How to end a relationship in 2018

There can be various reasons to why your relationship is not working out anymore. In some cases, it is possible to work things out with your partner, to talk about your problems and try to fix things. However, in certain circumstances, the best decision for the both of you is to break up. It is definitely not an easy process. There will be a lot of emotions and sadness, but you have to believe it is for the best. Our long-term online dating user decided to share his advice on how to end a relationship with someone you love:

“Sometimes a break up is really the only option you have. I have tried to work thing out with my ex-girlfriend for a long time because I still loved her and could not imagine my life without her in it. I also did not want to hurt her or deal with all the emotions that come with breaking up. Eventually, I just had to. Nothing was working anymore and it is better to end it sooner than later. Because trust me, it will get even more complicated later. I am going to explain to you how to end a relationship the right way”.

How to know when to end a relationship in online dating

“There are many ways to know that your relationship is not working anymore. Every relationship is unique but the main indicators stay the same for all of us. Some of the main signs on how to know when your relationship is over are the following:”

Lack of communication

“You have noticed that you are not talking about the issues or problems in your relationship anymore. Communication is very important for every couple. Being able to openly discuss any difficulties that you might be experiencing is a way to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. If one or both of you do not seem to be communicating as much anymore and not interested in doing so, then perhaps it is the time to end it.”Lack of communication

Constant fights

“Your loved one seems to be picking a fight with you all the time.They are always irritated with you and you might feel the same about them as well. Constant fighting is never a good sign, it also comes from the lack of communication and passive- aggressive behavior. Things can get ugly from here and it is better to end it ASAP. In case it gets worse, here are my tips to you:”

How to get out from an abusive relationship:

  • Recognise abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, financial)
  • Do not ignore it and document it as proof
  • Remember, it is not your fault
  • End it as soon as possible
  • Get help if you need to

How to get out from an abusive relationship

Lack of affection

“If you cannot remember the last time you said “I love you to each other” and have not been affectionate for months, then something is definitely wrong. Of course, you can and should talk about it with your partner. Although if nothing changes then maybe it is the time you move on or take a break.

Lack of affection


Ending a relationship in online dating

“After realizing that your relationship is not going to work anymore, here comes the most difficult part-ending it.”

Gather your thoughts

“Think carefully about what you are going to say to your partner. Do not break up with them in a middle of a fight when you are feeling angry and frustrated. Take some time to cool down and possibly get advice from a good friend or a family member. 

Gather your thoughts

Pick the time and place

When you are prepared to break the news, chose the time and place for both of you to meet. Avoid breaking up with your partner if you know they have a work meeting or other important activity scheduled later on that day. Do not choose a crowded place such as a bar or their favorite restaurant for the breakup news. The meet up should be short and simple in a quiet atmosphere. Make sure you end it in person and not over the phone or email. Of course, if  you are in an abusive relationship or a long-distance relationship, the other options are ok.”

Be honest with them

“Speak clearly and tell them exactly what you were planning to say earlier. Do not add any extra details to make the situation less “dramatic”. Avoid leading them on by saying, “Maybe we can try this again later”, “I need a break right now, but maybe in the future…” etc. If you do not mean it, do not say it. You will give them false hope and hurt them more in the long run. Also, do not be harsh on them either. You do not want to have an enemy. Be neutral and avoid blaming them or bringing up the past. Simply tell them the reason for the breakup.

Be prepared for their reaction

Be prepared for their reaction“Every person reacts differently to getting dumped. Your ex-partner might feel sad, shocked or even angry. It is normal and even expected. Stay calm and hear them out. Do not leave right away after breaking up. Apologize for the pain that you might have caused and comfort your ex if needed. If your ex is still very upset after some time, let a friend of theirs or a family member know about the situation and have them look after your ex. ”

“I truly hope after reading my advice on how to end a relationship you will feel more confident about breaking up with your partner. I wish you best of luck!”

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    Hi! Thank you for your help. They help me finish abusive relation

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