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guys a travois our sizzle back for him to the beating yell one the Mike Mike Mike and today as you all know it is homecoming coming up this week or last week I don’t really know so I’m gonna give you guys some hug coming tips so as you all know I am the lord of love lol also knows blocking out loud so people love know me as the Lord of love because they’re laughing out in my videos so yeah let’s get right into this so my first tip is do not be one of those signs that are really dumb like I’ve seen some really dumb ones like hey do you want sizzled me on homecoming or sizzle no those are just dumb I just think they’re dumb in my opinion but that’s just my opinion you know everyone has different opinions what you guys should do if you guys want to it’s real open your golden shoes like these and you’d be like yo girls do you want to go to homecoming with me and you do it over the phone cuz you call through your gold shoes obviously and then they’re like yeah I do okay let’s go that’s how you do it boys so my next tip is the three days a day don’t you like you do you like her and do you guys want to go to their games together I modified the third one a little bit and so do you on a date it’s because you guys are not dating you guys are going to the dance and you guys may not may or may not work out that’s also a big thing here if you guys if you want to not have something out but you wanting into the dance that’s a good idea and see how it works out that people would be a good idea so I asked you guys for some tips and some questions right here look at why into this why is that every time a girl smells when she starts to gag hmm that is a tough one from mr. Ferris cannon right here I like to say maybe you wear a little too much cologne or you don’t shower that those are going to possible ones so yeah just don’t wear Cologne and don’t like and also don’t like spray it in the middle class or at slugging spray you know how bad that smells so that kids like some kids they start to choke to death on that I’ve seen it okay next one sandy is right here how do I get a girl to like me and like forcefully like you were like like you I don’t know maybe certainly show you the good qualities in there don’t be like a jerk just kind of be like a good person and then once we do that assess the 3ds of dating and then see if does she like you do you like her and do you want to date those are what I would say and yeah on to the next one from Connor parrot right here how many tricks me pulled daily dude I pulled millions of chicks daily dude the entire plane and almost dating a minute I’m not close to bro giraffe could be two right here if she’s not down to fuck what do you do okay that’s one’s a tough one maybe this don’t how to do it with her that’s just that’s what I would say personally cuz it’s just like if she’s not down don’t force it to you kind of just wanted me to go gradually next one is right here from draft kidding how do you know if she’s the one I would say that she’s the one if she likes you a lot and she talks to you and doesn’t leave you in red and also if you guys is progressing as a relationship and it’s not like we’re you guys like text each other every day it’s like where you guys take to jump at what they’re getting meaningfully do you guys can talk to each other like just BS but like if you did the exit it’s not really a good relationship I would say Oh next one from know about see right here it’s sex real Oh probably I always say I’m not some weird person who’s like a cult we’re like they don’t believe sex is real so yeah next one’s from a little cloud right here how do I get a boyfriend I would say you probably just walk up to some nerdy dude and then you just ask him out because most the time or they’re if they’re nerdy that little line it because they don’t have any girls so yeah that’s my personal advice and also I’d like to add if you guys want me to go to homecoming I’ll put it pulled out my Instagram right in my experience down there descriptions of those check it out I’ll put a floor brother actually go to homecoming or not so yeah it’s your boy Arsenal out on the Mike Mike Mike


    Madonna Read

    (11/09/2019 - 3:59 am)

    Some context : some years ago, I was having a happy relationship with my girlfriend and we were planning on getting married « soon » (we did not agreed on an exact date but we were both totally willing to go for it) . Problem : my girlfriend has this « friend » from work, nice guy but, you know, it was obvious he was deeply attracted by her, always sending her text, proposing to meet for « buisness », etc . So this « friend » (lets call him Joe) never realy went further than texting and flirting for years, and I realy trusted my girlfriend (I still do), I know nothing would have never happened, but still, I wasnt realy comfortable with the situation, you know. Anyway, « Joe » eventualy became to be more and more insistant, using his position in the office to get to see her VERY often, texting innapropriate things…He was probably depressed at the time, drinking away the loneliness, the kind of guy who can explode at any moment (even though I didnt realized that at the time). But I wasnt making a big deal out of it, cause I’m a pretty chill guy and I tend to avoid conflict (I shouldn’t have). Until this one evening. We were eating in the living room, watching tv, when we both heard the sound of the front door opening (it wasnt closed cause it just wasnt in our habit to close the door while we were not sleeping – trust me, now it is). We both looked on the direction of the entrance and we saw « Joe », standing still, looking at us in the most fucking creepy way. It was clear he was drunk, wasted, he could barely stand on his feet. Oh, and he was holding a knife. A big fucking scary knife, the long one you use to cook. He made two steps in our direction, and everything happened very quickly. I grabbed my knife (as I said we were eating),stood up and just hit him, and by that I mean I made the quickest movement with my arm hoping to touch something (as I said, it happened very quickly, and I m a chill guy, I never even was in a fight). And I touched something, actualy I stabbed him directly in the eye. He instantly dropped his knife and began to scream, most horrible scream I heard in my entire life, believe me, it’s hard to explain by word, but shit was terrifying. Anyway, police and ambulance were called (apparently, would I have stabbed him with more strenght, I could have killed him), he went to prison, we were both shocked but okay. The thing is my girlfriend never wanted to hear about wedding again after this story.I never realy understood why. Now, why am I posting this now if it happened a few years ago ? Well, « Joe » was released last year, and of course there is a restraining order and stuff, but one week ago I received a letter in the mailbox. It was anonymous, basicaly saying that I will soon be dead, talking about revenge, that kind of things. Police say they have no proof he sent it, he hasn’t been in his home for the past month, he could be anywhere. So I’ve been thinking a lot, and I decided to find him before he decide to come and find us first. It became a kind of obsession for me. I want to find this man, even if I’m not realy sure what I will do if I eventualy find him. The thing is, I have no idea where to look for him, I know he wasnt from the region, but I dont know where he used to live, where he grew up, or where he is right now. Of course I m not expecting to find him thanks to the internet, but, I just wanted to share my story, cause I realy needed to tell someone about it. Thanks for reading, guys. TL;DR : If it hadn’t been for Cotton-Eye Joe, I’d been married long time ago, Where did you come from where did you go, Where did you come from Cotton-Eye Joe ?

    Jon Rylie

    (11/09/2019 - 4:00 am)

    Let me edit your videos

    Imogen Tatum

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