Hang out with me at my place is Bali. Free Bad Dating Advice [EP#7]

Hang out with me at my place is Bali. Free Bad Dating Advice

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kanai’s all those songs I didn’t I literally was just writing down songs as I remembered them so I’m gonna organize it better but I just figured I already spent a lot of time kind of like editing that list this morning not organizing it Thank You Daniel and then I was like uh it’s already getting late so I’ll do that later thank you Bruce the wiser one volume is fine for you okay that’s cool uh you don’t have to do that I mean obviously you know you don’t have to do that but if you want to organize a list like you can totally do that please don’t stop now I feel like there was another song with somebody wanted me to play but I don’t know what it was there’s another request then I will take it I really like the killer’s auto headshot take me to church Oh someone requested um good riddance I think and then I can do take me to church okay how’s that sound Thunder the storm was so weird last night there was a lot of what was it last night there was a lot of lightning but like no thunder you hard to find what do you mean by that like the type of person that I am is hard to find I just feel like people like me aren’t whatever kind of person I am anyway aren’t like broadcasting themselves on Twitch maybe I don’t know I feel like we’re not hard to find maybe just hard to find on Twitch or in the places you’re going I know a lot of people like me Thank You Evan ater I don’t do that on purpose at all like they just kind of morph into sounding like something that I made I’m not I’m not the best at like imitating Sam I see that you messaged me I can’t look at it yet but I will definitely check that out after this stream human art playing his Wi-Fi zone so hard by this chat it’s ridiculous oh wait I think I said Wi-Fi zone white zoned I mean that’s not the worst zone to be in it’s nice but you guys are nice to me so I’ll take it I’ll be back still listening it okay lost connection last night if they did wait why have you been bamboozled mon-star yes sir sir seven I will play time of your life bo burnham free-flow no can’t do it okay what is the worst own to be in I don’t know I’d have to think about that [Music] [Music] [Music] human you imagine me love sorry what question monster bali simplifications – how long has he traveled follow yes simply vacation la caja I’m on a tourist visa I came with a 60-day tourist visa I’m extending it four times I’m staying here for six months so I’ve been here over two months now I came at the beginning of January and I will be here until July and I’ve been here before in 2017 and that’s basically like the travel that I’ve done in my life apart from like when I was younger and was travelling with my mom places and even then I only went to like Montreal and Boston no Boston was with my stepmom and LA a couple of times once to see family and once for like an acting thing I thought I wanted to be an actress when I was younger thank you Sam have a good night future child friend-zoned we’re the one you like wants her kids to like your kids Beatles I think I have a Beatles song or two in my list I don’t feel like she can sing German [Music] I can’t do that I can’t do the whole thing in German but I can play that song I feel like there was a song before that but my bad if I’m skipping something I’m gonna tune this guitar again because it bothers me now that I’m inside I can hear it so much better i second turn the brightness on this damn shit at full brightness going chatting it’ll listen it’s I just recently learned how to do that while I was staying at the last place [Music] sorry I keep doing this I know it’s annoying okay next here’s the plan next day off that bali kebun has i will ask him to scoot me to the guitar shop and change these strings how about not [Music] oh wait I’ll play the German part and then yeah I think he’s talking to the aunt or uncle [Music] thank you German yes who’s the wiser one this guitar is going back in the corner now and as we know bali kebun is here and he asked me through the window if i was dreaming and now he’s like so he’s just outside now thank you who lock oh I’m gonna end the stream cuz I want to hang out with bali kebun thank you guys for coming today and for staying up late I’m sure like a lot of you are up late you need to play twenty five hours a day is that a compliment thank you million crowns if that’s a compliment I read that already so many Kevin’s got to keep track of them by country exactly Thank You J mag 76 miss you a long time make him get on first I don’t think he wants to I can ask him if he wants to say hi he’ll probably say no should I ask him he’s gonna be like no I know I’m pretty sure I know exactly what he’s gonna do you know what’s a great there’s some sort of glitch in my twitch app right now that shows zero viewers so I have absolutely no idea how many people are watching me and it’s great I prefer that yes I do want those drawings show me those drawings I don’t know how you’re gonna send them to me but showing 41 to me Oh 41 wait really crazy well hi to everybody who’s not talking yeah this stream is ending now I don’t know if I’ll be back tonight maybe but I’m sure a lot of you will be asleep by then you mistyped 31 oh yeah either way that’s more than zero which is what I see okay cool yeah DM me thank you get htx good night Otto headshot I’ll tell them right now hang on ii want you to say hi yeah you will oh he’s gonna come say hi before I leave I don’t know how many of you have left but take care of you too J meg Kevin is coming guys you’re welcome what caca thank you for coming thank you for chatting and joining and watching the fam come on dream come true goodbye Megan enjoy your time with man person I don’t know how long it’s gonna take though I don’t know if you’re willing to wait 99 dreams I have had thank you Bruce the wider one very nice so we’re waiting this is my chapstick that I have does not go up anymore I’ve been using a bobby pin to get the lip balm out of here he what’s keeping him he’s being on his phone laying outside he’s just not like eager to say hi wait wet that and the 50 other girls you follow on Twitch what get new chapstick Megan I know I will one day when I can’t get it out with a bobby pin anymore then I’ll go gotta save that money I know I just keep forgetting every time I’m at a store I just forget to get more lip balm can I just show you because I want to enter in industry okay waiting for this boy he’s like so many fans god there’s Bali Kevin guys ready to say hi to all of his fans except Orlando already went to bed so okay there you go guys Giga htx says Kevin buddy what’s up he says what’s up with something good good what’s up praise be to Bali Kevin says most I don’t think he gets it y’all mall gangsta yeah thank you he says have fun guys yeah we will I’m gonna run away from you cigarette-smoking though okay there you go guys I will see you next time what huh you saw good dart from because he is smoking one lucky bastard okay guys I’m my name is dream now I want the next time if you want to follow me on Instagram and Twitter I’ve been like posting when I’m about to go live if that matters to you by Giga HDX 5 verse the wiser one by mon-star 7 by I thought you were the boom boom boom let me hear you say whoa girl what okay bye fruity Lexia HD bye sir 7 by K you will see uh see you next time hopefully by jaco later skater okay see you


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    Jerrold Franklin

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    *You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

    Jon Cyrilla

    (03/31/2020 - 9:37 am)

    so much fantastic info on here, : D.

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