व्यापक अवरोध बनाता है जिसके परिणामस्वरूप जीवन की प्रगति के रूप में और भी अधिक चोट और दर्द होता है। अंतरंगता का डर वास्तव में हम जितना सोचते हैं उससे कहीं अधिक है …
kya aap antarangata se darate hain? yah khud ko ateet kee chot se bachaane ke lie ek nirdosh kee jaroorat ke roop mein shuroo hota hai, lekin yah kuchh had tak badhata hai, jahaan koee yah sveekaar karane mein asamarth hota hai ki log doosaron se sachcha pyaar karate hain. jaise, ek vyaapak avarodh banaata hai jisake parinaamasvaroop jeevan kee pragati ke roop mein aur bhee adhik chot aur dard hota hai. antarangata ka dar vaastav mein ham jitana sochate hain usase kaheen adhik hai

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welcome back once more to dodgy legs this is them speaking on the fear of intimacy and why are some people afraid of intimacy if you are new to my channel thank you so much for stopping in I do hope you like what you see here and if you do don’t forget to stay connected hit the red button keep your belt on so that you won’t miss a notification of when I upload a video if you are returning to my channel thank you for the support thank you for staying with me so let’s get right into this the fear of intimacy and where are people afraid of being intimate with their partners now before we get into this we want to talk first about the fear of intimacy what exactly is it and where does it come from being afraid to become intimate with a person it’s often a subconscious fear that you don’t want to become too close to that person and this affects the person’s personal relationship now you may not want to become attached to a person for different reasons most of the time this affair or emotional ack of emotional tendencies tend to show up in people who are processed in people’s closest re and most meaningful relationships the ones that you think you’re supposed to be comfortable with the one that you are supposed to be okay with yes this is a time when you fear being intimate with a person and as I said before the fear of intimacy comes from different places within us it can mean that we distrust the person we want to love it can mean that we have been hurt for so many times in the past it could mean that we have affair that whatever is going to happen in the future is going to be negative it could be that we fear rejection or we fear the break don’t offer a relationship or the breakdown of feelings towards others or we simply fear that the affection that we show to persons may not be returned to us know our fear of intimacy is often triggered by positive emotions even more so than or negative feelings towards a person or a person’s feelings towards us in some cases there is a fair when you’re afraid to become intimate you are 10 you you are not you are gentle I’m sorry you tend to become afraid when a person shows too much emotions towards you because you are going to think that oh that person is only pretending or that person is always showing the kind of emotion for a period and it will end eventually you begin to question the loving feelings that will often arouse a deep-seated deep-seated fears of intimacy and therefore it makes it difficult for you to maintain a close relationship with someone the furniture are afraid it is to become intimate with a person to become too close to the person makes you run from that situation now positive feelings will trigger the fear of intimacy and it is surprising yes that sometimes the real time the real resistance to intimacy comes not from negative actions from our partners but it is something that is within within us there is something that comes from our past the problem is that positive is that the positive way that a person sees us often turns out to be a conflicting emotion with the negative ways that we view ourselves so we may have a negative perception of ourselves and we see someone who has a positive view of us who wants to show us with love and affection and sadly because we hold that negative feeling towards ourselves we have that negative self attitude then we become resistant to the positive emotions and feelings that comes from someone else it is difficult for a person who has a fear of intimacy to allow the reality of being loved by someone to change the way they see their negative image it is often a period where the person resists the love that is shown to them and this resistance comes because someone is showing positive feelings and so it triggers the fear of intimacy now the negative feelings and the negative attitudes that an individual has these are core beliefs that come from deep within our childhood it comes from being unloved it comes from being feeling as though we had been neglected somewhere know these attitudes are painful and yes they are in Pleasant in so many ways but when we think about it some people and the people who fear intimacy have these feelings lingering somewhere in the back of your minds as always and when you become adult you’re often mistaken assumption that the beliefs are fundamental the negative feelings are a part of you and because you have been hurt so many times in the past you are afraid to take that step to go out be positive trust and love someone else and so you are unable to correct this kind of behavior now the fear of intimacy will impact on our lives in many ways because why we don’t intentionally reject a lot from a person we want to make sure that we do not put ourselves in that position where we set ourselves to be hurt in the future no during the times of closeness and intimacy a person who is afraid of intimacy will react in a negative way and this will create tensions in the relationship and in many cases it will put your relationship in a difficult position where your loved one is driven away no people will distance themselves emotionally because they are afraid of intimacy they can withhold their affection they can react differently to the affection or the positive acknowledgement from a partner they become paranoid they become suspicious of their partner they begin to feel as though their partner’s affection positive affection is not going to last now when a person is fear of is afraid of intimacy than the person loses interest in sexuality as well they become overly critical of their partner because they just want to find a reason to be upset with that partner so they do not have to share the intimacy with them they begin to feel guarded and they begin to resist when a person gets too close to them but our fear of intimacy and a person’s fear of intimacy it can be put aside you can get past it now in order to do this one has the challenge ones negative attitudes towards self by not pushing your loved ones away not question in a person’s positive emotions and feelings towards you not pushing away and questioning a person’s affection towards you now if you don’t push a person away and if you allow yourself to open and mind you some people might see right here in this point will stop a minute you have to be protective of yourself in a relationship and yes but too much protection of yourself leads you to begin to fear what you do not know and the fear of the unknown is often what drives us into negative situations in our lives in our relationship in whatever you are afraid of what will happen you don’t know for a fact that your partner will go but because you are afraid of being hurt as you were in the past and because you are afraid that things will not turn all the way you want it to then you begin to push your partner away because you do not want to get close to that partner and so in essence you fear intimacy now are you afraid of the intimate here are some signs that will tell you that you are afraid of being intimate with someone else you’re afraid of getting closer to a person know where the person may want it to work and it will push towards it some people just need time some people need time to work through their feelings and some people need time to get past the whole idea of being afraid to love and to lose one of the first signs is that you fear that you will be abandoned your fear about the person will leave you know nothing is wrong with fearing that people will leave you the people that you love with leap will leave you but when that fear comes from the feeling as though you are not deserving of love and that the person will leave you because they cannot love you enough then this is your fear of intimacy when you tell yourself that look I will avoid the intimate relationship over all then that way you are afraid of intimacy because you don’t have to face the rejection you did not get in with a person and therefore you did not get to put yourself in a position where you would be abandoned next up is that you sabotage your relationships and he has some people sabotage their relationships because they begin to feel uncomfortable when they begin to get close to another person and so when you begin to get uncomfortable you try to escape the situation even if it is happening in your subconscious you do things to distance yourself from the person you do not try to hold on to or to maintain that closeness with the person and so you do everything that you can you behave badly you show the wild side of you you are disrespectful you are sarcastic you are childish controlling domineering whatever it is that you choose as an individual to do then it means then that the person who wants to share that positive relationship with you is not going to because you have self-destructed and you have sabotaged your relationship the next step is that you push people away when they get too close and many of us are yields a beauty of that I’ll be honest with you I’m guilty of that I am guilty of pushing people away when they get too close to me I will do things to distance myself I will stop calling and in many ways when a person does this they are ghosting the person they’re becoming just just an imagination to the person then and so they do whatever it is that they have to do so that they do not have to stay with the person to come close to the person to trigger any of the other fairs that would cause the fear of intimacy next up is that physical intimacy can be complicated when being intimate with someone feels unsafe then it shows you how you feel about sex now if a person fear sex right or you don’t fear sex itself but you fear something else that is often equivalent to is made equivalent to sex then you begin to fear the whole physical aspect of being close to someone and when you fear that physical aspect of being close to someone then your fear of intimacy will win and you will of course to successfully drive the person away fact is that many people don’t want to be vulnerable they don’t want to be open when they are intimate with a person and so they will do everything that they can to shut down and shop old person yes you may love the person and you an email of the person in so many ways but at the same time there is that feeling in the back of your head that perhaps I don’t want to do too much because the person is going to hurt me and finally is that you have a history of picking unhealthy partners yes people who have a fear of tendency will pick partners who don’t want a future and they are comfortable as well because they have a fear of intimacy too they may not say it but you pick these people who won’t expect anything in the long term from you and because the person’s will not expect anything from you in the long term you are able to avoid intimacy easily because there are no strings attached there is no commitment coming your way and so you keep picking these purses you get hurt you move on you start on again at a new level and there is this pattern of rejection that you begin to foster you begin to accept like for that the pattern of rejection because when revenge surely you are only looking for someone who could not have been committed and because you don’t want to be committed then finding those persons will be fine now these persons who are unhealthy partners they are going to reject they’re going to reject the relationship they are going to reject the situation because guess what they never want it to be in a close relationship either and so because you feel as though you will be abandoned if you become close to a person you automatically become abandoned because that person perhaps doesn’t have a fear of intimacy but that person just did not want you to come close to you know if you are feeling as though you have science or you have a fear of intimacy there are so many things to do so many things that will make it easier to handle your situation one of the things that you can do though is to assess your situation as an individual think about what it is that you fear the most no for the most part and this is the only one that I’m going to talk about self-love if your fear intimacy is because you have not been loving yourself and if you have not been loving yourself then it means that nobody else can love you people will not love you because you do not love yourself enough when you embrace self-love you open yourself to become loving towards other people because that love that you feel for yourself it will project itself towards other people it will take away your fear of feeling abandoned or being abandoned at the end of the day because you would have been given enough love to your partner so that your partner will stay with you no let me know what you think about this video the fear of intimacy yes it comes in many ways and it affects different people in different ways thank you for watching I hope you have a blessing


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