Fall Fashion Essentials…Wear Now, Wear Later

Check out these tips on how to add fall pieces to your summer wardrobe to transition to the fall season. We share with you fall’s hottest prints, fabrics, and shoes to wear now and wear later into the fall season. Comment down below what’s your favorite fall piece and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter here — http://bit.ly/2bRs2cw

Outfit Details:
Show Me Your Mumu Fauna Tank http://bit.ly/2ly1KoE
Heartloom Leopard Skirt http://bit.ly/2lE1rZj
Alexander White Heels http://bit.ly/2kuBY4p
*gold hoops-old


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hi guys this is Kelly Kirchberg with divine style your personal fashion stylist in today’s video we’re sharing great pieces of things you can do to transition to fall fashion things you can both wear now and wear later to help you fall into style we’ve all been there where the seasons kicks off but the temperatures might still be very warm outside or the climate or environment that you live in is not one that seasonally changes as much so with these tips there’s easy ways that you can make your summer pieces or summer staples look great for the upcoming fall season first we’re going to show you how you can use jackets to drape over your shoulders or wear over an outfit great pieces like a bomber jacket or a leather moto jacket or light suede jacket are all great options that give a fall aesthetic and vibe to your summer pieces so here we have on a white print polka dot maxi dress great option that works really well in the summertime and then what we did is diet restyle that or style it with a leather moto jacket in simply transitioning to a shoe bootie or closed toed high-heeled is a great other option you can pair with it or also playing off with that animal print or animal skin vibe is also a great shoe option or things for your handbags next we’re showing you how you can incorporate fall prints into or in with your summer pieces who doesn’t love white denim it’s a great Jean that you can wear truthfully year-round but really an excellent piece to transition season to season so we’re going to be showing you with white jeans as an example ways that you can incorporate first animal print now here you can see I have on white jeans they have a button fly which kind of adds a little bit more drama or interest element to the front and then I layered that with a silk leopard print tank top great option to wear now as a season still might be warm and then I can simply add a blazer over top of that outfit or a leather jacket to kind of change up that style you can also switch from a summer sandal or summer high-heeled that you might typically wear with white in a sense use something such as these which have both that acrylic but that animal print so it gives you just a little bit of a fall aesthetic or vibe with still incorporating something that’s neutral enough to go with white denim animal print is also a great option not only in a top that you can wear with jeans but it’s fantastic print that you can do leopard or zebra so many different options and incorporate that head-to-toe and address lots of great chiffon or silk options that transition season to season but we also love when you pop it and wear it in different ways so here I am wearing leopard pants that are leopard in the front and they’re actually black in the back and I just paired that simple easy with a white blouse or white t-shirt great look that truly takes you from season to season jingim is another great print for the upcoming fall season fantastic options that you can wear gingham in a dress to the office there’s lots of those sort of in that mustard color navy black or more of that burgundy maroon berry shade and then also gingham can really do well when you layer that as a jacket over tops summer tops or of course you can pair a gingham top with jeans for a great transition from summer to fall look I’ll it tops dresses and jackets are also great transition to fall pieces you can simply add an eyelet top in a long-sleeve 3/4 length sleeve or short sleeve all again depending upon your weather and pair that with your white denim or lighter color denim to transition through the seasons eyelet tops are also great options that you compare with pencil skirts you can do that with ankle length pants or if you have a solid color eyelet top it looks really great and striking when you pair that with a print pant kind of gives it that extra print on print or adds a little bit of texture to an element an outfit an easy way to transition from summer into fall is making simple shoe changes so packing up and putting away those summer sandals and transition your style with some catchy new footwear for the season flies are a great option and there’s so many to choose from from animal prints to metallics to those that are in suede both neutral suede colors and slightly bolder instantly give more of a fall aesthetic and vibe with any effort the other thing that we’re really loving is to transition your luxe with some acrylic high heels so those that have a great neutral around it and then you can incorporate in fall colors with that either just go bold with black or add an animal print or a bolder fall color such as berry or mustard or olive for the season instantly kind of gifts any summertime outfit a whole new look and style just from having the right kind of shoe in for the season don’t forget to incorporate these tips into your upcoming fall wardrobe for the Fall season two help you with things to wear now and then again restyle and wear later don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the latest fashion videos style segments and if you comment in our videos such as this one below we are happy to feature any of your fashion questions and show you great style tips with it there are style freebies in the box below that you can also download as well and visit our website at [Music]

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