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Ryan Mcree offers some sound fashion advice to gwu students.

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our next guest is a makeup stylist life style guide and recently tried to bring blogs back into something that’s cool let’s give a warm welcome to gwz I with public figure in his Instagram bio Ryan McCree hey Ryan today has been such a wonderful day Sarah thank you so much for asking I woke up today went to the gym for some South Block oh they just added the bee pollen to the list of toppings which is super cool I did an hour of meditation I think it’s really important to do that every day because like yesterday I was trying to decide if I need a new shade of lipstick or not but after 30 minutes of looking at myself in the mirror for some self reflection I decided that the wound I had on my lips made it the perfect plump shape so that was great and now I’m with you um so I don’t know I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring that’s great I’ve I’ve read that there are actually some studies that say meditation and self reflection are crucial parts of college students mental health could you maybe speak a little bit at that oh my god yes and I’m so glad that you brought that up because I just want to bring attention to a cause that’s very near and dear to my heart as you’re aware as a public figure it’s my responsibility to share these things with the rest of the UW community there are a lot of people who are wearing black and maybe blue together like around campus in public I don’t know if that’s really a cause you need to bring attention so Tony Tony Tony no no no I do and I have I started a fashion tip Tuesdays to help the less fashion oriented students get the help they so rightly deserve I give them the best tips on what Lululemon to buy which Vineyard Vines he’s are back in style it completely warms my heart when I see others benefiting from my activism like recently a lot of people have been coming up to me to find out what my makeup routine is like who you know people they see my face and they think hmmm I like my face to look like that which is just seriously so cool you can’t call giving out makeup tips activism I mean what social change are you supposed to be pushing I’m sorry it’s great work you’ve been doing thank you so much oh actually sorry I have to take this phone call thanks for having me on your YouTube super cool hello yes no I hated all of that oh my god

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