Game of Gnomes 4 (club singing and relationship advice)

Game of Gnomes:Episode 4:Season 1

Here is game 4 of 8 in this, the 1st season of Game of Gnomes. I got my inspiration from the superb film sherlock gnomes.

This week I’ve changed the style slightly,I hope you like it.

In this clip I will a famous song in the style of a club singer and you have to guess the name of the artist? and the name of the song? before the end on the clip.

Well you don’t have to do anything but it might spice up your weekday evening if you bet your partner you can guess the correct answers before they can.

The loser gives the winner a ten minute foot rub?

Good luck

James aka jimmy aka Middle Class Wrapper

About me and the channel.

Hi my name is James and I’m the middle class Wrapper.

What’s that?
,Well me I suppose.I’m a 42 married, happily exhausted father of 3. I love messing around and attempting to make people laugh.I love the challenges that life presents nothing more than the equally entertaining and challenging journey that is parenthood!

My plan is to do everything I can to amuse as many exhausted parents as possible by parodying their favourite song and changing the lyrics to fit whatever is their biggest life or parenting frustration.
I love a like and a share but what I really love is some interaction.

Please watch a song and say hello.

I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon.

James aka MC Wrapper

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Thank you to HBO and whoever made the awesome Game of Thrones theme tune.

The lyrics are mine and subject to copyright James Macdonald 2019

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