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hi everyone this is a great story I got an email from a reader a guy who is single never been married and he is with this woman who is newly divorced and has a 8 year old son they’ve been together for eight months they tell each other they love each other but she does not want him to meet her son yet and doesn’t know if she sees a future with him and while there’s a part of me that thinks well I understand it’s her first relationship probably and she’s kind of gun-shy and she wants to go a lot slower there’s another side of me that says you know what no one should settle if I’m this guy I’m not so sure I’m gonna settle for somebody who doesn’t love me just as much or if not more than me so does he wait does he wait it out maybe but he needs to talk to her and if he really loves her and wants to sweep her off her feet and marry her he needs to tell her that and you know not settle she doesn’t want that to so something to think about if you want to learn more visit divorce girl smiling calm I also started a group Facebook page called divorced girl smiling conversation spot so check it out and you can get information and get inspired and hear what other people have to say about your questions take care

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