Finding a Thai Girlfriend | Bangkok Dating Exposed

It has become more common for Western men to be seen with a Thai girlfriend.
Thai women are among the most sought after brides in the world of interracial dating.

More and more Western men can’t get enough of the beauty and charm of the Thai girls they see and communicate online making them fly to Thailand. However, it’s also worth noting that it’s not only the beauty of the women from Thailand that captures the heart of the foreign men, but also it is their warmth and affection to everyone close to their hearts.

Due to this quality, hundreds of foreign men start their journey in finding their future Thai girlfriend in the Land of Smiles.

However, no matter how significant is the increase in the number of interracial marriages with Thai women, there are still those who are skeptical about the intentions of women in engaging themselves in interracial and long distance relationships with Westerners.

There are stories and negative feedback about Thai singles circulating in the digital world. And these stories are usually made up by people who are not able to meet Thai women and interact with these beautiful creatures.

These stories may also scare foreign men to start dating Thai women and just leave behind what they have started.

So, Bud’s dating advice to foreign men who are skeptical about personally meeting and dating Thai women is to never listen to those negative stuff but to listen to the things you certainly know 3rabout interracial couples. It’s better to do yourself a favor and experience what it’s like to meet and date charming Thai women.

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[Music] hey y’all and this is our first mukbang flash Q&A oh we’re going alone in me and pool porn centers homie those thing they bond God I know my dad is a master chef literally but let’s get started so we got like 30 questions ready to drop well that narrowed down to 14 because we try to narrow down the Tim but we had narrowed it down to 14 because it was just too much like this video would have been way too long if we would answer all those questions there are questions that we forward good questions but we decided not to answer them and we’ll tell you guys which ones and we’ll tell you like why we decide not answer because we know y’all nosy so okay so the first question is a really good question it says have we ever been pregnant before I’ve never been a lot of pregnancy scares but okay the second one is when is the first baby coming so you get this question a lot um I don’t know the first baby is definitely coming I can get married I mean yeah what he said we’re both bastard child so I’m a bastard child here a bastard child though we don’t want no bastard kids so I mean in our own you know sir to a lot of y’all probably years but yeah we just want to raise our kids like the correct way and we feel like the correct way is having a husband and a wife raising a child so who are financially stable yeah we do in our career it is one o’clock in the morning and I was not okay so the second one is when y’all getting married this is not really a question for me it’s a surprise angle say coming soon I’m gonna say coming next how do we meet so we say it is so boom I was on wait I’ll be met met or bubbly the first time like met like let me say how we met you said we met man because there wasn’t me cuz I’m a player playing [Music] so how we met is because you know back in the Instagram pop in 2013 so yeah like my status before you know yeah I liked my picture for it to be honest like you know when you use Tomatoes pictures and gray like my post for to be honest oh he did that right so I was looking for his pictures you know back in 2013 you only did the people who you who you wanted to scope out so on this post and it was a picture like really long and I was like to be honest you’re really cute and I want to plan your hair was that hey I need to just kick me I don’t even know my kid name but it was the kid named it was kidding me such a sense and once you said okay or I keep six years later six we start talking in June Osama Tong six years later here we are okay now how we met met like in person person you know if you from the CD the lady city of Manatee County I guess Bradenton Florida but meant account as a whole if you from Manatee County you know Mustangs games where’s that from Palmetto I guess Trojan whatever ill yeah but my famous games was where I was at so he lived it he sprayed me too well he’s still living he’s furniture I live [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] so anyways we met at a mrs. game and yeah I was really scared and this time I phone this cable phone cuz this little behind bang looks so childish – what was our last argument about vlogging like that because we don’t really have nothing that argue about so any little thing just any little thing takes her off tight how long have you guys been dating okay so we started dating November 12 2013 so technically five and a half years but we started talking in June of 2013 so six years was thirteen or fourteen I think it was 14 2013 so yeah and now I am 20 dub club come on be 21 how old do you guys manage a relationship while being in college oh that’s a great question hunty if I don’t know DL sometime how we manage it you know when I have like all Tom said the people in gets hard no I be there but it’s okay I was saying I still you see studious stuff done you’re in a relationship it’s not about managing because it’s something that you should automatically like want to do or like automatically make time for like it’s not really managing if it’s just like it’s routine like I know if I have downtime I’m gonna call him he knows if he has double time he’s gonna call me but every night we talk on the phone every morning we talk on the phone if we don’t talk on the phone in the morning we’re gonna text each other bad nighttime there’s no way we’re gonna like not talk on the phone like this like you know how you busy you always like you’re with your friends or you got to assign me to do stuff like that that’s why I’m like oh like not saying that I would take anything back but if I wasn’t in the like serious committed relationship like well you’re going into college I wouldn’t recommend like going to college going to college in a relationship if you guys aren’t like serious if you guys don’t plan on getting married if you’re just like messing around I would say don’t even waste your time cuz like you’re just gonna miss out you’re not gonna miss out cuz I want to say I missed out on anything but it’s just not worth it like to be like the first year was really bad no summer was really good this summer was horrible oh my god this video so long oh my gosh okay somebody was bad because he was transitioning like it’s me I know her everyday yeah like the beer was you know it was really bad I literally moved in with him over the summer like literally like move near him so we’ve seen each other every single day and then I went off to college and it was just like barely talking cuz I’m trying to make new friends like I’m just trying to do I’m just trying to like be social and still have like a social life in college and like I felt like he didn’t understand that at the time like he took it as like I was replacing him with college friends or replacing him and so that’s why I said I wouldn’t recommend it but like if you guys don’t plan on seeing being with each other in the future because it’s just a whole bunch of unnecessary arguments for somebody you’re not gonna be what anyways so but I knew that I was gonna be him like I know we’re gonna get married I know we’re gonna have kids and we’re gonna die together so I was like it’s worth it but no I’m all cool I’m hanging all my friends he won’t call or text but you know like text me bleh you still with them and I’ll be like yeah and it’s just like that everything’s good okay would you say you both are mature slash serious and know what each other want please explain we don’t have time to explain I’m so sorry but yes I know that I’m mature and I know what we want because like I’m just in love charm and love this I don’t know how to explain that you better explanation yes no I got a long explanation well I’m not gonna do it but we’ll do an updating Q&A like later on and probably elaborate on more questions okay what’s the biggest les hardest discussion / argument you guys have had and how did you work through it okay so this is one of the questions that we sent like we appreciate you for that question because that was a really good question like that was a great question nosy ass question but we will not be answering that because it’s really personal and so I would say how we worked through a lien so that part we worked through it by talking like we literally it was like two o’clock in the morning and we stayed up to like 5 o’clock like talking and like working it out like like communication is key making sure that you guys are both on the same page I think that’s like it’s the most important living your game healthy relationship don’t never ever take your relationship media face ever Twitter ever you will never know that me and Caleb are going through it because we will never put on social media like if we broke up for real for real like y’all probably wouldn’t even know yes like y’all probably see that are like pictures are deleted or something but other than that never never that’s so embarrassing and that’s so tacky but okay how many serious relationships did y’all have before each other mean then I was 14 so I didn’t have a serious relationship this is my first and only in last serious relationship I mean I had like a boyfriend but now we’re just friends because I feel like at the time we were just friends like you’re just young I just thought he was cute I thought I was cute that’s pretty much it well I didn’t talk to people but it was just talking about me I thought I had to seriously as well I guess I didn’t get it you have two young weren’t you my got hurt okay what are we going to be doing on our YouTube channel okay so this is a really good question because we don’t want to be like those prank couple channels like I mean I feel like if we do a print here and they’re like it’ll be more realistic if we did it on other people but it’s like doing it on each other it’s like come on oh you can’t break me I can probably prank him but unless you can get away with it isn’t she crying and I’m really good at crying like if we do probably like me once every three months but other than that we want to do like travel vlogs like we are really big on traveling like we love just traveling if even if it’s a staycation but we’re just like taking a vacation from like life playing you just love doing that so I feel like travel blogs like challenges regular vlogs stuff like that when are y’all moving in together okay so we’re moving in to be in together next month August 17th yeah we’re moving in together next month we’re moving with my close friend Jan aya so a two-bedroom so now how often we all be posting okay so these two videos that were posting right now will probably be the last two videos for a while and Mongoose also because now I’m gonna be like a moving in blog like an empty apartment tour a month yeah so it’s like I don’t know I feel like we can probably push like bring out one more if we get together but we don’t know if we’re gonna get back together between now and when we move in so right now we don’t know when we’re gonna like how often we’re going to be posting but starting August 17th like when we move in and stuff like that we’re gonna try to do at least two videos a week if not two videos definitely one like definitely yeah but the only reason is because like we have so much to do like caleb is really trying to like get serious yeah not get serious cuz he’s obviously serious right now but he’s gonna be trying to apply for jobs and stuff like that and I’m gonna have school work and it’s just like gonna be really hard to give you guys like a video every single day which that’s ideal I mean if we can do four videos a week that would be great but you know if we can’t like we said we don’t want our channel to be like the typical prank couple channel so what are we gonna do like four to four times a week like there’s not we’re not gonna be doing something four times a week so yeah so we’re gonna try to post at least two times a week maybe four three depending on how busy the week is what are your dreams or goals in life okay short-term right now is definitely to get hired onto any fire department in the state of Florida cuz I’m being Gainesville but around Central Florida definitely but that’s yeah I know goals in life to be a fire chief and get married to this beautiful piece of chocolate and so you look some beautiful kids in to retire I want to retire at like see if you are cute watching I retired about 30 I wouldn’t quit I wouldn’t quit fire for YouTube just because it’s something I want to really do like helping people there’s something I really wanna do hey I dream or go a mine like this personal would probably be like I don’t know I would have like my own TV show like I want to be like Oprah Winfrey I don’t know oh yeah I like I love Ellen I wish I would love Ellen over no I’m not saying first I’m saying like what their show is about not not like Ellen versus Oprah I’m talking about like what their show consists of it will probably be more of like a Ellen type thing like giving back type thing was like no crowd every I would make sure both I would just be the Oprah and I went into one like I want to talk about like issues like in the black community issues like surrounding the black community and like this everything I just want to talk about everything I want to give back to my community I want to I don’t know want to be a voice for my people I feel like I can do that by being in front of a camera and yeah that’s why my major is telecommunications because it’s like I feel like I can reach the people through a camera and so that’s like the closest thing is being a news broadcaster and like seeing where that takes me like in the relationship oh my gosh like you know when they’d be like you know the butterfly I start to go away like we’ve been together for six years and I still get butterflies my play is because we have so much more to accomplish like I can’t wait to have kids with him I can’t wait to get married to him I can’t wait and so it’s like when I think about to like own our first house together like you know coming home and like I don’t know it’s just like it just gives me butterflies in like I don’t know I just can’t wait to do all those things with him yeah we still have a came up with a name for you guys so I’m just gonna say so then comment below comment below thank you see this mitt this video currently is 35 minutes so I’m gonna have to do a lot of editing like so much editing so please pray for me until next time [Music]



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