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hello hello hello guys welcome back to another YouTube video today me and cheeto yeah me and cheeto are going to be doing a video for y’all about relationship advice it’s mostly for girls it’s like Girl Talk kind of video so if your boy you can still watch it but it’s more for girls before we get into the video just remember to give this video a big thumbs up comment down below and subscribe please so let’s get right on into the video [Music] already said bad but anyways how to keep a long relationship so tip number one to keeping a long relationship it’s trust you’ve got to trust the other person or it’s it’s not gonna work but it’s not gonna work if you don’t trust the other person you got to have a lot of trust like say he was going out your guy or your girlfriend was going out with a group of friends and there’s gonna be a girl or something or a guy with him you got to trust them too like they’re not going to do that because [Music] yeah okay tip number two you’re from space you can’t be up under his or her butt like the entire time that’s it’s a social struggle with this a lot because I’m so like I love him so much and I still struggle with it I’m always right beside him so got to give him space let him hang out friends because he’s gonna want to come back and she’s gonna babe I miss you like so give them space and let them have friends let them do stuff that they want to do so it won’t feel like you’re controlling them so yeah that’s what a lot of struggle would they’re like so this person can’t do this because this you know just don’t do it I think we’re a little number three okay number three is just remember like tell them how much you love them don’t like be like oh we’ve been together this long so we don’t have to be like I love you so much it’s in long paragraphs you know you still got to do that even when you’re like a month in to the relationship you’re like five years let me and Caleb you’ve still gotta explain how much you love me they’re gonna be like oh well she said that to me in a while like what’s going on lies and she not talking to me or sending me some messages like she’s used to where he’s sending me messages you gotta keep telling them because it’s not gonna like if you want that from them and you don’t give that to them then it’s not gonna work out they’re not going to give it back to you like say it back to you [Music] I guess that will be it for this video [Music]


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