Do Men KNOW what they WANT? Dating Advice for Men – Man UP Guys! lol

A discussion about do men really know what they want these days? Dating is not easy for some people. Be confident in what you want! : ) Interested in coming to my mixers? It’s fun! Participate in some videos!? It’s fun! Let us know!

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[Music] what’s your biggest frustrations with men these days they’re not honest they don’t know what they want they think they know but they just pretend because of their parents or because of their friends or coworkers or whatever you know it’s just I’m very annoying to not know what a guy that is there and you once so give me can you give me an example like a date or an experience or like from relationships or friends relationships to examples if they’re married they complain about the wife so why are in the first way is the first time you got you got married you ask for the marriage you ask for a wife you ask for all these things and you just complain that she’s crazy that’s a very good point and in dating well just tell straight up what what are you looking for it’s a family it’s just having fun it’s just to have a friendship so the girl knows and she keeps going or she could just quit the game right so issue these days a lot lack of transparency right but I think sometimes people are afraid to be transparent because they don’t want to scare the other person right if you technically say to them in the first date man I would just really love to get married the person’s give me that oh god you’re like gonna take me home and like propose to me and that kind of thing you know what I’m saying I think sometimes jumping the gun that early it scared it does scare people to be fair you can man you can make exclusions hey I really want to get married and have a family and all of these things but why don’t we take it slowly I really want to meet you and do step by step right good point you could also say I don’t know it’s tough I never on the first day have said I’d like to get married one day because the guy might get freaked out because think they might think like well I don’t know if you’re the one for me I don’t know if the right person for me I don’t want to like go ahead of them so what what would this matter you know just say it and the other person is just gonna take it over what whatever their confidence take it I don’t understand if your confidence what what you want then the other person should be confidence of what he is taking for your words and your you know expressions and what you know your planning of life and all that stuff you know right right I understand I’m just so some women like her want someone that just gets to the point dang it right I like honest to be honest and direct and clear that’s it yeah I mean I like honesty too but I think like jumping the gun so much like first aid saying I like to get married someday can be a little bit yeah here some guys or like [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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