Guru 26 – bad moon rising, Comedy relationship advice, comedy, funny

Comedy relationship advice, comedy, funny

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hello good evening and welcome to another edition of guru chuckle I’m your host Tom Barnes this channel will be providing you with committee cancers to your questions relationships on marriage on dating or just wanting to be alone help on raising children and if you like the video give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing thank you and now without further ado let me introduce to you the one the only the great guru are Charu it’s bound to take your life there is a bathroom oh oh oh oh I’m sorry Tom I got into the America music I really like it and it’s not what I have to him on the right it’s bad moon on the rise it’s not bathroom no it’s not are you sure it’s not sonic bathroom they had moon Oh bad Moon bad moon I like bathroom better but if you say so I had moon on the rise is the name of the so I see name of the song okay well anyway hello hello my friends in YouTube land it is I guru Charu at your service again and I am here to answer your questions on relationships sure it’s not bathroom okay well let’s see let’s get the right to work our first letter is from little Bobby from Fort Wayne Indiana and he writes my name is Bobby and last week I asked my parents where do babies come from and they looked at each other and told me that a big stork from heaven brought me down on a giant diaper I thought about how the baby Superman came to earth ain’t no one confused where my parents telling me the truth well Bobby like my mother used to say Dominica who Nina Kahala waffle Oconee Monica Hana which means yes our next letter is from anonymous anonymous I heard that name before and she or he writes hello guru a few weeks ago my husband left our home again and came back to America wow that’s terrible when I catch up to him I’m going to use voodoo okay somebody had asked me earlier if I have any more talents and I do I can do magic I’ll show you you take this paper and you put it in your hand and you see no boat paper I have other talents as well well that’s all the time we have for now please join us next week for another edition of guru chuckle I’m your host Tom Barnes bye for now okay so we’ve run out of time I hope you enjoyed my magic trick I have other talents as well so please join us back next week for another episode of guru chuckle and subscribe I need five million subscribers at least so thank you very much and have a nice night ball boy [Music] maybe it’s bedroom and


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