How to Overcome Approach Anxiety | 3 Dating Tips On How To Talk To Girls With Confidence

Do you want to overcome approach anxiety? To destroy the approach anxiety that’s crippling your confidence and preventing you from talking to beautiful women? If you can get rid your approach anxiety, you’ll be able to learn how to talk to girls with these 3 easy dating tips.

Captain Daniel Hyun, your Washington DC & New York City based Korean Dating Coach from the ABCs Of Attraction, will fix your approach anxiety with these 3 dating tips on how to approach girls. With his dating advice, he’ll give you the approach anxiety cure that is easy to implement. Soon you’ll know how to talk to girls that you want whether it’s in a daygame or nightgame environment.

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Aren’t you tired that every time you go out
during the day and at night you always have
approach anxiety.

Well my name is Captain Daniel Hyun and I’m
here to help you.

Right now, in front of hundreds of people
right behind me is Lincoln memorial and I’m
going to tell you how I person to deal with
approach anxiety.

The first tip on how I deal with approach
anxiety, is that I accept and embrace that I
will have approach anxiety.

Here’s the thing, every time I go out I still
have that nervousness.

I still have that physical sensation of being
scared and being fearful when I see that beautiful

But nowadays I just accept and embrace that
I am going to be nervous, that I am going
to have approach anxiety and I still go and

Tip number two, stop caring what other people

Right behind me is the most popular and touristy
place in Washington DC. The Lincoln Memorial is
right behind me, the Washington Monument is right
in front of me and there’s hundreds of people
looking at me, smiling at me questioning.

But here’s the thing I’m doing what I love
and I’m giving you guys value and that’s all
I care about.

I don’t care what other people think about

Because one second they might look at me,
but then they just move on throughout their

So, have you experienced this where you go
out during the day or you go out at night
you’re in the bar and you see that beautiful
girl across the room and you feel like every
guy, every girl even the bartender even the
waitress are all looking at you and they’re
looking at you to get rejected and fail.

But here’s the truth they don’t care, in worst
case yeah you go up to them and they see you
get rejected they’re going to move on.

Some people will actually acknowledge you
for approaching that beautiful girl.

Some people might laugh at you.

But who cares because the next day everyone’s
going to forget about it and they’re going
to move on with their own personal lives.

So, go approach that girl even if the whole world
is against you or for you.

Stop caring what other people think.

Tip number three when you go approach go in
without any expectations.

The whole point of going say hi and approaching
is to start a conversation.

Do not expect a response from her, for her
to be all over you or to give her number to
you or to laugh at what you just said.

All it is to start a conversation and to start
the game.

When I approach a girl, my goal is to leave her
better off than when I first met her.

It is to give her value.

The greatest basketball player of all time
one said you miss 100% of the shots that you
don’t take.

When you feel that rush of AA coming through
you… One, embrace and accept approach anxiety.

Two, stop caring what other people think.

Three, go in with no expectations.

By following these tips, you will still have
approach anxiety.

But you will approach that beautiful dream
girl and enjoy doing it.

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Let’s start a conversation, I would love to hear
from you and tell me how you deal with approach

Thank you for watching Captain Daniel Hyun

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