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I love expressing myself through my own personal style! Check out some of my favorite hair styles and fashion advice. Leave your personal style ideas in the comments! #Kalin #KalinVlog #BAE

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About Kalin Vlogs:
Hey everyone! Come back every Monday to check out my vlogs! I share information about my life, my inspirations and favorite things! I also love to do silly challenges with all of my friends and my brothers. I hope these vlogs inspire you to be who you are. Remember… Be Always Extraordinary.

B.A.E 🤟🏻

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hey everyone is Kayla Macey welcome back to another video so today I’m going to be sharing with you guys my favorite fashion and hairstyles so I love fashion and hairstyles and makeup and just playing with that because it it gets it makes you to be who you are to be extraordinary and are extraordinary however you want to say it but I I love expressing myself and sharing with people who I am and just being extraordinary so um I’m gonna show you guys a few of my favorite hairstyles and fashion tricks and tips and stuff like that so first I’m gonna go ahead and do hairstyles so my favorite is a few of my favorite hairstyles is of course of course different kinds of braids but my number one hairs go to ear style is of course the top knot bun with a scrunchie I recently fell in love with this idea I used to just put my hair in the top knot bun and then I saw people putting their hair up in buns with their scrunchies and then I decided to just make those two together and put a top top knot bun on my head and wear scrunchie over it so if you haven’t seen my how to get a perfect top and I find go check that out the link will be in my bio and yeah so I love this this hairstyle and adding a scrunchie to it just makes it a little bit of like a pop of color or whatever it just expresses you so that is one of my favorite hairstyles then I also like doing just a braid down the down on one side of my head with my hair down sometimes when I just want to be girly and just like just be a little girly girl and even though I’m always going to be a girly girl I’ve never been more of it girl tomboy so yeah um and then I like doing just regular just regular braids on the hair just any kind of braids and then talk about fun sometimes just a regular ponytail is fine too but this is usually my go-to because it makes me me and unique so yeah and then for makeup makeup is something you can play with like from – just very bland and natural to very glam to very spooky and scary like for Halloween which I will have a spooky Halloween makeup video coming up soon so stay tuned for that and then for fashion I love wearing anything that makes me comfortable making sure that I’m cute and but comfortable is always key for me because I when ever since I was little – now I hated things that I’ve always hated things really tight on me so like let’s say jeans for example I don’t like wearing jeans unless I really really have to but with finding the perfect pair of jeans is really tricky it’s very hard to just just define that you just the perfect pair of jeans and I have found out that Old Navy has the most comfortable jeans and I don’t any store they are very late some of them are very stretchy and make sure that they fit you and are like perfect to your body so it’s not this video is not sponsored by Old Navy bt-dubs but I just love Old Navy’s jeans and they are just perfect for my body and at least so I love this stretchy and not too tight of jeans or shirts like even shirts can be very tight on me and I don’t like having shirts that are tight I like them to be a little looser and a little more covering me you know some or at least a lot of girls my age or a little younger just in the teen category they always want to show off at their skin and I don’t like showing off too much skin I will show off a little bit of belly maybe a little but that’s pretty much it I don’t like showing off too much skin at all because it makes it seem a little too revealing but for me I also I like being Who I am and I like being extraordinary and making sure that I have rainbow and unicorns and sparkles in my life because I have not always but lately I’ve just been loving unicorns and little puppy dogs like these or just making sure that I have color in my life because I’m not one of those girls that will wear blood just black and white and gray I need to have some color in my life because it makes me feel more happy and sunshiny and I don’t know I just it makes me feel me like like so that’s there’s that and just another just out of all of the things for being for your fashion style and your hairstyles or whatever what for whatever it goes just just be you just be who you are and be always extraordinary hey that’s what that means I know in my 10 facts about me I said that I would tell you guys what I meant in my next video but I know I haven’t done that quite well but they means be always extraordinary I wanted something I wanted to say something at the end of my videos that gave people a little bit of like it’s okay for me to be me so be always extraordinary they


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