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[Music] [Laughter] he loves you he wants to do that on the wedding day you know that intimacy relationship people have good [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] No yeah [Music] Oh Mary Mary Maxine cable Nova George tokine do-right leather totes Norah ugly press again no that’s so if I’m gonna put y’all bitches go to them okay look like football back smart black soccer baseball doe cannon soccer round eight where the losers mm-hmm Dwight tweets purple/blue Howard you know hi that being said he said yeah you know you studied me out today I’m sorry so you stuck it [Music] you’ve been said in the last video you don’t see you go watch to me to me if I’m not pressuring you but this was what I already did this rose [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] on the floor the girl thinks that you’re in a relationship if you’re far into that’s house and the guns goes yeah and the guys just hold you there we just talk cuz they don’t want you hostage you my girl for you to spend your money here female yeah thank you I am not liking a big jokes not called solo kid never figure me out if you’re my girl you seem like a little bitch picture nobody both I like you I want like a picture that I’m relationship that’s fine but you just said you hurt my aura that you’re interested in that’s where you’re wrong she has put in your pictures I’m like one thing God like you get me you can’t show that you interested in everybody’s before I like to fix your outstanding Gary you can’t keep applying at the jump if you’re ready got it damn so you’re applying to other people but might as well right come and subscribe and share with your friends please watch the old ones so you can know what’s going on honest man yeah until next time free [Music] cheap thing cheap thing two things fun day pink friday exact


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